December 31, 1952 (–Wednesday)
The Stooge (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
-one day only - first advance showing
January 1, 1953 (Thursday–Thursday)
Stars and Stripes Forever (Clifton Webb, Debra Paget)
The Gambler and the Lady (Dane Clark)
January 9, 1953 (Friday–Saturday)
Road to Bali (Bob Hope, Bing Crosby)
Toughest Man in Arizona (Vaughn Monroe, Joan Leslie)
January 18, 1953 (Sunday–Saturday)
Ruby Gentry (Jennifer Jones, Charlton Heston)
The Black Castle (Richard Greene, Boris Karloff)
January 25, 1953 (Sunday–Saturday)
My Cousin Rachel (Olivia de Havilland, Richard Burton)
The Golden Hawk (Rhonda Fleming, Sterling Hayden)
February 1, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Androcles and the Lion (Jean Simmons, Victor Mature)
Kansas City Confidential (John Payne, Coleen Gray)
February 6, 1953 (Friday–Tuesday)
Meet Me at the Fair (Dan Dailey, Diana Lynn)
The Lawless Breed (Rock Hudson, Julia Adams)
February 11, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Treasure of the Golden Condor (Cornell Wilde, Constance Smith)
February 15, 1953 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Thunder in the East (Alan Ladd, Deborah Kerr)
Cairo Road (Eric Portman)
February 19, 1953 (Thursday–Tuesday)
Niagara (Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten)
Torpedo Alley (Dorothy Malone, Charles Winninger)
February 25, 1953 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
The Stooge (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
Girls in the Night (Joyce Holden, Glenda Farrell)
March 5, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Great White Hunter (Gregory Peck, Joan Bennett)
Captain Kidd (Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton)
March 8, 1953 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Never Wave at a WAC (Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas)
Sword of Venus (Robert Clarke, Catherine McLeod)
March 12, 1953 (Thursday–Tuesday)
The I Don't Care Girl (Mitzi Gaynor, David Wayne)
The Silver Whip (Rory Calhoun, Dale Robertson)
March 18, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Come Back Little Sheba (Burt Lancaster, Shirley Booth)
Kansas Pacific (Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller)
March 29, 1953 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Destination Gobi (Richard Widmark)
Taxi (Dan Dailey, Constance Smith)
Cartoon (Disney)
April 2, 1953 (Thursday–Friday)
High Noon (Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly)
Viva Zapata! (Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn)
April 4, 1953 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Susanna Pass (Roy Rogers)
Serial - Chapter 1 Atom Man vs. Superman
April 5, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
The Star (Bette Davis, Sterling Hayden)
Hell is Sold Out (Mai Zetterling, Richard Greenborough)
April 10, 1953 (Friday)
Call Me Madam (Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor)
San Antone (Rod Cameron, Arlene Whelan)
April 11, 1953 (Saturday–Friday)
Kiddie matinee
Passage West (John Payne)
Serial - Chapter 2 Atom Man vs. Superman
April 18, 1953 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Golden Stallion (Roy Rogers)
Serial - Chapter 3 Atom Man vs. Superman
April 19, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Tonight We Sing (Ezio Pinza, Roberta Peters)
The Blue Gardenia (Anne Baxter, Richard Conte)
April 24, 1953 (Friday)
Off Limits (Bob Hope, Mickey Rooney)
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation (Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride)
April 25, 1953 (Saturday–Thursday)
Kiddie matinee
Down Dakota Way (Roy Rogers)
Serial - Chapter 4 Atom Man vs. Superman
May 1, 1953 (Friday)
Desert Legion (Alan Ladd, Arlene Dahl)
The System (Frank Lovejoy)
May 2, 1953 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Kiddie matinee
My Pal Trigger (Roy Rogers)
Serial - Chapter 5 Atom Man vs. Superman
May 6, 1953 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Hitch Hiker (Edmund O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy)
The Bandits of Corsica (Richard Greene, Paula Raymond)
May 9, 1953 (Saturday–Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Colorado Sun Down
Serial - Chapter 6 Atom Man vs. Superman
May 11, 1953 (Sunday–Friday)
The President's Lady (Charlton Heston, Susan Hayward)
The Girls of Pleasure Island (Don Taylor, Leo Genn)
May 16, 1953 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Apache Chief
Serial - Chapter 7 Atom Man vs. Superman
May 17, 1953 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Invaders from Mars
Down Among the Sheltering Palms (William Lundigan, Jane Greer)
May 21, 1953 (Thursday–Friday)
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (Doris Day, Gordon MacRae)
Pony Express (Charlton Heston, Rhonda Fleming)
May 23, 1953 (Saturday–Wednesday)
Kiddie matinee - Granny Goose theatre party
"Get tickets on each bag of Granny Goose potato chips
at your grocers."
Western feature, etc.
Serial - Chapter 8 Atom Man vs. Superman
Door prize: bicycle
May 28, 1953 (Thursday–Friday)
Titanic (Clifton Webb, Barbara Stanwyck)
Count the Hours (Teresa Wright, MacDonald Carey)
May 30, 1953 (Saturday–Wednesday)
Kiddie matinee
2 hours of cartoons
Serial - Chapter 9 Atom Man vs. Superman
June 4, 1953 (Thursday–Tuesday)
The Desert Rats (James Mason, Robert Newton)
The Lady Wants Mink (Dennis O'Keefe, Ruth Hussey)
June 10, 1953 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
Scared Stiff (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (Abbot & Costello)
June 17, 1953 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
Sangaree (Fernando Lamas, Arlene Dahl) - in 3D
Column South (Audie Murphy, Joan Evans)
June 24, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Fair Wind to Java (Fred MacMurray, Vera Ralston)
Law and Order (Ronald Reagan)
June 28, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
The Girl Next Door (Dan Dailey, June Haver)
Powder River (Rory Calhoun, Corinne Calvert)
July 3, 1953 (Friday–Monday)
The Maze (Richard Carlson, Veronica Hurst) 3D
Roar of the Crowd (Howard Duff, Helene Stanley)
July 7, 1953 (Tuesday–Saturday)
The Farmer Takes a Wife (Betty Grable, Dale Robertson)
Man on a Tightrope (Fredric March, Gloria Grahame)
July 12, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Pickup on South Street (Richard Widmark, Jean Peters)
A Perilous Journey (Vera Ralston, David Brian)
July 17, 1953 (Friday–Tuesday)
Francis Covers the Big Town (Donald O'Connor, Francis the Talking Mule)
Split Second (Stephen McNalley, Alexis Smith)
July 27, 1953 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
White Witch Doctor (Robert Mitchum, Susan Hayward)
Shoot First (Joel McCrea, Evelyn Keyes)
July 29, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Shane (Alan Ladd, Van Heflin)
Light in the Window (short)
Disney cartoon
August 9, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Inferno (William Lundigan, Rhonda Fleming) 3D
Dangerous Crossing (Jeanne Crain, Michael Rennie)
August 14, 1953 (Friday–Saturday)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell)
Prowlers of the Everglades (Disney short)
Disney cartoon
August 23, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Second Chance (Robert Mitchum, Linda Darnell) 3D
Woman They Almost Lynched (John Lund, Joan Leslie)
August 28, 1953 (Friday–Tuesday)
The Charge of Feather River (Guy Madison, Frank Lovejoy)
in 3D "on our panoramic screen"
Sea Devils (Yvonne DeCarlo, Rock Hudson)
September 2, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Mister Scoutmaster (Clifton Webb)
Tarzan and the She-Devil (Lex Barker)
September 6, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Thunder Bay (James Stewart, Joanne Dru)
Vice Squad (Edward G. Robinson, Paulette Goddard)
September 11, 1953 (Friday–Tuesday)
Houdini (Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh)
The Vanquished (John Payne, Coleen Gray)
September 16, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Devil's Canyon (Virginia Mayo, Dale Robertson) 3D
Five Angles on Murder (Jean Kent, Dirk Bogarde)
September 20, 1953 (Sunday–Saturday)
Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck)
A Blueprint for Murder (Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters)
September 27, 1953 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Kid from Left Field (Dan Dailey, Ann Bancroft)
City of Badmen (Jeanne Crain, Dale Robertson)
September 30, 1953 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
The Caddy (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
The Glory Brigade (Victor Mature)
October 7, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Little Boy Lost (Bing Crosby, Claude Dauphin)
War Paint (Robert Stack, Jean Taylor)
October 18, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Arrowhead (Charlton Heston, Katy Jurado)
Raiders of the Seven Seas (John Payne, Donna Reed)
October 23, 1953 (Friday–Tuesday)
The All American (Tony Curtis, Lori Nelson)
Gun Belt (George Montgomery)
October 28, 1953 (Wednesday–Friday)
Blowing Wild (Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck)
China Venture (Edmund O'Brien, Barry Sullivan)
October 31, 1953 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Kiddie matinee
2 hours of cartoons
Kiddie costume party & cartoon carnival
Prizes for best dressed boy and girl
November 4, 1953 (Wednesday–Saturday)
A Lion is in the Streets (James Cagney, Barbara Hale)
Hannah Lee (Joanne Dru, MacDonald Carey)
November 8, 1953 (Sunday–Saturday)
So Big (Jane Wyman, Sterling Hayden)
The Man from Alamo (Glenn Ford, Julia Adams)
November 15, 1953 (Sunday–Thursday)
Those Redheads from Seattle (Rhonda Fleming)
Marry Me Again (Robert Cummings, Marie Wilson)
November 20, 1953 (Friday–Tuesday)
Affair With a Stranger (Victor Mature, Jean Simmons)
The Diamond Queen (Fernando Lamas, Arlene Dahl)
November 25, 1953 (Wednesday–Thursday)
The Robe (Richard Burton, Jean Simmons)
in Cinemascope, "You see it without glasses!"
December 18, 1953 (Friday–Monday)
Sabre Jet (Robart Stack, Coleen Gray)
99 River Street (John Payne, Evelyn Keyes)
December 22, 1953 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Peter Pan (Disney)
Treasure Island (Disney)
Bear Country (Disney short)
December 31, 1953 (Thursday–Wednesday)
Walking My Baby Back Home (Donald O'Connor, Janet Leigh)
The Glass Web (Edward G. Robinson, John Forsythe)