January 1, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Animal Kingdom (Ann Harding, Leslie Howard)
Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd comedy short
January 4, 1933 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Half Naked Truth (Lupe Velez, Lee Tracy)
January 7, 1933 (Saturday)
The Golden West (George O'Brien)
Masquers comedy
Vitaphone musical
January 8, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
A Farewell to Arms (Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper)
Flowers and Trees (Silly Symphony)
Love Thy Neighbor (comedy)
Fox news
January 12, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
No Man of Her Own (Clark Gable, Carole Lombard)
Bring 'Em Back a Wife (MGM comedy)
Aesop's Fables
January 15, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Frisco Jenny (Ruth Chatterton, Donald Cook)
Lights Out (James Gleason)
Fox news
January 18, 1933 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Billion Dollar Schandal (Robert Armstrong, Constance Cummings)
Andy Clyde comedy
Hodge Podge
Song cartoon
January 21, 1933 (Saturday)
Afraid to Talk (Eric Linden, Sidney Fox)
A Lad 'n a Lamp (Our Gang)
Iceland, Land of the Viking
Aesop's Fables
January 22, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Hot Pepper (Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Lupe Velez)
Whoopee Party (Mickey Mouse)
Don't Play Bridge with Your Wife (Mack Sennett comedy)
January 26, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
20,000 Years in Sing Sing (Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis)
Doubling in the Quickies (Mack Sennett comedy)
Fox news
January 29, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Island of Lost Souls (Charles Laughton, Bela Lugosi)
The Dentist (W. C. Fields)
Santa's Workshop (Silly Symphony)
February 1, 1933 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Son-Daughter (Helen Hayes, Ramon Navarro)
Fallen Arches (Charlie Chase)
Song cartoon
Fox news
February 5, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
She Done Him Wrong (Mae West, Cary Grant)
Touchdown Mickey (Mickey Mouse)
The Street Singer (Arthur Tracy)
The Runaround (William Demarest)
Fox news
February 8, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Lawyer Man (William Powell, Joan Blondell)
February 10, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Match King (Warren William, Lili Damita)
The Lost Special (Ernie Nevers)
February 12, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Dangerously Yours (Warner Baxter, Miriam Jordan)
Just Dogs (Silly Symphony)
Family Troubles (comedy)
February 15, 1933 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Kid from Spain (Eddie Cantor, Lyda Roberti)
The Wayward Canary (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
February 19, 1933 (Sunday–Thursday)
State Fair (Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers)
Let's Dance (Burns & Allen)
Flip the Frog cartoon
Fox news
February 24, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Hard to Handle (James Cagney, Mary Brian)
Vas You Dere Sharlie (Baron Munchausen)
The Meal Ticket (Jack Pearl)
Bugs in Love (Silly Symphony)
Paramount news
February 26, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Sign of the Cross (Fredric March, Elissa Landi)
The Klondike Kid (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
March 1, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Cynara (Ronald Colman, Kay Francis)
Asleep in the Feet (Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd)
Sherman Was Right (cartoon)
Fox news
March 3, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
They Just Had to Get Married (Slim Summerville, Zasu Pitts)
The Lost Special (Ernie Nevers)
Our Gang comedy
Musical short
March 5, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Topaze (John Barrymore, Myrna Loy)
Babes in the Wood (Silly Symphony)
Twice Two (Laurel & Hardy)
March 8, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Ladies They Talk About (Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster)
Dinah (The Mills Brothers)
The Wrestler's Bride (Mack Sennett comedy)
Norway (traveltalk)
Fox news
March 10, 1933 (Friday–Sunday)
Private Jones (Lee Tracy)
March 13, 1933 (Monday–Tuesday)
King of the Jungle (Buster Crabbe, Frances Dee)
Building a Building (Mickey Mouse)
A Drug on the Market (Tom Howard)
Fox news (pictures of the Southern California
earthquake! Vivid, graphic! Showing ruins caused by this terrible disaster!)
March 15, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Madame Butterfly (Sylvia Sidney, Cary Grant)
Nature in the Wrong (Charlie Chase)
Comedy cartoon
Fox news
March 17, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Woman Accused (Nancy Carroll, Cary Grant)
Hollywood Run Around
The Wonder City
Fox news
March 19, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Great Jaspar (Richard Dix, Vera Engels)
Bosco cartoon
Fox news
March 22, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Hello Everybody (Kate Smith)
Sing Bing Sing (Bing Crosby)
The Acid Test (Tom Howard)
I Know Everybody and Everybody's Racket (Walter Winchell)
March 24, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Sailor's Luck (James Dunn, Sally Eilers)
Hollywood Premiere (in color)
Betty Boop cartoon
Fox news
March 26, 1933 (Sunday)
Fast Life (William Haines, Madge Evans)
The Mad Doctor (Mickey Mouse)
Through Thin and Thicket (Masquer's comedy)
Fox news
March 27, 1933 (Monday–Saturday)
Forty Second Street (Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels)
In the New Guianas (travel)
Is My Palm Read (cartoon)
Fox news
April 2, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Strange Interlude (Norma Shearer, Clark Gable)
Birds in Spring (Silly Symphony)
April 5, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
What! No Beer? (Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante)
Terrors of the Amazon
Pleasure Island (musical revue)
Fox news
April 7, 1933 (Friday–Sunday)
Tonight is Ours (Fredric March, Claudette Colbert)
Explorers of the World (feature-length travelogue)
Paramount news
April 10, 1933 (Monday–Tuesday)
The King's Vacation (George Arliss)
Nothing Ever Happens
Mickey's Pal Pluto (Mickey Mouse)
April 12, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Maedchen in Uniform (German w/ English subtitles)
Fatal Glass of Beer (W. C. Fields)
Betty Boop's Penthouse (Betty Boop)
Fox news
April 14, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Clear All Wires (Lee Tracy, Una Merkel)
Fish Hookey (Our Gang)
Flip the Frog (cartoon)
Paramount news
April 16, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The White Sister (Helen Hayes, Clark Gable)
Mellendramer (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
April 19, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
From Hell to Heaven (Carole Lombard, Jack Oakie)
Then Came the Yawn (Jack Haley)
One Step Ahead of My Shadow (cartoon)
Fox news
April 21, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Gabriel Over the White House (Walter Huston)
Fish Feathers (Edgar Kennedy)
Snow White (Betty Boop)
Paramount news
April 23, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Cavalcade (Diana Wynyard, Clive Brook)
Down from Vesuvius (travelogue)
Fox news
April 27, 1933 (Thursday–Friday)
Pick Up (George Raft, Sylvia Sidney)
The Wrongorilla (Jack Haley)
Betty Boop's Birthday (Betty Boop cartoon)
Fox news
April 29, 1933 (Saturday)
The Keyhole (Kay Francis, George Brent)
Too Many Highballs
Bosco in Dutch (cartoon)
Screen Souvenir
April 30, 1933 (Monday–Monday)
Central Airport (Richard Barthelmess, Sally Eilers)
The Pharmacist (W. C. Fields)
Ye Olden Days (Mickey Mouse)
Voice of the Vatican
Fox news
May 2, 1933 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Christopher Strong (Katharine Hepburn, Colin Clive)
The Buildup
Bosco's Nightmare (cartoon)
Fox news
May 4, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
Today We Live (Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper)
The Plumber (cartoon)
Paramount news
May 7, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
King Kong (Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong)
Young and Healthy
Fox news
May 10, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
A Lady's Profession (Allison Skipworth, Roland Young)
Taxi Boys comedy
May 12, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Sweepings (Lionel Barrymore)
The Plumber and the Lady
May 14, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
A Bedtime Story (Maurice Chevalier, Baby Leroy)
Maids Ala Mode (Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd)
May 17, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Blondie Johnson (Joan Blondell, Chester Morris)
Easy on the Eyes (a Mack Sennett comedy short)
Betty Boop's May Party (cartoon)
Fox news
May 19, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Out All Night (Slim Summerfield, Zasu Pitts)
Williamson, Beneath the Sea
Roosevelt, Man of the Hour
May 21, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Rasputin and the Empress (Lionel, Ethel and John Barrymore)
May 25, 1933 (Thursday)
Rome Express (Esther Ralston, Conrad Veidt)
Dream Stuff (Walter Catlett)
May 26, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Picture Snatcher (James Cagney, Alice White)
The Kid from Borneo (Our Gang)
Cuba, Land of Rumba
Ain't She Sweet (cartoon)
May 28, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Barbarian (Ramon Navarro, Myrna Loy)
Me and My Pal (Laurel & Hardy)
Merry Melody cartoon
Fox news
May 31, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Zoo in Budapest (Loretta Young, Gene Raymond)
Call Her Savage (comedy)
Screen Souvenirs
Fox news
June 2, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Little Giant (Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor)
Caliente Love (a Mack Sennett comedy short)
Techno Cracked (Flip the Frog cartoon)
Paramount news
June 4, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hell Below (Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans)
Father Noah's Ark (Silly Symphony)
June 7, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
The Kiss Before the Mirror (Paul Lukas, Gloria Stuart)
Abe Lyman's band
Loops My Dear (Harry Sweet)
Fox news
June 9, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Looking Forward (Lionel Barrymore)
His Silent Racket (Charlie Chase)
Race Night! (a riot of fun, gifts to every 10th person. Don't miss it!)
June 11, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Adorable (Janet Gaynor, Henry Garat)
Bargain of the Century (Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd)
Mail Pilot (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
June 14, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Song of the Eagle (Charles Bickford, Mary Brian)
Married or Single (Little Jack Little)
Betty Boop cartoon
Fox news
June 16, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Elmer the Great (Joe E. Brown)
Untamed Africa
Race night! The thrill game of the screen!
June 18, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Peg o' My Heart (Marion Davies, Onslow Stevens)
Three Little Pigs (Silly Symphony)
Fatty Arbuckle comedy
Fox news
June 21, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
The Silver Cord (Irene Dunne, Joel McCrea)
Socko! (Max Baer vs. Max Schmeling)
June 23, 1933 (Friday)
Lilly Turner (Ruth Chatterton, George Brent)
June 24, 1933 (Saturday–Tuesday)
International House (Peggy Hopkins Joyce, W. C. Fields, Stuart Erwin)
Isle of Desire
Fox news
June 28, 1933 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Working Man (George Arliss, Bette Davis)
Arabian Nights (Charlie Chase)
Panama, The Big Ditch
Fox news
July 2, 1933 (Sunday–Monday)
Made on Broadway (Robert Montgomery, Sally Eilers)
Hip Zip Hooray (comedy short)
Sea Daughters (travel gem)
Chinaman's Chance (cartoon)
Fox news
July 4, 1933 (Tuesday–Thursday)
The Eagle and the Hawk (Fredric March, Cary Grant)
Bone Crushers (MGM sportlight)
Ride 'Em Bosco (cartoon)
Keyhole Kate (comedy short)
July 7, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Devil's Brother (Laurel and Hardy)
Water Jamboree (sportlight)
Mother Goose Land (cartoon)
Fox news
July 9, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
College Humor (Bing Crosby, Burns & Allen)
Mickey's Mechanical Man (Mickey Mouse)
The Rummy (Ben Blue)
July 12, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
I Loved You Wednesday (Warner Baxter, Elissa Landi)
Sweet Cookie (a Mack Sennett comedy short)
Popeye the Sailor ("now the nautical nut is on the screen!")
Fox news
July 14, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Nuisance (Lee Tracy, Madge Evans)
Popular Melodies (Silly Symphony)
Mush and Milk (Our Gang)
Paramount news
July 16, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Reunion in Vienna (John Barrymore, Diana Wynyard)
Africa Speaks English
Allez-Oop (cartoon
Fox news
July 19, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Jennie Gerhardt (Sylvia Sidney)
Taxi Boys comedy short
Fox news
July 21, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Baby Face (Barbara Stanwyck - "please do not bring children!")
Private Wives (Skeets Gallagher)
Paramount news
July 23, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hold Your Man (Jean Harlow, Clark Gable)
She Outdone Him
Position and Back Swing (Bobby Jones golf)
July 26, 1933 (Wednesday–Saturday)
When Ladies Meet (Ann Harding, Robert Montgomery, Myrna Loy)
One Track Minds (Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd)
Song cartoon
Fox news
July 30, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Private Detective 62 (William Powell, Margaret Lindsley)
Melody Cruise (Charles Ruggles, Phil Harris)
Bobby Jones golf
August 2, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Her Bodyguard (Edmund Lowe, Wynne Gibson)
The Barber Shop (W. C. Fields)
Nertsery Rhymes (technicolor revue)
Fox news
August 4, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Mayor of Hell (James Cagney, Madge Evans)
Walking the Baby (Burns and Allen)
Peanut Vendor (cartoon)
Fox news
August 6, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Double Harness (Ann Harding, William Powell)
Down Swing (Bobby Jones)
Mickey's Gala Premiere (Mickey Mouse)
The Moonshiner's Daughter (Masquer's comedy short)
Fox news
August 9, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
The Girl in 419 (James Dunn, Gloria Stuart)
Daddy Knows Best (Walter Catlett)
New Zealand (travelogue)
Fox news
August 11, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Mama Loves Papa (Charles Ruggles, Mary Boland)
Alias the Professor (Jimmie Gleason)
Bosco's Mechanical Man (cartoon)
Paramount news
August 13, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Stranger's Return (Miriam Hopkins, Franchot Tone)
So This Is Harris (Phil Harris)
Impact (Bobby Jones golf)
August 16, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Storm at Daybreak (Kay Francis, Nils Asther)
Knight Duty (Harry Langdon)
Fox news
August 18, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Midnight Club (Clive Brook, Helen Vinson)
A Divorce Courtship (comedy short)
Yours Sincerely (Musical jamboree)
August 20, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Another Language (Helen Hayes, Robert Montgomery)
Loose Relations (Andy Clyde)
Fine Points (Bobby Jones golf)
Fox news
August 23, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Don't Bet on Love (Lew Ayres, Ginger Rogers)
Isle of Paradise (travelogue)
August 25, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Midnight Mary (Loretta Young, Franchot Tone)
An Idle Roomer (Jack Haley)
Paramount news
August 27, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Pilgrimage (Henrietta Crosman, Norman Foster)
August 30, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
The Man Who Dared (Preston Foster)
Technocrazy (Monty Collins)
Strange As It Seems
Fox news
September 1, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
The Devil's In Love (Victor Jory, Loretta Young)
September 3, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Moonlight and Pretzels (Mary Brian, Leo Carillo)
Hot Hoofs (Moran and Mack)
September 6, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
No Marriage Ties (Richard Dix, Elizabeth Allen)
Torchy Turns Turtle (comedy short)
September 8, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Mary Stevens, MD (Kay Francis, Lyle Talbot)
She Done Him Wrong (Mae West, Cary Grant)
September 10, 1933 (Sunday–Thursday)
Tugboat Annie (Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery)
Warren Doane's Brevities
Fox news
September 15, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Turn Back the Clock (Lee Tracy, Peggy Shannon)
Nothing But the Tooth (Jack Haley)
Paramount news
September 17, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Gold Diggers of 1933 (Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler)
September 21, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Affairs of Voltaire (George Arliss)
The Midnight Patrol ((Laurel and Hardy)
Pete Smith sportlight
September 24, 1933 (Sunday–Monday)
Paddy the Next Best Thing (Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter)
Lullaby Land (Silly Symphony)
Fiji and Samoa (travelogue)
Vitaphone musical short
September 26, 1933 (Tuesday–Thursday)
One Sunday Afternoon (Gary Cooper, Fay Wray)
Beauty on Broadway (Walter Winchell)
Magic Carpet of Movietone
September 29, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Three Cornered Moon (Claudette Colbert, Richard Arlen)
20,000 Cheers for a Musical Chain Gang
Shuffle off to Buffalo (cartoon)
Paramount news
October 1, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Dr. Bull (Will Rogers)
Three Little Pigs (Silly Symphony)
Fox news (including Stanford vs. USC football)
October 5, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Song of Songs (Marlene Dietrich)
You're Killing Me (comedy short)
October 8, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Penthouse (Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy)
Out of the Past (comedy short)
The Pied Piper (Silly Symphony)
October 11, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Beauty for Sale (Alice Brady, Otto Kruger)
Jabs and Jolts (Jack Dempsey)
Dora's Dunking Doughnuts (comedy short)
Fox news
October 13, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Torch Singer (Claudette Colbert, Ricardo Cortez)
Meet the Champ (Walter Catlett)
Boilesk (the Watson Sisters)
Paramount news
October 15, 1933 (Sunday–Monday)
Too Much Harmony (Bing Crosby)
Old King Cole (Silly Symphony)
Ducky Dear (comedy short)
October 17, 1933 (Tuesday–Thursday)
The Power and the Glory (Spencer Tracy, Colleen Moore)
The Double Crossing of Columbus (musical)
Strange As It Seems
Fox news
October 20, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
This Day and Age (Charles Bickford, Richard Cromwell)
The Farmer's Fatal Folly (Moran and Mack)
Paramount news
October 22, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Morning Glory (Katharine Hepburn)
Aniakchak (travelogue feature)
October 25, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Captured (Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.)
Goodbye Again (Joan Blondell, Warren William)
October 27, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Broadway to Hollywood (Alice Brady, Jackie Cooper)
Motor Mania
Soda Squirt (Flip the Frog cartoon)
Paramount news
October 29, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
My Weakness (Lillian Harvey, Lew Ayres)
November 1, 1933 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Bombshell (Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy)
Stuck Stuck Stucco (comedy short)
Mechanical Man (MGM cartoon)
Fox news
November 5, 1933 (Sunday–Monday)
The Way to Love (Maurice Chevalier, Ann Dvorak)
Filming the Fashions (newsreel)
His Weak Moment (Andy Clyde)
Fox news
November 7, 1933 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Bureau of Missing Persons (Bette Davis, Lewis Stone)
Three Little Pigs (Silly Symphony)
Marriage Humor (Harry Langdon)
November 9, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
Night Flight (Clark Gable, Myrna Loy)
Sailors Beware (Walter Catlett)
The Village Blacksmith (cartoon)
November 12, 1933 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Bowery (Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper)
Old Man of the Mountains (cartoon)
November 16, 1933 (Thursday–Friday)
Meet the Baron (Jack Pearl, Jimmy Durante)
One Man's Journey (Lionel Barrymore)
November 18, 1933 (Saturday–Wednesday)
Footlight Parade (James Cagney, Ruby Keeler)
Fox news
November 23, 1933 (Thursday–Friday)
Ever in My Heart (Barbara Stanwyck, Otto Kruger)
Tillie and Gus (W. C. Fields, Baby Leroy)
November 25, 1933 (Saturday–Thursday)
I'm No Angel (Mae West, Cary Grant)
Fine Feathers (Pete Smith specialty)
Steeplechase (Mickey Mouse)
Paramount news
December 1, 1933 (Friday–Monday)
Christopher Bean (Marie Dressler, Lionel Barrymore)
December 5, 1933 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Prizefighter and the Lady (Max Baer, Myrna Loy)
December 7, 1933 (Thursday–Saturday)
The Right to Romance (Ann Harding, Robert Young)
Please (Bing Crosby)
Following the Horses (Cameraman thrills)
December 10, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Duck Soup (Marx Brothers)
Pagodas of Peiping (magic carpet travelogue)
Kick Off (Howard Jones)
Fox news
December 13, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Blood Money (George Bancroft, Judith Anderson)
Static (Tom Howard)
Beer and Pretzels (musical short)
Fox news
December 15, 1933 (Friday–Saturday)
Berkeley Square (Leslie Howard, Heather Angel)
December 17, 1933 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Broadway Through a Keyhole (Constance Cummings, Ross Columbo)
Beauty and the Bus (Thelma Todd)
Fox news
December 20, 1933 (Wednesday–Thursday)
College Coach (Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak)
Salt Water Daffy (Jack Haley)
Magic carpet travelogue
Fox news
December 22, 1933 (Friday–Sunday)
Take a Chance (James Dunn, June Knight)
The World Changes (Paul Muni, Aline MacMahon)
December 25, 1933 (Monday–Thursday)
Alice in Wonderland (Charlotte Henry)
Smoky (Victor Jory, Irene Bentley)
December 29, 1933 (Friday–Friday)
The Chief (Ed Wynn)
Havana Widows (Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell)