December 31, 1951 (–Friday)
Distant Drums (Gary Cooper)
Mask of the Avenger (John Derek)
January 5, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Pioneer Marshall
4 cartoons
Chapter 8 - Overland, Kit Carson
January 6, 1952 (Sunday–Thursday)
Cave of Outlaws (MacDonald Carey, Alexis Smith)
Flame of Araby (Maureen O'Hara, Jeff Chandler)
January 11, 1952 (Friday)
My Favorite Spy (Bob Hope, Hedy Lamarr)
The Harlem Globetrotters (Thomas Gomez, Dorothy Dandridge)
January 12, 1952 (Saturday–Thursday)
Kiddie matinee
Salt Lake Raiders
4 cartoons
Chapter 9 - Overland, Kit Carson
January 18, 1952 (Friday)
Decision Before Dawn (Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill)
On Dangerous Ground (Robert Ryan, Ida Lupino)
January 19, 1952 (Saturday–Thursday)
Kiddie matinee
Silver City Bonanza
4 cartoons
Chapter 10 - Overland, Kit Carson
January 25, 1952 (Friday)
Weekend With Father (Van Heflin, Patricia Neal)
Little Egypt (Mark Stevens, Rhonda Fleming)
January 26, 1952 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Kiddie matinee
Robin Hood of the Pecos
4 cartoons
Chapter 11 - Overland, Kit Carson
January 30, 1952 (Wednesday–Friday)
Red Skies of Montana (Richard Widmark)
Wild Blue Yonder (Wendell Corey, Vera Ralston)
February 2, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
The Vanishing Westerner
4 cartoons
Chapter 12 - Overland, Kit Carson
February 3, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Another Man's Poison (Bette Davis, Gary Merrill)
The Strange Door (Charles Laughton, Boris Karloff)
February 7, 1952 (Thursday–Friday)
Room for One More (Cary Grant, Betsy Drake)
Man in the Saddle (Randolph Scott)
February 9, 1952 (Saturday–Thursday)
Kiddie matinee
The Yearling
4 cartoons
Chapter 1 - Perils of Darkest Africa
February 15, 1952 (Friday)
The Model and the Marriage Broker (Jeanne Crain, Thelma Ritter)
I'll Never Forget You (Tyrone Power, Ann Blyth)
February 16, 1952 (Saturday–Wednesday)
Kiddie matinee
Thunder in God's Country
4 cartoons
Chapter 2 - Perils of Darkest Africa
Plus - on stage - yo yo contest!
February 21, 1952 (Thursday–Wednesday)
Hong Kong (Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming)
The Highwayman (Charles Coburn, Wanda Hendrix)
February 21, 1952 (Thursday–Friday)
Midnight show "The Ghost of George Washington walks at midnight"
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi)
Dracula's Daughter (Gloria Holden, Otto Kruger)
February 23, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Bomba, the Jungle Boy
4 cartoons
Chapter 3 - Perils of Darkest Africa
Plus - on stage - yo yo contest finals!
February 24, 1952 (Sunday–Tuesday)
This Woman Is Dangerous (Joan Crawford)
Mr. Peek-a-Boo ("He Walked Thru Walls!")
February 27, 1952 (Wednesday–Friday)
A Girl in Every Port (Groucho Marx, Marie Wilson)
The Lady Says No (Joan Caulfield, David Niven)
March 1, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Western feature
4 cartoons
Chapter 4 - Perils of Darkest Africa
March 2, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Big Trees (Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller)
Journey Into Light (Sterling Hayden, Viveca Lindfors)
March 6, 1952 (Thursday–Friday)
Las Vegas Story (Jane Russell, Victor Mature)
Stronghold (Veronica Lake, Zachary Scott)
March 8, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Texas Masquerade
4 cartoons
Chapter 5 - Perils of Darkest Africa
March 9, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Phone Call From a Stranger (Bette Davis)
The Girl on the Bridge (Bevery Michaels, Hugo Haas)
March 13, 1952 (Thursday–Friday)
The Greatest Show on Earth - Special pre-release engagement;
Exclusive Peninsula Engagement
March 15, 1952 (Saturday–Monday)
Kiddie matinee
Blondie in the Dough
4 cartoons
Chapter 6 - Perils of Darkest Africa
Plus - Wear a clown suit and win a prize!
March 25, 1952 (Tuesday–Friday)
Sailor Beware (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
The Magic Carpet (Lucille Ball, John Agar)
March 29, 1952 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Kiddie matinee
Michael O'Halloran
4 cartoons
Chapter 7 - Perils of Darkest Africa
April 2, 1952 (Wednesday–Friday)
Five Fingers (James Mason, Danielle Darrieux)
Scandal Sheet (Broderick Crawford, Donna Reed)
April 5, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
Bomba on Panther Island
4 cartoons
Chapter 8 - Perils of Darkest Africa
April 6, 1952 (Sunday–Friday)
Viva Zapata! (Marlon Brando, Jean Peters)
Something to Live For (Joan Fontaine, Ray Milland)
April 12, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
The Good Humor Man
4 cartoons
Chapter 9 - Perils of Darkest Africa
April 13, 1952 (Sunday–Friday)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Return of the Texan (Dale Robertson, Joanne Dru)
Toy Tinkers (Disney cartoon)
April 19, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddie matinee - Wild West Rodeo Show
2 features
April 20, 1952 (Sunday–Friday)
With a Song in My Heart (Susan Hayward, David Wayne)
Fort Osage (Rod Cameron)
April 26, 1952 (Saturday)
Kiddies: Perils of the Jungle will be shown at the regular
April 27, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
My Son John (Helen Hayes, Van Heflin)
Japanese War Bride (Shirley Yamaguchi, Don Taylor)
May 4, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Deadline U.S.A. (Humphrey Bogart)
At Sword's Point (Cornell Wilde, Maureen O'Hara)
May 8, 1952 (Thursday–Friday)
Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (Dinah Shore, Alan Young)
The Dark Man (Maxwell Reed)
May 10, 1952 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Macao (Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell)
Okinawa (Pat O'Brien)
May 14, 1952 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The San Francisco Story (Joel McCrea, Yvonne DeCarlo)
The Lion and the Horse (Steve Cochran)
May 18, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Pride of St. Louis (Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru)
Wings of Danger (Zachary Scott, Robert Beatty)
May 22, 1952 (Thursday–Saturday)
Outcasts of Poker Flat (Anne Baxter, Dale Robertson)
Gobs and Gals (George and Bert Bernard)
May 25, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Anything Can Happen (Jose Ferrer, Kim Hunter)
Cloudburst (Robert Preston)
May 29, 1952 (Thursday)
Mara Maru (Errol Flynn, Ruth Roman)
The Narrow Margin (Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor)
May 30, 1952 (Friday–Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
The Stratton Story
3 cartoons
June 1, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
Belles on Their Toes (Myrna Loy, Jeanne Crain)
Rancho Notorious (Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Kennedy)
June 8, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
Clash By Night (Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan)
The Half Breed (Robert Young, Janis Carter)
June 15, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Red Mountain (Alan Ladd, Lizabeth Scott)
The Atomic City (Gene Barry)
June 19, 1952 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Captive City (John Forsythe, Joan Camden)
Mutiny! (Mark Stevens, Angela Lansbury)
June 22, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
Kangaroo (Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford)
Denver and the Rio Grande (Edmund O'Brien)
June 29, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Winning Team (Doris Day, Ronald Reagan)
One Big Affair (Evelyn Keyes, Dennis O'Keefe)
July 3, 1952 (Thursday–Saturday)
Carson City (Randolph Scott)
Models, Inc. (Howard Duff, Coleen Grey)
July 6, 1952 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Lydia Bailey (Dale Robertson, Anne Francis)
I Dream of Jeannie (Ray Middleton, Bill Shirley)
July 9, 1952 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
She's Working Her Way Through College (Virginia Mayo, Ronald Reagan)
July 16, 1952 (Wednesday–Saturday)
King Kong (Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong)
The Leopard Man (Dennis O'Keefe, Margo)
July 20, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
The Story of Robin Hood (Richard Todd, Joan Rice)
Cripple Creek (George Montgomery)
July 27, 1952 (Sunday–Thursday)
Francis Goes to West Point (Donald O'Connor, Lori Nelson)
Just Across the Street (Ann Sheridan, John Lund)
August 1, 1952 (Friday–Saturday)
Jumping Jacks (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
Bal Tabarin (Muriel Lawrence)
August 10, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
We're Not Married (Ginger Rogers, Paul Douglas)
Three for Bedroom C (Gloria Swanson)
August 17, 1952 (Sunday–Thursday)
Has Anybody Seen My Gal (Piper Laurie, Rock Hudson)
The Brigand (Anthony Dexter, Jody Lawrence)
August 22, 1952 (Friday–Monday)
Dreamboat (Clifton Webb, Ginger Rogers)
Captain Black Jack (George Sanders)
August 26, 1952 (Tuesday–Saturday)
Carrie (Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones) - For adults only
Last Train from Bombay (Jon Hall)
August 31, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
The Big Sky (Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Threatt)
Tembo (Howard Hill)
September 7, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
Big Jim McLain (John Wayne, Nancy Olson)
Tough Girl (Mona Freeman)
September 14, 1952 (Sunday–Friday)
What Price Glory? (James Cagney, Corinne Calvert)
Wagons West (Rod Cameron)
September 20, 1952 (Saturday–Saturday)
Son of Paleface (Bob Hope, Jane Russell)
Bright Victory (Arthur Kennedy, Peggy Dow)
September 28, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Son of Ali Baba (Tony Curtis, Piper Laurie)
Loan Shark (George Raft)
October 2, 1952 (Thursday–Wednesday)
Just for You (Bing Crosby, Jane Wyman)
Hold That Line (Bowery Boys)
Extra - Here Comes the Band (featuring Michigan Univ's marching band)
October 9, 1952 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Quiet Man (John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara) - Pre-release
engagement (held over)
Killers of the Swamps (short)
Cartoon (Disney)
October 19, 1952 (Sunday–Saturday)
Sudden Fear (Joan Crawford, Jack Palance)
The Sea Tiger (John Archer)
October 26, 1952 (Sunday–Thursday)
Monkey Business (Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe)
Woman of the North Country (Rod Cameron, Gale Storm)
Cartoon (Disney)
October 31, 1952 (Friday–Saturday)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward)
Cartoon (Disney)
November 9, 1952 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Lure of the Wilderness (Jean Peters, Jeffrey Hunter)
Lady in the Iron Mask (Louis Hayward, Patricia Medina)
November 12, 1952 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Somebody Loves Me (Betty Hutton, Ralph Meeker)
Scotland Yard Inspector (Cesar Romero)
November 16, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Because of You (Loretta Young, Jeff Chandler)
Yankee Buccaneer (Jeff Chandler, Scott Brady)
November 20, 1952 (Thursday–Saturday)
Way of a Gaucho (Gene Tierney, Rory Calhoun)
Jungle Headhunters
November 23, 1952 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Lusty Men (Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum)
Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard (Richard Carlson)
November 26, 1952 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Pony Soldier (Tyrone Power, Penny Edwards)
Night Without Sleep (Linda Darnell, Gary Merrill)
November 28, 1952 (Friday–Saturday)
Kiddie matinee
The Wizard of Oz
6 cartoons
November 30, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Iron Mistress (Alan Ladd, Virginia Mayo)
Army Bound
December 4, 1952 (Thursday–Saturday)
Montana Belle (Jane Russell, George Brent)
Jet Job (Stanley Clements)
December 7, 1952 (Sunday–Tuesday)
It Grows on Trees (Irene Dunne, Dean Jagger)
Wild Stallion (Ben Johnson, Edgar Buchanan)
December 10, 1952 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Savage (Charlton Heston, Susan Morrow)
Beware, My Lovely (Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan)
December 14, 1952 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Steel Trap (Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright)
My Wife's Best Friend (Anne Baxter, MacDonald Carey)
December 18, 1952 (Thursday–Tuesday)
My Pal Gus (Richard Widmark, Joanne Dru)
Flat Top (Sterling Hayden, Richard Carlson)
December 24, 1952 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
Blackbeard the Pirate (Robert Newton, Linda Darnell)
Ride the Man Down (Rod Cameron, Brian Donlevy)
December 31, 1952 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Stooge (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis)
-one day only - first advance showing