January 3, 1931 (Saturday)
The Dancers (Lois Moran, Walter Byron)
Seein' Indians (Daphne Pollard)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Paramount news
January 4, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Sin Takes a Holiday (Constance Bennett)
It's All Over (Marion Harris)
Seeing Helen Home (Paramount comedy)
Fox news
January 7, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Right to Love (Ruth Chatterton, David Manners)
Little Big House (Chimp comedy)
Cockeyed News (Eddie Cantor)
Fox news
January 10, 1931 (Saturday)
Road to Paradise (Jack Mulhall, Loretta Young)
De Woild's Champion (Chimp comedy)
Model Women (Paramount)
Paramount news
January 11, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Oh Sailor Behave (Olsen & Johnson)
Another Fine Mess (Laurel & Hardy)
Fox news
January 14, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Part Time Wife (Edmund Lowe, Leila Hyams)
Little Bit House (Dogville comedy)
Peeps at Peking (talking scenic)
Fox news
January 17, 1931 (Saturday)
One Night at Susie's (Billie Dove, Douglas Fairbanks)
The Gay Cabellero (Benny Rubin)
Monkeyville comedy
The Cuckoo Murder Case (cartoon)
Paramount news
January 18, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Blue Angel (Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings)
Pulling a Bone (Burns & Allen)
Fox news
January 21, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Gang Buster (Jack Oakie, Jean Arthur)
Love Your Neighbor (Charlotte Greenwood)
Glory of Spain (Vagabond director)
Sky Scraping (cartoon)
Fox news
January 24, 1931 (Saturday)
The Naughty Flirt (Alice White, Myrna Loy)
Old Black Joe (A Technicolor revue)
High Gear (a Boy Friend comedy)
Paramount news
January 25, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Illicit (Barbara Stanwyck, Charles Butterworth)
Fox news
January 28, 1931 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Once a Sinner (Dorothy Mackaill, Joel McCrea)
Nine nights in a Bar Room (chimp comedy)
Fox news
January 30, 1931 (Friday)
Lightnin' (Will Rogers)
Office Blues (Ginger Rogers)
Office Box (cartoon)
January 31, 1931 (Saturday–Saturday)
Under Suspicion (Lois Moran, J. Harold Murray)
Up a Tree (Lloyd Hamilton)
Fox news
February 4, 1931 (Sunday–Friday)
Reducing (Marie Dressler, Polly Moran)
Gateway to India (traveltalk)
Fox news
February 7, 1931 (Saturday)
The Right to Love (Ruth Chatterton)
Expensive Kisses
Gypped in Egypt (Aesop's fable)
Paramount news
February 8, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Mothers Cry (Dorothy Peterson, Helen Chandler)
The Pip from Pittsburgh (Charlie Chase)
Two's Company
Fox news
February 11, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
No Limit (Clara Bow, Stuart Erwin)
The Great Pants Mystery
Stone Age Stunts (comedy)
Fox news
February 14, 1931 (Saturday)
Tom Sawyer (Jackie Coogan, Mitzi Green)
The Village Smitty (cartoon)
Simply Killing
Paramount news
February 15, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Scandal Sheet (George Bancroft, Clive Brook)
Ex Bartender (Paul Hurst)
Pathe review
Fox news
February 18, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Morocco (Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper)
One Big Night
Like a Beaver
Fox news
February 21, 1931 (Saturday)
Disraeli (George Arliss)
The Studio Sap (Paramount comedy)
Paramount news
February 22, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Bachelor Father (Marion Davies, Ralph Forbes)
My West (talking travel scenic)
I'm Telling You
Fox news
February 25, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Great Meadow (John Mack Brown, Eleanor Boardman)
No, No, Lady (Andy Clyde)
His Birthday Party (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
February 28, 1931 (Saturday–Tuesday)
The Easiest Way (Constance Bennett, Adolphe Menjou)
Parading Pajamas (Johnny Arthur)
Happiness Remedies
Paramount news
March 4, 1931 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Sit Tight (Winnie Lightner, Joe E. Brown)
The Ashberry Park Murder Mystery (the actual and
thrilling experiences of William J. Burns on the talking screen)
Grand Uproar (cartoon)
A Little Bit of Heaven (MGM Travelogue)
Fox news
March 8, 1931 (Sunday)
The Truth About Youth (Loretta Young, David Manners)
Selection of short subjects (Educational studios);
March 9, 1931 (Monday–Tuesday)
Don't Bet on Women (Edmund Lowe, Jeannette MacDonald)
Broadway Romeos
Fore (Johnnie Farrell, golf expert)
Busy Barcelona (Burton Holmes)
March 11, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Stolen Heaven (Nancy Carroll, Phillips Holmes)
Devil's Cabaret (MGM revue)
Fox news
March 14, 1931 (Saturday)
The Right Way (Conrad Nagel, Loretta Young)
What A Time
Devil Sea (Ethel Merman)
Paramount news
March 15, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Little Caesar (Edward G. Robinson)
Over the Radio (Franklin Pangborn)
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Fox news
March 18, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Dance Fools Dance (Joan Crawford)
Don't Give Up (Buster and John West)
Fox news
March 21, 1931 (Saturday)
Father's Son (Lewis Stone, Leon Janney)
Help Wanted—Female (Daphne Pollard)
Fox news
March 22, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Outward Bound (Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Leslie Howard)
The Dog Doctor (Andy Clyde)
Golf (Johnny Farrell)
Fox news
March 25, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (Buster Keaton)
Peat and Repeat
My Lady (Irene Bordoni)
Fox news
March 28, 1931 (Saturday)
Africa Speaks (documentary)
Featurettes & short subjects
March 29, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
A Connecticut Yankee (Will Rogers)
March 31, 1931 (Tuesday–Saturday)
Finn and Hattie (Leon Errol, Mitzi Green)
Fox news
April 5, 1931 (Sunday)
It Pays to Advertise (Carole Lombard, Skeets Gallagher)
Air Tight (Boy Friend comedy)
Aesop's fables
Fox news
April 6, 1931 (Monday–Tuesday)
Doctors Wives (Warner Baxter, Joan Bennett)
The Stolen Jools (w/ 50 Hollywood stars)
April 8, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Unfaithful (Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas)
Rough Seas (Charlie Chase)
Fox news (Gar Wood breaking world's motor boat speed record)
April 11, 1931 (Saturday)
Not Exactly Gentlemen (Victor Mclaglen, Lew Cody)
Disappearing Enemies
Geography Lessons
Paramount news
April 12, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Honor Among Lovers (Claudette Colbert, Fredric March)
One Yard to Go (Marjorie Beebe)
Seeing Bermuda (travelogue)
Fox news
April 15, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Fifty Million Frenchmen (Olsen & Johnson)
My Lady (Irene Bordoni)
The Life of a Salmon (a scenic of interest)
Fox news
April 18, 1931 (Saturday)
Fair Warning (George O'Brien)
Short subjects
April 19, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Man of the World (William Powell, Carole Lombard)
The Gob (Hal Skelly)
Laughing Gas (cartoon)
La Chelle (the Singing Organist)
April 22, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Dishonored (Marlene Dietrich)
Golf (Johnny Farrell)
Fox news
April 25, 1931 (Saturday)
The Conquering Horde (Richard Arlen, Fay Wray)
Chasing Around (Monkey comedy)
A Trip to Dublin and Nearby (scenic)
Fox news
April 26, 1931 (Sunday–Saturday)
It's A Wise Child (Marion Davies)
Dance Hall Marge (Eddie Gribbon)
April 29, 1931 (Sunday–Friday)
The Secret Six (Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone)
Traffic Trouble (Mickey Mouse)
The Play Boy
Fox news
May 2, 1931 (Saturday)
June Moon (Jack Oakie)
Lost Gods
Paramount news
May 3, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
City Streets (Gary Cooper, Sylvia Sidney)
May 6, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Shipmates (Robert Montgomery, Cliff Edwards)
May 9, 1931 (Saturday)
Captain Thunder (Fay Wray, Victor Varconi)
May 10, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Ladies' Man (William Powell, Kay Francis, Carole Lombard)
Don't Leave Home (Johnny Hines)
Birds of a Feather (Silly Symphony)
Fox news
May 13, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Finger Points (Richard Barthelmess, Fay Wray)
Laughing Gravy (Laurel & Hardy)
Fox news
May 16, 1931 (Saturday)
Kiss Me Again (Edward Everett Horton, June Collyer)
Divorced Sweethearts (Marjorie Beebe
Flip the Frog cartoon
May 17, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Daybreak (Ramon Novarro)
The Cowcatcher's Daughter (Andy Clyde, Harry Gribbon)
The Poor Fish (Marjorie Beebe)
Fox news
How I Play Golf (Bobby Jones)
May 20, 1931 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Men Call It Love (Adolphe Menjou, Leila Hyams)
Our Wives (Laurel & Hardy)
Hunting Thrills (sportlight)
Fox news
May 22, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
The Millionaire (George Arliss, Evalyn Knapp)
May 24, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Tarnished Lady (Tallulah Bankhead, Clive Brook)
The Ghost Parade (Harry Gribbon)
Fox news
May 27, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Kick In (Clara Bow)
May 30, 1931 (Saturday–Saturday)
Shipmates (Robert Montgomery)
June 1, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Born to Love (Constance Bennett)
Come to Papa (Ford Sterling)
Clip Shots (Bobby Jones)
Fox news
June 3, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Stepping Out (Charlotte Greenwood, Cliff Edwards)
King of Bugs (Aesop's fables)
June 6, 1931 (Saturday)
The Lady Who Dared (Billie Dove)
June 7, 1931 (Sunday)
Other Men's Wives (Mary Astor, Grant Withers)
June 8, 1931 (Monday–Thursday)
Trader Horn
June 12, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
Up Pops the Devil (Skeets Gallagher, Carole Lombard)
Who Was Who in the Movies
June 14, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Woman Of All Nations (Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen)
The Niblick (Bobby Jones
Silly Symphony cartoon
June 17, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Laughing Sinners (Joan Crawford)
Racket Cheers (Andy Clyde)
Flip theFrog cartoon
Fox news
June 20, 1931 (Saturday)
Girls Demand Excitement (John Wayne, Virginia Cherrill)
The Lion Hunt (African Adventure)
June 21, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Maltese Falcon (Bebe Daniels, Ricardo Cortez)
Monkey Business In Africa (Andy Clyde)
June 24, 1931 (Wednesday–Saturday)
Daddy Long Legs (Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter)
13th Alarm (Chester Conklin)
Tree Saps (cartoon)
Fox movietone news (Mrs. Stillman on her honeymoon)
June 28, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Vice Squad (Paul Lukas, Kay Francis)
July 1, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Always Goodbye (Elissa Landi, Lewis Stone)
Frozen Face (Billy Bevan, Jimmy Finlayson)
The Old Oaken Bucket (cartoon)
Fox news
Spears of Death (4th in the series of Adventures in Africa)
July 4, 1931 (Saturday)
Oklahoma Cyclone (Bob Steele)
July 5, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
Gold Dust Gertie (Winnie Lightner, Claude Gillingwater)
Bimbo cartoon
Vitaphone varieties
Fox news
July 7, 1931 (Tuesday–Friday)
Big Business Girl (Loretta Young, Frank Albertson)
Gangway (comedy act)
Storybook Parade
Fox news
July 11, 1931 (Saturday)
Dracula (Bela Lugosi)
July 12, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Man in Possession (Robert Montgomery, Charlotte Greenwood)
Trails of the Hunted (African Adventure)
Playful Pan (Silly Symphony)
Fox news
July 15, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
A Free Soul (Norma Shearer, Lionel Barrymore)
The Medium Irons (Bobby Jones)
Aesop's Fable cartoon
Fox news
July 18, 1931 (Saturday)
Ex-Flame (Neil Hamilton, Marian Nixon)
July 19, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Smart Money (Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney)
Aesop's Fable cartoon
Fox news
July 22, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
I Take This Woman (Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard)
Gigolo Racket (Helen Morgan)
Fox news
July 25, 1931 (Saturday)
The Single Sin (Kay Johnson, Bert Lytell)
July 26, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hush Money (Joan Bennett, Hardie Albright)
The Buffalo Stampede (African Adventure)
Fox news
July 29, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Women Love Once (Paul Lukas, Eleanor Boardman)
How I Play Golf (Bobby Jones)
Big Irons (Bobby Jones)
Hello Baby (Vitaphone color comedy)
Fox news
August 1, 1931 (Saturday)
God's Gift to Women (Laura LaPlante, Frank Fay)
On stage, in person—Mr. X
August 2, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
The Magnificent Lie (Ruth Chatterton, Stuart Erwin)
Getting on the Green (Johnny Farrell)
Aesop's Fable
Fox news
August 4, 1931 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Son of India (Ramon Navarro, Marjorie Rambeau)
The Naggers Go Shopping (Mr. & Mrs. Jack Northworth)
Miscast (a comedy)
August 6, 1931 (Thursday–Friday)
Forbidden Adventure (Edna May Oliver, Louise Fazenda, Mitzi Green)
The Delivery Boy (Mickey Mouse)
August 8, 1931 (Saturday)
The Night Angel (Nancy Carroll, Fredric March)
August 9, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
The Great Lover (Adolph Menjou, Irene Dunne)
The Spoon (Bobby Jones)
Making Them Move (Bobby Jones)
August 11, 1931 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Politics (Marie Dressler, Polly Moran)
Witch Doctor's Magic (African Adventure)
Ruth Etting act
August 14, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
Night Nurse (Barbara Stanwyck, Ben Lyon)
August 16, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
Sporting Blood (Clark Gable, Madge Evans)
August 18, 1931 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Secret Call (Richard Arlen, Peggy Shannon)
First to Fight (Slim Summerville)
Metrotone news
August 20, 1931 (Thursday–Friday)
Broadminded (Joe E. Brown)
August 22, 1931 (Saturday)
Confessions of a Co-Ed (Phillips Holmes, Sylvia Sidney)
Africa Squawks (Chimp comedy)
August 23, 1931 (Sunday)
Honeymoon Lane (Eddie Dowling, June Collyer)
August 24, 1931 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Smiling Lieutenant (Maurice Chevalier, Claudette Colbert)
The Brassie (Bobbie Jones)
August 27, 1931 (Thursday–Friday)
Murder by the Clock (Lilyan Tashman, William Boyd)
The Honeymoon Trio (Walter Catlett)
Flaming Jungles (African Adventure)
Fox news
August 29, 1931 (Saturday)
A Holy Terror (Sally Eilers, George O'Brien)
Hell Below Zero (travelogue)
August 30, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
Silence (Clive Brook, Peggy Shannon)
September 1, 1931 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Lulu McConnell comedy
Hearst-MGM news
September 3, 1931 (Thursday–Saturday)
Huckleberry Finn (Jackie Coogan, Mitzi Green, Junior Durkin)
September 6, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
This Modern Age (Joan Crawford, Pauline Frederick)
September 8, 1931 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Bought (Constance Bennett, Ben Lyon)
Too Many Husbands (Andy Clyde)
Fox news
September 10, 1931 (Thursday–Friday)
Transatlantic (Edmund Lowe, Lois Moran)
The Driver (Bobby Jones)
Cheaper to Rent
The Trail of the Swordfish (scenic)
September 12, 1931 (Saturday)
Daughter of the Dragon (Anna Mae Wong)
Apeing Hollywood (Chimp comedy)
Screen Souvenirs (novelty)
Paramount news
September 13, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
An American Tragedy (Sylvia Sidney)
September 15, 1931 (Tuesday–Thursday)
As Young As You Feel (Will Rogers, Fifi Dorsay)
The Lease Breakers (Karl Dane, George K. Arthur)
Mickey Mouse Steps Out
Fox news
September 18, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
Merely Mary Ann (Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell)
What Price Pant (a comedy)
Silly Symphony
September 20, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
Secrets of a Secretary (Claudette Colbert, Georges Metaxa "the new Valentino")
September 22, 1931 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Bad Girl (James Dunn, Sally Eilers)
September 25, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
The Star Witness (Walter Huston, Dickie Moore)
Football for the Fan (Howard Jones)
September 27, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
The Brat (Sally O'Neil)
September 29, 1931 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Personal Maid (Nancy Carroll)
October 1, 1931 (Thursday–Friday)
The Spider (Edmund Lowe, Lois Moran)
The Wedge Play (Howard Jones)
Up Pops the Duke (comedy)
October 3, 1931 (Saturday)
Waterloo Bridge (Mae Clarke, Kent Douglass)
October 4, 1931 (Sunday–Monday)
The Last Flight (Richard Barthlemess)
October 6, 1931 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Monkey Business (Marx Brothers)
Shifts (Knute Rockne)
Fisherman's Paradise (scenic)
October 9, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
Pardon Us (Laurel & Hardy)
Practice Shots (Bobby Jones)
Beasts of Wilderness (African Adventure)
October 11, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Guilty Hands (Lionel Barrymore, Kay Francis)
October 14, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
East of Borneo (Rose Hobart, Charles Bickford)
Charlie Chase comedy
October 17, 1931 (Saturday)
The Phantom of Paris (John Gilbert, Leila Hyams)
Rockne's Backfield Plays
Our Gang comedy
October 18, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Susan Lenox (Greta Garbo, Clark Gable)
Football 40 Years Ago (Pop Warner)
Charlie Chase comedy
October 21, 1931 (Wednesday–Thursday)
My Sin (Tallulah Bankhead, Fredric March)
Roamin' in the Gloamin' (Sir Harry Lauder)
October 23, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
Side Show (Winnie Lightner, Charles Butterworth)
October 25, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Alexander Hamilton (George Arliss, Doris Kenyan)
October 28, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Cisco Kid (Warner Baxter, Edmund Lowe)
October 31, 1931 (Saturday–Saturday)
The Spirit of Notre Dame (Lew Ayres)
November 1, 1931 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Caught Plastered (Wheeler & Woolsey)
Trick Plays (Pop Warner)
November 5, 1931 (Thursday–Friday)
Heartbreak (Charles Farrell, Madge Evans)
November 7, 1931 (Saturday)
The Road to Reno (Lilyan Tashman, Charles "Buddy" Rogers)
Cleaning Up on the Cure (Roscoe Ates)
November 8, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Road to Singapore (William Powell, Doris Kenyan)
What a Bozo (Charlie Chase)
Wrestling with Swordfish (scenic)
Tennis with Big Bill Tilden
November 11, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Girls About Town (Kay Francis, Joel McCrea)
The Pajama Party (Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd)
Pearls and Devilfish (scenic)
Fox news
November 14, 1931 (Saturday)
The Bargain (Lewis Stone, Evalyn Knapp)
November 15, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Yellow Ticket (Elissa Landi, Lionel Barrymore)
Scratch as Scratch Can (Clark & McCullough)
Mickey Mouse cartoon
November 18, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Five Star Final (Edward G. Robinson)
Developing a Football Team (Pop Warner)
Stars of Yesterday
November 21, 1931 (Saturday)
Consolation Marriage (Irene Dunne)
Minding the Baby (cartoon)
November 22, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Possessed (Joan Crawford, Clark Gable)
November 25, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Once a Lady (Ruth Chatterton)
I Surrender Dear (Bing Crosby)
Football 40 Years Ago (Pop Warner)
Benefit for the unemployed—all proceeds go to
help the unemployed.
November 28, 1931 (Saturday)
Homicide Squad (Leo Carrillo, Mary Brian)
Believe It or Not
November 29, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Rich Man's Folly (George Bancroft, Frances Dee)
A Melon Drama (Clark & McCullough)
December 2, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Sin of Madelon Claudet (Helen Hayes, Lewis Stone)
Blue Rhythm (Mickey Mouse)
December 5, 1931 (Saturday)
Blonde Crazy (James Cagney, Joan Blondell)
December 6, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Palmy Days (Eddie Cantor)
Egyptian Melodies (Disney cartoon)
Harem Secrets (scenic)
December 9, 1931 (Wednesday–Friday)
Street Scene (Sylvia Sidney, William Collier Jr.)
December 12, 1931 (Saturday)
The Age for Love (Billie Dove, Charles Starrett)
December 13, 1931 (Sunday–)
His Woman (Gary Cooper, Claudette Colbert)
December 24, 1931 ()
December 25, 1931 (Friday–Saturday)
Local Boy Makes Good (Joe E. Brown)
The Week End Mystery
Sharks and Swordfish (scenic)
Whippet Racing
December 27, 1931 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Frankenstein (Boris Karloff, Colin Clive)
December 30, 1931 (Wednesday)
Private Lives (Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery)
One More Chance (Bing Crosby)
The Kingdom of Sheba (scenic)