December 23, 1959 (–Monday)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (James Mason, Pat Boone)
Hoppity Goes to Town (full-length cartoon)
Football highlights of 1959 (short)
January 6, 1960 (Tuesday–Tuesday)
The Story on Page One (Rita Hayworth, Anthony Franciosa)
Odds Against Tomorrow (Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan)
January 13, 1960 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Operation Petticoat (Cary Grant, Tony Curtis)
Week 1: Born to be Loved (Hugo Haas)
Week 2: Look Back in Anger (Richard Burton, Claire Bloom)
February 5, 1960 (Friday–Tuesday)
Cash McCall (James Garner, Natalie Wood)
The House of Intrigue (Curt Jurgens)
February 10, 1960 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
On the Beach (Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner)
Noah's Ark (Disney featurette)
Justice and Caryl Chessman (short)
March 2, 1960 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
Toby Tyler (Kevin Corcoran)
The Son of Robin Hood (David Hedison, June Laverick)
Gala Day at Disneyland (short)
March 9, 1960 (Wednesday)
Two Loves Had I—Puccini (Marta Toren, Gabriele Ferzetti)
Grand Canyon (Disney color short)
March 10, 1960 (Thursday–Tuesday)
Sink the Bismarck (Kenneth More, Dana Wynter)
The Third Voice (Edmond O'Brien, Julie London)
March 23, 1960 (Wednesday–Saturday)
A Dog of Flanders (David Ladd, Donald Crisp)
Thirteen Fighting Men (Grant Williams, Brad Dexter)
Rhapsody of Steel (featurette)
March 27, 1960 (Sunday–Saturday)
Room at the Top (Lawrence Harvey, Simone Signoret)
The Diary of Ann Frank (Millie Perkins)
April 3, 1960 (Sunday–Monday)
The Angry Red Planet (Gerald Mohr, Nora Hayden)
The Hideous Sun Demon (Robert Clark, Patricia Manning)
April 5, 1960 (Tuesday–Saturday)
Anatomy of a Murder (James Stewart, Lee Remick)
The Nun's Story (Audrey Hepburn, Peter Finch)
April 10, 1960 (Sunday–Thursday)
Room at the Top (Lawrence Harvey, Simone Signoret)
The Diary of Ann Frank (Millie Perkins)
April 15, 1960 (Friday–Thursday)
The Unforgiven (Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn)
Circus Stars (short)
April 22, 1960 (Friday–Wednesday)
Wake Me When It's Over (Ernie Kovacs, Margo Moore)
The Rookie (Tommy Noonan, Pete Marshall)
April 28, 1960 (Thursday–Tuesday)
Visit to a Small Planet (Jerry Lewis)
Heller in Pink Tights (Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn)
May 4, 1960 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Sword and the Cross
Mating Time (Bill "Wee Geordie" Travers)
May 8, 1960 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Sayonara (Marlon Brando, Patricia Owens)
Battle Cry (Van Heflin, Aldo Ray)
May 12, 1960 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Fugitive Kind (Marlon Brando, Anna Magnani)
Take a Giant Step (Johnny Nash)
May 22, 1960 (Sunday–Thursday)
Flame Over India (Lauren Bacall, Kenneth More)
Masters of the Congo Jungle
May 27, 1960 (Friday–Tuesday)
I Passed for White (Sonya Wilde, James Franciscus)
Kidnapped (Peter Finch, James MacArthur)
Goliath 11 (Disney short)
June 1, 1960 (Wednesday–Saturday)
School for Love (Brigitte Bardot)
Three Murderesses (Mylene Demongeot, Pascale Petit)
June 5, 1960 (Sunday–Monday)
Wild River (Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick)
A Touch of Larceny (James Mason, Vera Miles)
June 14, 1960 (Tuesday–Thursday)
David and Bathsheba (Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward)
The Conqueror (John Wayne, Susan Hayward)
June 17, 1960 (Friday–Thursday)
Hannibal (Victor Mature, Rita Gam)
Hell Bent for Leather (Audie Murphy, Felicia Farr)
June 24, 1960 (Friday–Tuesday)
Five Branded Women (Silvana Mangano, Vera Miles)
Operation Amsterdam (Peter Finch)
Extra! Patterson-Johansson official fight pictures
round-by-round—see the knockout in slow motion!
June 29, 1960 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Apartment (Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine)
W-Fri : In the Wake of a Stranger (Tony Wright, Shirley Eaton)
Week 2: Chance Meeting (Hardy Kruger)
Week 3: Walk Like a Dragon (Jack Lord)
July 17, 1960 (Sunday–Saturday)
The Story of Ruth (Stuart Whitman, Tom Tryon)
The Sign of Zorro (Guy Williams, Henry Calvin)
July 31, 1960 (Sunday–Monday)
The Lost World (Michael Rennie, Jill St. John)
Bobbikins (Shirley Jones, Max Bygraves)
August 9, 1960 (Tuesday–Saturday)
From the Terrace (Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward)
Virgin Island (John Cassavetes, Virginia Maskell)
Note: no more Tuesday matinees
August 21, 1960 (Sunday–Thursday)
Psycho (Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles)
September 16, 1960 (Friday–Thursday)
Let's Make Love (Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand)
Five Bold Women
September 23, 1960 (Friday–Thursday)
High Time (Bing Crosby, Fabian)
Tarzan the Magnificent (Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney)
September 30, 1960 (Friday–Thursday)
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (Robert Preston, Dorothy McGuire)
Cage of Evil (Ronald Roster)
October 7, 1960 (Friday–Thursday)
It Started in Naples (Clark Gable, Sophia Loren)
Dinosaurus! (Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather)
October 14, 1960 (Friday–Tuesday)
Come Dance With Me (Brigitte Bardot)
Murder, Inc. (Stuart Whitman, May Britt)
October 19, 1960 (Wednesday–Monday)
Desire in the Dust (Raymond Burr, Martha Hyer)
One Foot in Hell (Alan Ladd, Don Murray)
October 25, 1960 (Tuesday)
Live on Stage: Bud and Travis, in concert—Folk Music 1960
2 shows 7:00 and 9:15
October 26, 1960 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Girl of the Night (Anne Francis, Lloyd Nolan)
The Night Fighters (Robert Mitchum)
November 4, 1960 (Friday–Tuesday)
Under Ten Flags (Van Heflin, Charles Laughton)
College Confidential (Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows)
November 9, 1960 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
Ten Who Dared (Brian Keith)
The Boy Who Stole a Million (Maurice Reyna, Virgilio Texera)
Zero to Sixty ("autos and racing", short)
November 16, 1960 (Wednesday–Wednesday)
Midnight Lace (Doris Day, Rex Harrison)
Week 1: Seven Ways from Sundown (Audie Murphy, Barry Sullivan)
Week 2: The Secret of the Purple Reef (Jeff Richards)
Week 3: Between Time and Eternity (Lilli Palmer)
December 1, 1960 (Thursday–Saturday)
North to Alaska (John Wayne, Stewart Granger)
For the Love of Mike (Richard Basehart, Stuart Erwin)
December 11, 1960 (Sunday–Monday)
Esther and the King (Joan Collins, Richard Egan)
Walk Tall (Willard Parker, Joyce Meadows)
December 13, 1960 (Tuesday–Saturday)
Come Back, Africa 7:15 & 9:30, all seats $1
"Looks deep into the private nightmare and social
desperation of a man and a people" Sponsored by the
Palo Alto Fair Play Council.
"Freedom fighters jailed in Africa—Special Benefit Show"
December 18, 1960 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Wizard of Baghdad (Dick Shawn, Diane Baker)
Desert Attack (John Mills)
December 22, 1960 (Thursday–Tuesday)
Flaming Star (Elvis Presley)
Freckles (Martin West, Carol Christensen)
December 28, 1960 (Wednesday)
Kiddie matinee - free popcorn
Journey to the Center of the Earth (James Mason, Pat Boone)
The Lost World (Michael Rennie, Jill St. John)
December 29, 1960 (Thursday–Tuesday)
The Sundowners (Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum)
Heroes Die Young (Erika Peters)