December 31, 1944 (–Saturday)
The Princess and the Pirate (Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo)
Strange Affair (Allyn Joslyn, Evelyn Keyes)
January 7, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Winged Victory (Lon McCallister, Jeanne Crain)
Adventures of Kitty O'Day (Jean Parker)
January 11, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Lost in a Harem (Abbott & Costello)
The Man in Half Moon Street (Nils Asther, Helen Walker)
January 14, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Together Again (Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer)
One Body Too Many (Jack Haley, Jean Perker)
January 18, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Doughgirls (Ann Sheridan, Alexis Smith)
The Missing Juror (Jim Bannon, Janis Carter)
January 21, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Till We Meet Again (Ray Milland, Barbara Britton)
Something for the Boys (Carmen Miranda, Michael O'Shea)
January 25, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Hail the Conquering Hero (Eddie Bracken, Ella Raines)
Abroad with Two Yanks (William Bendix, Helen Walker)
January 28, 1945 (Sunday–Saturday)
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (Spencer Tracy, Van Johnson)
Uncle Sam, Mariner? (March of Time)
Donald's Day Off (Disney cartoon)
February 4, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Hollywood Canteen (various stars)
February 8, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Very Thought of You (Dennis Morgan, Faye Emerson)
Dangerous Passage (Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks)
February 11, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
To Have and Have Not (Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall)
The Falcon in Hollywood (Tom Conway, Veda Ann Borg)
February 15, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
An American Romance (Brian Donlevy, Ann Richards)
Army Wives (Elyse Knox, Rick Vallin)
February 18, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Belle of the Yukon (Randolph Scott, Gypsy Rose Lee)
Three is a Family (Marjorie Reynolds, Charlie Ruggles)
February 21, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
And Now Tomorrow (Alan Ladd, Loretta Young)
The Big Bonanza (Richard Arlen, Jane Frazee)
February 25, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Woman in the Window (Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett)
Alaska (Kent Taylor, Margaret Lindsay)
March 1, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (Anne Baxter, John Hodiak)
The Fighting Lady (narration by Robert Taylor)
March 4, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Keys of the Kingdom (Gregory Peck)
Double Exposure (Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly)
March 8, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (Gail Russell, Diana Lynn)
Dark Waters (Merle Oberon, Franchot Tone)
March 11, 1945 (Sunday–Saturday)
Meet Me in St. Louis (Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien)
Main Street After Dark (Edward Arnold)
March 18, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman)
March 22, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Guest in the House (Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy)
The Jade Mask (Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan)
March 25, 1945 (Sunday–Thursday)
I'll Be Seeing You (Joseph Cotten, Ginger Rogers)
Tahiti Nights (Dave O'Brien, Jinx Falkenberg)
March 30, 1945 (Friday–Tuesday)
Here Come the Waves (Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton)
Murder My Sweet (Dick Powell, Claire Trevor)
April 4, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Thunderhead (Roddy McDowall, Rita Johnson)
Circumstantial Evidence (Michael O'Shea, Lloyd Nolan)
April 8, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Dorothy McGuire, James Dunn)
April 12, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Thin Man Goes Home (William Powell, Myrna Loy)
Blonde Fever (Philip Dorn, Mary Astor)
April 15, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Tonight and Every Night (Rita Hayworth, Lee Bowman)
The Murder of the Fashion Model (Robert Lowery, Marjorie Weaver)
April 18, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Experiment Perilous (Hedy Lamarr, George Brent)
Hangover Square (Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell)
Fury in the Pacific (March of Time?)
April 22, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Objective Burma (Errol Flynn)
Girl Rush (Frances Langford, Wally Brown)
Fox News - Memorial and pictorial highlights of
the career of FDR
April 25, 1945 (Wednesday–Friday)
Song of Bernadette (Jennifer Jones)
The Big Show-Off (Arthur Lake, Dale Evans)
April 28, 1945 (Saturday–Tuesday)
Practically Yours (Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray)
Having a Wonderful Crime (George Murphy, Carole Landis)
May 2, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
It's a Pleasure (Sonja Henie)
Ministry of Fear (Ray Milland, Marjorie Reynolds)
May 6, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
It's in the Bag (Fred Allen, Jack Benny)
Brewster's Millions (Dennis O'Keefe, Helen Walker)
May 10, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Hotel Berlin (Faye Emerson, Helmut Dantine)
The Crime Doctor's Courage (Warner Baxter, Hillary Brooke)
May 13, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
A Song to Remember (Paul Muni, Merle Oberon)
Leave It to Blondie (Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake)
May 17, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Roughly Speaking (Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson)
High Powered (Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks)
May 20, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
National Velvet (Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor)
I Love a Mystery (Jim Bannon, Nina Foch)
May 24, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
A Royal Scandal (Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Coburn)
Pan Americana (Robert Benchley, Phillip Terry)
May 26, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Without Love (Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn)
Identity Unknown (Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker)
May 30, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Affairs of Susan (Joan Fontaine, George Brent)
Forever Yours (Gale Storm, John Mack Brown)
June 3, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
God Is My Co-Pilot (Dennis Morgan, Dane Clark)
Eadie Was a Lady (Ann Miller, Joe Besser)
June 6, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Tomorrow the World! (Fredric March, Betty Field)
Molly and Me (Gracie Field, Monty Woolley)
June 10, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Diamond Horseshow (Betty Grable, Dick Haymes)
The Bullfighters (Laurel and Hardy)
June 13, 1945 (Wednesday)
Diamond Horseshow (Betty Grable, Dick Haymes)
The Bullfighters (Laurel and Hardy)
Son of Lassie - 8:30 PM only "Bond Premiere" (admission by bond only)
June 14, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Music for Millions (Margaret O'Brien)
The Great Flamarion (Eric von Stroheim, Mary Beth Hughes)
June 16, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Keep Your Powder Dry (Lana Turner, Laraine Day)
What a Blonde (Leon Erroll)
June 21, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
This Man's Army (Wallace Beery)
Nothing But Trouble (Laurel and Hardy)
June 24, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Blood on the Sun (James Cagney, Sylvia Sidney)
She's a Sweetheart (Jane Frazee, Larry Parks)
June 28, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Flame of Barbary Coast (John Wayne, Ann Dvorak)
Earl Carroll Vanities (Dennis O'Keefe, Constance Moore)
July 1, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Murder He Says (Fred MacMurray, Helen Walker)
The Unseen (Joel McCrea, Gail Russell)
July 3, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Salty O'Rourke (Alan Ladd, Gail Russell)
Delightfully Dangerous (Ralph Bellamy, Constance Moore)
July 8, 1945 (Sunday–Friday)
The Valley of Decision (Gregory Peck, Greer Garson)
Eve Knew Her Apples (Ann Miller, William Wright)
July 14, 1945 (Saturday)
Kiddie Matinee - John Mack Brown's Ranger Club
Texas Kid (Johnny Mack Brown)
2 cartoons
Song reel
July 15, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Bring on the Girls (Sonny Tufts, Veronica Lake)
Betrayal from the East (Lee Tracy, Nancy Kelly)
July 19, 1945 (Thursday–Friday)
The Clock (Judy Garland, Robert Walker)
The Scarlet Clue (Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan)
July 21, 1945 (Saturday)
Kiddie Matinee - John Mack Brown Ranger Club
Raiders of the Border (John Mack Brown)
2 cartoons
1 song reel
July 22, 1945 (–Wednesday)
Hill (George Raft, Joan Bennett)
Caribbean Mystery (James Dunn, Sheila Ryan)
July 26, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
A Medal for Benny (Dorothy Lamour, Arturo de Cordova)
Escape in the Desert (Jean Sullivan, Philip Dorn)
July 29, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Pillow to Post (Ida Lupino, William Prince)
Two O'Clock Courage (Tom Conway)
August 2, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Enchanted Cottage (Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young)
A Sporting Chance (Jane Randolph, John O'Malley)
August 5, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Conflict (Humphrey Bogart, Alexis Smith)
Scared Stiff (Jack Haley)
August 8, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Son of Lassie (Peter Lawford, Donald Crisp)
Rockin' in the Rockies (Mary Beth Hughes)
August 12, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Corn Is Green (Bette Davis)
Hitchhike to Happiness (Al Pearce)
August 16, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (George Sanders)
Grissley's Millions (Paul Kelly, Virginia Grey)
August 19, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
A Bell for Adano (Gene Tierney, John Hodiak)
Gambler's Choice (Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly)
August 23, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Where Do We Go From Here? (Joan Leslie, Fred MacMurray)
West of the Pecos (Robert Mitchum)
August 26, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan)
Jealousy (Jane Randolph, John Loder)
August 30, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Call of the Wild (Clark Gable)
Flying Tigers (John Wayne, Anna Lee)
September 2, 1945 (Sunday–Friday)
Along Came Jones (Gary Cooper, Loretta Young)
Don Juan Quilligan (William Bendix, Joan Blondell)
September 8, 1945 (Saturday–Thursday)
Thrill of a Romance (Van Johnson, Esther Williams)
That's My Baby (Richard Arlen, Ellen Drew)
September 14, 1945 (Friday–Tuesday)
Incendiary Blonde (Betty Hutton, Arturo de Cordova)
Bostan Blackie Booked on Suspicion (Chester Morris)
September 19, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
A Thousand and One Nights (Evelyn Keyes, Cornel Wilde)
Gangs on the Waterfront (Robert Armstrong)
September 23, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Back to Bataan (John Wayne, Anthony Quinn)
Swing in the Saddle (Jane Frazee)
September 26, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Junior Miss (Peggy Ann Garner)
Within These Walls (Thomas Mitchell, Mary Anderson)
September 30, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Story of G.I. Joe (Burgess Meredith)
The Shanghai Cobra (Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan)
October 4, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Out Of This World (Eddie Bracken, Veronica Lake)
First Yank in Tokyo (Tom Neal, Barbara Hale)
October 7, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Wonder Man (Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo)
Bedside Manner (Ruth Hussey, John Carroll)
October 11, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Pride of the Marines (John Garfield)
The Gay Senorita (Jinx Falkenburg, Jim Bannon)
October 14, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Rhapsody in Blue (Robert Alda, Joan Leslie)
October 18, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Johnny Angel (George Raft, Claire Trevor)
G.I. Honeymoon (Gale Storm, Peter Cookson)
October 21, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
You Came Along (Robert Cummings, Lizabeth Scott)
Twice Blessed (Preston Foster, Gail Patrick)
October 25, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Over Twenty-One (Irene Dunne, Alexander Knox, Charles Coburn)
Divorce (Kay Francis, Bruce Cabot)
October 28, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Anchors Aweigh (Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra)
Midnight Manhunt (William Gargan, Ann Savage)
November 1, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (Edward G. Robinson, Margaret O'Brien)
The True Glory (with General Eisenhower)
November 4, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford, Jack Carson)
The Adventures of Rusty (Ted Donaldson, Conrad Nagle)
November 8, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
Captain Eddie (Fred MacMurray, Lynn Bari)
In Old New Mexico (Duncan Renaldo)
November 11, 1945 (Sunday–Thursday)
Duffy's Tavern (Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton)
George White's Scandals (Joan Davis, Jack Haley)
November 16, 1945 (Friday–Tuesday)
Love Letters (Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten)
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (Chester Morris)
November 21, 1945 (Wednesday–Saturday)
State Fair (Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain)
Dancing in Manhattan (Fred Brady, Jeff Donnell)
November 25, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Dolly Sisters (Betty Grable, June Haver)
The Tiger Woman (Adele Mara, Kane Richmond)
November 29, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
The House on 92nd Street (William Eythe, Signe Hasso)
The Spider (Richard Conte)
December 2, 1945 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Spanish Main (Paul Henreid, Maureen O'Hara)
Going to Town (Lum and Abner)
December 5, 1945 (Wednesday)
The Spanish Main (Paul Henreid, Maureen O'Hara)
Going to Town (Lum and Abner)
Bond Night premiere: The Stork Club (Betty Hutton)
December 6, 1945 (Thursday)
The Southerner (Betty Field, Zachary Scott)
I Love a Bandleader (Phil Harris)
December 7, 1945 (Friday–Saturday)
Midnight show:
The Brighton Strangler (John Loder, June Duprez)
70 minutes of Disney cartoons
December 9, 1945 (Sunday–Friday)
Weekend at the Waldorf (Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner)
December 15, 1945 (Saturday–Saturday)
Midnight show:
Francisco and his Midnite Spook Frolic
In person: Dragonoff!
The Strange Mr. Gregory (Edmund Lowe, Jean Rogers)
December 17, 1945 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Her Highness and the Bellboy (Hedy Lamarr, Robert Walker)
Bewitched (Phyllis Thaxter)
December 20, 1945 (Thursday–Saturday)
And Then There Were None (Barry Fitzgerald)
Tell It to a Star (Ruth Terry, Robert Livingston)
December 23, 1945 (Sunday–Saturday)
Kiss and Tell (Shirley Temple, Robert Benchley)
The Falcon in San Francisco (Tom Conway)
December 30, 1945 (Sunday)
Man Alive (Pat O'Brien, Adolphe Menjou)
Wanderer of the Wasteland (James Warren)
December 31, 1945 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Stork Club (Betty Hutton)
The Hidden Eye (Edward Arnold)