January 2, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Littlest Rebel (Shirley Temple, John Boles)
Nevada (Larry "Buster" Crabbe, Kathleen Burke)
January 5, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Ah Wilderness (Wallace Beery, Lionel Barrymore)
The Morals of Marcus (Lupe Velez)
January 8, 1936 (Wednesday)
Sylvia Scarlett (Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant)
January 9, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Bride Comes First (Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray)
Coronada (Betty Burgess, Eddy Duchin)
January 12, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Whipsaw (Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy)
Freshman Love (Frank McHugh, Patricia Ellis)
January 15, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Great Impersonation (Valerie Hobson, Wera Engels)
Charlie Chase comedy
Fox News
Bank Nite: Drawing for $400 (combined with the Varsity Theater)
January 16, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
I Found Stella Parrish (Kay Francis, Barton MacLane)
Miss Pacific Fleet (Joan Blondell, Hugh Herbert)
January 19, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Captain Blood (Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland)
Cock of the Walk (Silly Symphony)
January 22, 1936 (Wednesday)
Her Master's Voice (Edward Everett Horton, Laura Hope Crews)
Comedy short
Fox News
Bank Nite: $500 drawing
January 23, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
I Dream Too Much (Lily Pons)
Hitch Hike Lady (Alison Skipworth, Mae Clarke)
January 26, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
King of Burlesque (Warner Baxter, Alice Faye)
Three Live Ghosts (Richard Arlen, Cecilia Parker)
January 29, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Murder of Dr. Harrigan (Ricardo Cortez, Mary Astor)
March of Time
Fox News
Bank Nite: $600
January 30, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Dangerous (Bette Davis, Franchot Tone)
Born for Glory (Betty Balflour, John Mills)
February 2, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Riff Raff (Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy)
First a Girl (Jessie Matthews)
February 5, 1936 (Wednesday)
So Red the Rose (Margaret Sullavan)
Charlie Chase comedy short
Novelty short
Fox News
$600 Bank Nite
February 6, 1936 (Thursday)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
February 7, 1936 (Friday–Saturday)
Rose of the Rancho (Gladys Swarthout, John Boles)
We're Only Human (Preston Foster, Jane Wyatt)
February 9, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Ceiling Zero (James Cagney, Pat O'Brien)
Dance Band (Charles "Buddy" Rogers, June Clyde)
February 12, 1936 (Wednesday)
Magnificent Obsession (Irene Dunne, Robert Taylor)
Vim, Vigor and Vitality (Popeye cartoon)
Scenic - Hong Kong
Fox News: First pictures of the funeral of King George
Bank Nite $700
February 13, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
A Tale of Two Cities (Ronald Colman, Elizabeth Allan)
Silly Symphony cartoon
February 19, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Lady Consents (Ann Harding, Herbert Marshall)
Musical short
Comedy short
Fox News
Bank Nite $700
February 20, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Anything Goes (Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman)
Man Hunt (Ricardo Cortez, Marguerite Churchill)
February 23, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Milky Way (Harold Lloyd, Adolphe Menjou)
Two in the Dark (Wallace Ford, Margot Grahame)
February 26, 1936 (Wednesday)
King of the Damned (Conrad Viedt, Helen Vinson)
Bank Nite $800
February 27, 1936 (Thursday–Friday)
Collegiate (Jack Oakie, Joe Penner)
Last of the Pagans
February 29, 1936 (Saturday–Saturday)
Don't Get Personal (James Dunn, Sally Eilers)
A Thrill for Thelma ("Crime Doesn't Pay" series)
Our Gang short
Fox News
Bank Nite: $850 pay off—winners positively declared!
March 1, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Klondike Annie (Mae West, Victor MacLaglen)
Here Comes Trouble (Paul Kelly, Arline Judge)
March 4, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Invisible Ray (Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi)
Comedy short
Fox News
$600 Bank Nite
March 5, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Story of Louis Pasteur (Paul Muni, Anita Louise)
Woman Trap (Gertrude Michael, George Murphy)
March 8, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Petrified Forest (Leslie Howard, Bette Davis)
Every Saturday Night (June Lang, Florence Roberts)
March 11, 1936 (Wednesday–Sunday)
Follow the Fleet (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers)
March 16, 1936 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Country Doctor (Dionne Quintuplets, Jean Hersholt)
The Voice of Bugle Ann (Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O'Sullivan)
March 19, 1936 (Thursday–Friday)
Desire (Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper)
Dancing Feet (Ben Lyon, Joan Marsh)
March 21, 1936 (Saturday)
The Garden Murder Case (Edmund Lowe, Virginia Bruce)
Love in September (Jackie Coogan, Clara Kimball Young)
Popeye cartoon
March 22, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Wife vs. Secretary (Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow)
The Preview Murder Mystery (Reginald Denny, Frances Drake)
March 25, 1936 (Wednesday)
Tough Guy (Jackie Cooper)
March 26, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Love Before Breakfast (Carole Lombard, Cesar Romero)
Man of Iron (Barton MacLane, Mary Astor)
March 29, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Fred MacMurray, Sylvia Sidney, Henry Fonda)
F-Man (Jack Haley, Grace Bradley)—"He wanted to be a G-Man
but he couldn't make the grade!"
April 1, 1936 (Wednesday)
My Marriage (Claire Trevor, Kent Taylor)
The Lawless Nineties (John Wayne)
April 2, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Prisoner of Shark Island (Warner Baxter, Gloria Stuart)
Snowed Under (George Brent, Glenda Farrell)
April 5, 1936 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Rose Marie (Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)
April 9, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Next Time We Love (Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart)
O'Malley of the Mounted (George O'Brien, Irene Ware)
April 12, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Colleen (Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler)
Too Many Parents (Frances Farmer, Billy Lee)
April 15, 1936 (Wednesday–Sunday)
Modern Times (Charles Chaplin)
Two in a Revolt (John Arledge, Louise Latimer)
April 20, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
Petticoat Fever (Robert Montgomery, Myrna Loy)
Charlie Chan at the Circus (Warner Oland)
April 22, 1936 (Wednesday)
Give Us This Night (Gladys Swarthout, Jan Kiepura)
March of Time
Bank Nite
April 23, 1936 (Thursday–Friday)
13 Hours By Air (Fred MacMurray, Joan Bennett)
Singing Vagabond (Gene Autry)
April 25, 1936 (Saturday)
Moonlight Murder (Leo Carrillo, Madge Evans)
On stage in person: Major Bowes' Amateurs
April 26, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Singing Kid (Al Jolson, Sybil Jason)
Boulder Dam (Ross Alexander, Patricia Ellis)
April 29, 1936 (Wednesday–Friday)
Sutter's Gold (Edward Arnold, Binnie Barnes)
Gentle Julia (Jane Withers, Jackie Searle)
May 2, 1936 (Saturday–Sunday)
Till We Meet Again (Herbert Marshall, Gertrude Michael)
Federal Agent (Bill Boyd)
May 4, 1936 (Monday–Wednesday)
Robin Hood of El Dorado (Warner Baxter)
Brides Are Like That (Ross Alexander, Anita Louise)
May 7, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Small Town Girl (Robert Taylor, Janet Gaynor)
The Story of Cecil Rhodes (Walter Huston)
May 10, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
A Message to Garcia (Wallace Beery, Barbara Stanwyck)
Murder on a Bridle Path (James Gleason)
May 13, 1936 (Wednesday)
Witness Chair (Ann Harding, Walter Abel)
March of Time
May 14, 1936 (Thursday–Sunday)
The Ghost Goes West (Robert Donat)
Everybody's Man (Irwin S. Cobb, Rochelle Hudson)
May 18, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
Captain January (Shirley Temple, Guy Kibbee, Slim Summerville)
Absolute Quiet (Stuart Erwin, Irene Hervey)
May 20, 1936 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Unguarded Hour (Franchot Tone, Loretta Young)
The Sky Parade (Jimmie Allen)
May 23, 1936 (Saturday)
Special Investigator (Richard Dix)
March of Time
Mickey Mouse cartoon
A brand new 1936 Chevrolet Sedan valued at $807 will be
May 24, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Under Two Flags (Ronald Colman, Claudette Colbert)
Chic Sale comedy short
Popeye cartoon
Fox News
May 28, 1936 (Wednesday–Sunday)
Sons o' Guns (Joe E. Brown, Joan Blondell)
Champagne Charlie (Paul Cavanaugh, Helen Woods)
June 1, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
I Married a Doctor (Pat O'Brien, Josephine Hutchinson)
Florida Special (Jack Oakie, Sally Eilers)
June 3, 1936 (Wednesday)
Times Square Playboy (Warren William)
Comedy short
Fox News
June 4, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Golden Arrow (Bette Davis, George Brent)
Dancing Pirate (Charles Collins, Frank Morgan)
June 7, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (William Powell, Jean Arthur)
The House of a Thousand Candles (Phillips Holmes, Mae Clarke)
June 10, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Law in Her Hands (Margaret Lindsay, Glenda Farrell)
Another car giveaway!
June 11, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Showboat (Irene Dunne, Allan Jones)
Mickey's Grand Opera (Mickey Mouse)
Fox News
June 14, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Bullets or Ballots (Edward G. Robinson, Joan Blondell)
Palm Springs (Frances Langford, Sir Guy Standing)
June 17, 1936 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Big Brown Eyes (Joan Bennett, Cary Grant)
Farmer in the Dell (Fred Stone, Jean Parker)
June 19, 1936 (Friday–Saturday)
The Moon's Our Home (Margaret Sullavan, Henry Fonda)
The First Baby (Johnny Downs, Shirley Dean)
June 21, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Trouble for Two (Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russell)
Forgotten Faces (Herbert Marshall, Gertrude Michael)
June 24, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Case Against Mrs. Ames (George Brent, Madeleine Carroll)
Nobody's Fool (Edward Everett Horton)
June 25, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Princess Comes Across (Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray)
The Three Wise Guys (Robert Young, Betty Furness)
June 28, 1936 (Sunday–Monday)
Fury (Spencer Tracy, Sylvia Sidney)
Early to Bed (Charlie Ruggles, Mary Boland)
June 30, 1936 (Tuesday–Friday)
Let's Sing Again (Bobby Breen, Henry Armetta)
Three Little Wolves (Silly Symphony)
Max Schmeling/Joe Louis fight pictures
July 4, 1936 (Saturday)
The Harvester (Alice Brady, Russell Hardie)
Murder by an Aristocrat (Lyle Talbot, Marguerite Churchill)
July 5, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (Freddie Bartholomew, C. Aubrey Smith)
Speed (James Stewart, Wendy Barrie)
July 8, 1936 (Wednesday)
Half Angel (Frances Dee, Brian Donlevy)
The Big Noise (Guy Kibbee)
July 9, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Private Number (Robert Taylor, Loretta Young)
Bunker Bean (Owen Davis Jr., Louise Latimer)
July 12, 1936 (Sunday–Friday)
San Francisco (Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald)
Audioskopics (MGM's 3rd Dimension novelty sensation)
March of Time
July 18, 1936 (Saturday–Monday)
Poppy (W. C. Fields)
It's Love Again (Robert Young, Jessie Matthews)
July 21, 1936 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Things to Come (Raymond Massey, Patricia Hilliard)
Little Miss Nobody (Jane Withers)
July 24, 1936 (Friday–Saturday)
The White Angel (Kay Francis, Ian Hunter)
High Tension (Glenda Farrell, Brian Donlevy)
July 26, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
One Rainy Afternoon (Ida Lupino, Francis Lederer)
The Crime of Dr. Forbes (Gloria Stuart, Robert Kent)
July 29, 1936 (Wednesday–Wednesday)
The Bride Walks Out (Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Raymond)
Border Flight (Frances Farmer, John Howard)
July 31, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Public Enemy's Wife (Pat O'Brien, Margaret Lindsay)
Ticket to Paradise (Wendy Barrie, Roger Pryor)
August 2, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Poor Little Rich Girl (Shirley Temple, Alice Faye)
We Went to College (Charles Butterworth, Hugh Herbert)
August 5, 1936 (Wednesday–Thursday)
White Fang (Michael Whalen, Jean Muir)
Three Cheers for Love (Eleanor Whitney, John Halliday)
August 7, 1936 (Friday–Saturday)
M'Liss (Anne Shirley, Guy Kibbee)
Navy Born (Claire Dodd, William Carson)
March of Time
August 9, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Suzy (Jean Harlow, Cary Grant)
Hot Money (Ross Alexander, Beverly Roberts)
August 12, 1936 (Wednesday)
Educating Father (Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane)
Parole (Henry Hunter, Ann Preston)
Bank Nite: $1,000
August 13, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Earthworm Tractors (Joe E. Brown)
Spendthrift (Henry Fonda, Mary Brian)
August 16, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
His Brother's Wife (Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck)
Two Against the World (Humphrey Bogart, Beverly Roberts)
August 19, 1936 (Wednesday)
Hearts in Bondage (James Dunne, Mae Clarke)
Jail Break (Barton MacLane, June Travis)
August 20, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Rhythm on the Range (Bing Crosby, Frances Farmer)
36 Hours to Kill (Brian Donlevy, Gloria Stuart)
August 23, 1936 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Great Ziegfeld (William Powell, Myrna Loy)
August 27, 1936 (Thursday–Sunday)
The Devil Doll (Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O'Sullivan)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (Warner Oland, Helen Wood)
August 31, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
To Mary - With Love (Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy)
Easy Money (Onslow Stevens, Kay Linaker)
September 2, 1936 (Wednesday)
Women are Trouble (Stuart Erwin, Paul Kelly)
Secret Agent (Robert Young, Madeleine Carroll)
September 3, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Sing, Baby, Sing (Alice Faye, Adolphe Menjou)
I'd Give My Life (Sir Guy Standing, Tom Brown)
September 6, 1936 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Green Pastures (Rex Ingram, Oscar Polk)
A Son Comes Home (Mary Boland, Donald Woods)
March of Time
September 10, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
My American Wife (Francis Lederer, Ann Sothern)
Love Begins at 20 (Hugh Herbert, Patricia Ellis)
September 13, 1936 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Girls' Dormitory (Simone Simon, Herbert Marshall)
The Gentleman from Louisiana (Eddie Quillan, Charlotte Henry)
September 17, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Texas Rangers (Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie)
Star for a Night (Claire Trevor, Jane Darwell)
September 20, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The General Died at Dawn (Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll)
Lady Be Careful (Lew Ayres, Mary Carlisle)
September 23, 1936 (Wednesday)
State Fair (Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers)
Straight from the Shoulder (Ralph Bellamy, Katharine Locke)
September 24, 1936 (Thursday–Sunday)
Mary of Scotland (Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March)
Back to Nature (Shirley Deane, Tony Martin)
September 28, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
Road to Glory (Warner Baxter, Fredric March)
Kelly the Second (Patsy Kelly, Charlie Chase)
September 30, 1936 (Wednesday–Saturday)
China Clipper (Pat O'Brien, Ross Alexander)
Pepper (Jane Withers)
October 4, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Give Me Your Heart (Kay Francis, George Brent)
Wives Never Know (Charlie Ruggles, Mary Boland)
October 7, 1936 (Wednesday)
Nine Days a Queen (Nova Pilbeam, Cedric Hardwicke)
There's Always Tomorrow (Frank Morgan, Binnie Barnes)
October 8, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Piccadilly Jim (Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans)
Hollywood Boulevard (John Halliday, Marsha Hunt)
October 11, 1936 (Sunday–Wednesday)
My Man Godfrey (William Powell, Carole Lombard)
Don't Turn 'Em Loose (Lewis Stone, James Gleason)
October 15, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (James Cagney, Joe E. Brown)
Toytown Hall (cartoon)
Fox News
October 18, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Swing Time (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers)
Elmer Elephant (Silly Symphony)
Oddity short
Fox News
October 21, 1936 (Wednesday)
Walking on Air (Gene Raymond, Ann Sothern)
Bridge of Sighs (Onslow Stevens, Dorothy Tree)
October 22, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Ramona (Loretta Young, Don Ameche)
Three Married Men (Roscoe Karns, William Frawley)
October 25, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Gorgeous Hussy (Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor)
Murder With Pictures (Lew Ayres, Gail Patrick)
October 28, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Case of the Velvet Claw (Warren William, Claire Dodd)
Lady Luck (Patricia Farr, William Bakewell)
October 29, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Big Game (Bones Hamilton, Monk Moscrip)
Old Hutch (Cecilia Parker, Eric Linden)
November 1, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Ladies in Love (Simone Simon, Paul Lukas)
Sworn Enemy (Robert Young, Florence Rice)
November 4, 1936 (Wednesday)
The President's Mystery (Henry Wilcoxon, Betty Furness)
Sitting on the Moon (Roger Pryor, Grace Bradley)
November 5, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Dimples (Shirley Temple, Frank Morgan)
Without Orders (Sally Eilers, Robert Montgomery)
March of Time
November 8, 1936 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Big Broadcast of 1937 (Jack Benny, George Burns & Gracie Allen)
15 Maiden Lane (Claire Trevor, Cesar Romero)
Football highlights: Stanford vs. Washington, Cal vs.
November 12, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Cain and Mabel (Clark Gable, Marion Davies)
Seven Sinners (Edmund Lowe, Constance Cummings)
October 15, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Variant is the Word for Carrie (Gladys George, Arline Judge)
Thank You Jeeves (Arthur Treacher, David Niven)
November 18, 1936 (Wednesday)
The Girl on the Front Page (Edmund Lowe, Gloria Stuart)
The Man I Marry (Michael Whalen, Doris Nolan)
November 19, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
Pigskin Parade (Patsy Kelly, Jack Haley)
Yellowstone (Henry Hunter, Ralph Morgan)
November 22, 1936 (Sunday–Thursday)
Libelled Lady (William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy)
Here Comes Carter (Ross Alexander, Glenda Farrell)
November 27, 1936 (Friday–Saturday)
A Woman Rebels (Katharine Hepburn, Herbert Marshall)
All American Chump (Stuart Erwin, Betty Furness)
November 29, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Charge of the Light Brigade (Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland)
Our Relations (Laurel & Hardy)
December 2, 1936 (Wednesday)
Smartest Girl in Town (Ann Sothern, Gene Raymond
Down to the Sea (Russell Hardie, Ben Lyon)
December 3, 1936 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Devil is a Sissy (Freddie Bartholomew, Jackie Cooper, Mickey Rooney)
Two in a Crowd (Joan Bennett, Joel McCrea)
December 6, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Dodsworth (Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton)
Under Your Spell (Lawrence Tibbett, Wendy Barrie)
December 9, 1936 (Wednesday–Friday)
Tarzan Escapes (Johnny Weismuller, Maureen O'Sullivan)
Laughing at Trouble (Jane Darwell, Pert Kelton)
December 12, 1936 (Saturday–Sunday)
The Longest Night (Robert Young, Florence Rice)
Bulldog Edition (Ray Walker, Evelyn Knapp)
December 14, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
Go West Young Man (Mae West, Warren William)
Mr. Cinderella (Jack Haley, Betty Furness)
December 16, 1936 (Wednesday)
In His Steps (Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker)
Flying Hostess (William Gargan, Judith Barrett)
December 17, 1936 (Thursday–Sunday)
Reunion (Dionne Quintuplets, Jean Hersholt)
Luckiest Girl in the World (Jane Wyatt, Louis Hayward)
December 21, 1936 (Monday–Tuesday)
Born to Dance (Eleanor Powell, James Stewart)
Wanted—Jane Turner (Lee Tracy, Gloria Stuart)
December 23, 1936 (Wednesday–Thursday)
White Hunter (Warner Baxter, June Lang)
Rose Bowl (William Frawley, Eleanor Whitney)
December 25, 1936 (Friday–Saturday)
Polo Joe (Joe E. Brown)
Can This Be Dixie? (Jane Withers)
December 27, 1936 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Anthony Adverse (Fredric March, Olivia de Havilland)
Toby Tortoise Returns (Silly Symphony)
How to Vote (Robert Benchley)
December 30, 1936 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Love on the Run (Clark Gable, Joan Crawford)
The Case of the Black Cat (Ricardo Cortez, June Travis)