January 3, 1944 (Monday–Tuesday)
Best Foot Forward (Lucille Ball, Harry James)
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (Lionel Barrymore, Donna Reed)
January 5, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Gang's All Here (Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda)
Chance of a Lifetime (Chester Morris, Jeanne Bates)
January 9, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
A Lady Takes a Chance (Jean Arthur, John Wayne)
Adventure in Iraq (John Loder, Ruth Ford)
January 13, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Iron Major (Pat O'Brien)
Henry Aldrich Haunts a House (Jimmy Lydon)
January 16, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Old Acquaintance (Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins)
Campus Rhythm (Gale Storm, Robt Lowery)
January 19, 1944 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Old Acquaintance (Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins)
Nearly Eighteen (Gale Storm)
January 21, 1944 (Friday–Saturday)
In Old Oklahoma (John Wayne, Martha Scott)
The Heat's On (Mae West, Victor Moore)
January 23, 1944 (Sunday–Saturday)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman)
January 30, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Destination Tokyo (Cary Grant, John Garfield)
Fall In (William Tracy, Jean Porter)
February 3, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Jack London (Michael O'Shea, Susan Hayward)
Spotlight Scandals (Billy Gilbert, Frank Fay)
February 6, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Thousands Cheer (Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, 30 MGM stars)
Whispering Footsteps (John Hubbard, Rita Quigley)
February 10, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
I Dood It (Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell)
The Man from Down Under (Richard Carlson, Donna Reed)
February 13, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Government Girl (Olivia de Havilland)
The Avengers (Ralph Richardson, Deborah Kerr)
February 16, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
What a Woman! (Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne)
Mine Sweeper (Richard Arlen, Jean Parker)
February 20, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
No Time for Love (Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray)
The Good Fellows (Cecil Kellaway, Helen Walker)
February 24, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Riding High (Dorothy Lamour, Dick Powell)
Hostages (Luise Rainer, William Bendix)
February 27, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Lassie Come Home (Roddy McDowall, Donald Crisp)
Young Ideas (Susan Peters, Herbert Marshall, Mary Astor)
March 2, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Happy Land (Don Ameche, Frances Dee)
Around the World (Kay Kyser)
March 5, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The North Star (Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews)
Casanova in Burlesque (Joe E. Brown)
March 9, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Lifeboat (William Bendix, Tallulah Bankhead)
Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout (Jimmy Lydon, Charlie Smith)
March 12, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Tender Comrade (Ginger Rogers, Robert Ryan)
Find the Blackmailer (Jerome Cowan, Faye Emerson)
March 16, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
None Shall Escape (Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox)
Beautiful but Broke (Joan Davis)
March 20, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Madame Curie (Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon)
Trombone Trouble (Disney cartoon)
Post-War Jobs (March of Time)
Fox News
March 23, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Sullivans (Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell)
Is Everybody Happy (Ted Lewis)
March 26, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Song of Russia (Robert Taylor, Susan Peters)
Gildersleeve on Broadway (Harold Peary)
March 29, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Lady in the Dark (Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland)
Rookies in Burma (Wally Brown, Allan Carney)
April 2, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Fighting Seabees (John Wayne, Susan Hayward)
Woman of the Town (Claire Trevor, Albert Dekker)
April 6, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Higher and Higher (Frank Sinatra, Michele Morgan)
Nine Girls (Ann Harding, Jinx Falkenburg)
April 9, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Song of Bernadette (Jennifer Jones)
April 13, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Purple Heart (Dana Andrews, Richard Conte)
Hey, Rookie (Ann Miller, Joe Besser)
April 15, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Desert Song (Dennis Morgan, Irene Manning)
Gangway for Tomorrow (Margo, Robert Ryan)
April 20, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Whistling in Brooklyn (Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford)
The Cross of Lorraine (Peter Lorre, Joseph Calleia)
April 23, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Up in Arms (Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore)
Action in Arabia (George Sanders, Virginia Bruce)
April 27, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Jane Eyre (Orson Welles, Joan Fontaine)
There's Something About a Soldier (Evelyn Keyes, Tom Neal)
April 30, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Cover Girl (Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly)
Memphis Belle
May 4, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Adventures of Mark Twain (Fredric March, Alexis Smith)
May 7, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Passage to Marseille (Humphrey Bogart, Michele Morgan)
Tarzan's Desert Mystery (Johnny Weissmuller, Nancy Kelly)
May 11, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Cry Havoc (Margaret Sullavan, Ann Sothern, Joan Blondell)
The Whistler (Richard Dix)
May 14, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Lost Angel (Margaret O'Brien)
Rationing (Wallace Beery, Marjorie Main)
May 17, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton)
Knickerbocker Holiday (Nelson Eddy, Constance Dowling)
May 21, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Heavenly Body (William Powell, Hedy Lamarr)
Swing Fever (Kay Kyser)
May 24, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Buffalo Bill (Joel McCrea, Maureen O'Hara)
You Can't Ration Love (Betty Jane Rhodes, Johnnie Johnston)
May 28, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Standing Room Only (Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray)
Lady, Let's Dance (Belita, James Ellison)
June 1, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
In Our Time (Ida Lupino, Paul Henreid)
Tunisian Victory (Invasion filmed under fire)
June 4, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Shine On Harvest Moon (Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan)
Klondike Kate (Ann Savage, Tom Neal)
Road to Victory (March of Time?)
June 7, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Lynn Bari, Frances Lederer)
The Lodger (Merle Oberon, George Sanders)
June 11, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Pin Up Girl (Betty Grable, John Harvey)
Yellow Canary (Anna Neagle, Richard Greene)
June 14, 1944 (Wednesday)
Going My Way (Bing Crosby)
Special 8:00 show, War Bond Premiere
Admission by war bond purchase only.
Pin Up Girl (Betty Grable, John Harvey)
Yellow Canary (Anna Neagle, Richard Greene)
June 15, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Four Jills in a Jeep (Carole Landis, Mitzi Mayfair, Martha Raye, Kay Francis)
Tampico (Edward G. Robinson, Lynn Bari)
June 18, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
See Here Private Hargrove (Robert Walker, Donna Reed)
Bermuda Mystery (Preston Foster, Ann Rutherford)
June 22, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Broadway Rhythm (George Murphy, Ginny Simms)
Charlie Chan and the Chinese Cat (Sidney Toler)
June 25, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
A Guy Named Joe (Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne)
Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid (Jimmy Lydon)
June 29, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Uncertain Glory (Errol Flynn, Paul Lukas)
Ladies of Washington
July 2, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
And the Angels Sing (Dorothy Lamour, Fred MacMurray)
Address Unknown (Paul Lukas)
July 6, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Show Business (Eddie Cantor, George Murphy)
Man From Frisco (Michael O'Shea, Anne Shirley)
July 9, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Uninvited (Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey)
The Hour Before the Dawn (Veronica Lake, Franchot Tone)
July 13, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Hitler Gang (Robert Watson, Alexander Pope)
It Happened Tomorrow (Dick Powell, Linda Darnell)
July 16, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Once Upon a Time (Cary Grant, Janet Blair)
Meet the People (Lucille Ball, Dick Powell)
July 19, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Up in Mabel's Room (Marjorie Reynolds, Dennis O'Keefe)
Roger Tohy, Gangster! (Preston Foster, Victor McLaglen)
July 23, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Gaslight (Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman)
Seven Days Ashore (Gordon Oliver, Wally Brown)
July 27, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble (Mickey Roney, Lewis Stone)
Three Men in White (Lionel Barrymore)
July 30, 1944 (Sunday–Thursday)
The Story of Dr. Wassell (Gary Cooper, Laraine Day)
March of Time
Disney cartoon
Fox news
August 4, 1944 (Friday–Saturday)
The Eve of St. Mark (Anne Eythe, William Baxter)
Gildersleeve's Ghost (Harold Peary)
August 6, 1944 (Sunday–Saturday)
Going My Way (Bing Crosby)
March of Time
August 13, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Home in Indiana (Walter Brennan, Lon McCallister)
Candlelight in Algeria (James Mason, Carla Lahmann)
August 17, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Between Two Worlds (John Garfield, Paul Henreid)
Make Your Own Bed (Jack Carson, Jane Wyman)
August 20, 1944 (Sunday–Saturday)
The White Cliffs of Dover (Irene Dunne, Alan Marshall)
Commando Duck (Disney cartoon)
March of Time
August 27, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Mr. Winkle Goes to War (Edward G. Robinson)
Jam Session (Ann Miller, Jess Barker)
August 31, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sensations of 1945 (Eleanor Powell)
September 3, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
I Love a Soldier (Paulette Goddard, Sonny Tufts)
Take It or Leave It (Phil Baker)
September 7, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Marine Raiders (Pat O'Brien)
The Hairy Ape (William Bendix, Susan Hayward)
September 10, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Mr. Skeffington (Bette Davis, Claude Rains)
Lucky Cowboy ("Romantic Musical of the Real West")
British Imperialism (March of Time)
September 14, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Two Girls and a Sailor (Van Johnson, June Allyson)
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret (Jimmy Lydon)
September 17, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Greenwhich Village (Carmen Miranda, Don Ameche)
One Mysterious Night (Chester Morris, Janis Carter)
September 21, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Mask of Dimitrios (Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre)
Crime By Night (Jane Wyman)
September 24, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Wilson (Alexander Knox)
September 28, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Step Lively (Frank Sinatra)
Secret Command (Pat O'Brien, Carole Landis)
October 1, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Bathing Beauty (Red Skelton, Esther Williams)
Timber Queen (Richard Arlen)
October 5, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Adventures of Mark Twain (Fredric March, Alexis Smith)
Take It Big (Jack Haley, Harriet Hilliard)
October 8, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Impatient Years (Jean Arthur, Lee Bowman)
The Navy Way (Robert Lowery, Jean Parker)
October 12, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Wing and a Prayer (Don Ameche, Dana Andrews)
Leave It to the Irish (James Dunn, Wanda McKay)
October 15, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Dragon Seed (Katharine Hepburn, Walter Huston)
March of Time
October 19, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Canterville Ghost (Margaret O'Brien, Charles Laughton)
Sweet and Low Down (Linda Darnell, Lynn Bari)
October 22, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Janie (Joyce Reynolds, Robert Hutton)
The Falcon in Mexico (Tom Conway, Mona Maris)
October 25, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Double Indemnity (Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray)
Maisie Goes to Reno (Ann Sothern, John Hodiak)
October 29, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Casanova Brown (Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright)
Song of the Open Road (Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy)
November 2, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Irish Eyes are Smiling (June Haver, Dick Haymes)
In the Meantime Darling (Jeanne Crain)
November 5, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Arsenic and Old Lace (Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane)
Music in Manhattan (Anne Shirley, Dennis Day)
November 9, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Bride by Mistake (Alan Marshall, Laraine Day)
Atlantic City (Jerry Colonna, Constance Moore)
November 12, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Kismet (Ronald Colman, Marlene Dietrich)
Port of Forty Thieves (Lynn Roberts, Richard Powers)
November 15, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Summer Storm (George Sanders, Linda Darnell)
The Great Moment (Joel McCrea, Betty Field)
November 19, 1944 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Seventh Cross (Spencer Tracy, Signe Hasso)
Ever Since Venus (Ina Ray Hutton, Hugh Herbert)
November 22, 1944 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Rainbow Island (Dorothy Lamour, Eddie Bracken)
Kansas City Kitty (Joan Davis)
November 26, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
None But the Lonely Heart (Cary Grant, Ethel Barrymore)
A Night of Adventure (Tom Conway, Audrey Long)
November 30, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Laura (Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb)
Shadow of Suspicion (Marjorie Weaver, Peter Cookson)
December 3, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Marriage is a Private Affair (Lana Turner, John Hodiak)
Dark Mountain (Robert Lowery, Ellen Drew)
December 7, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Conspirators (Hedy Lamarr, Paul Henreid)
Three Little Sisters (Ruth Terry)
December 10, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Mrs. Parkington (Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon)
Shadows in the Night (Warner Baxter, Nina Foch)
December 14, 1944 (Thursday–Friday)
Since You Went Away (Claudette Colbert, Joseph Cotten)
After Midnight (Chester Morris, Ann Savage)
December 16, 1944 (Saturday–Wednesday)
Midnight: Francisco and his Midnite Spook Frolic
Only adult tickets sold
December 21, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Carolina Blues (Kay Kyser)
Heavenly Days (Jim and Marian Jordan)
December 24, 1944 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Frenchman's Creek (Joan Fontaine, Arturo de Cordova)
The Big Noise (Laurel and Hardy)
December 28, 1944 (Thursday–Saturday)
Barbary Coast Gent (Wallace Beery)
When Strangers Marry (Dean Jagger, Kim Hunter)
December 31, 1944 (Sunday–Friday)
The Princess and the Pirate (Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo)
Strange Affair (Allyn Joslyn, Evelyn Keyes)