January 1, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Glorifying the American Girl (Mary Eaton, Eddie Cantor, Helen Morgan, Rudy Vallee)
Fox news
January 4, 1930 (Saturday)
Thunder (Lon Chaney, Phyllis Haver)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts — (The Burton Sisters, the Freehand Brothers)
Chapter 5 King of the Kongo
January 5, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
It's a Great Life (The Duncan Sisters)
Stanford vs. Army
January 8, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (MGM stars - Gilbert, Crawford, Marion Davies, Wmn. Haines, N. Shearer, B. Keaton)
Vitaphone Acts:
Giovanni Martinelli the famous opera star
Fox news.
January 11, 1930 (Saturday)
Mister Antonio (Leo Carrillo, Virginia Valli)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
January 12, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Trespasser (Gloria Swanson, Robert Ames)
Vitaphone Act:
The Maid's Night Out
Fox news
January 15, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The 13th Chair (Conrad Nagel, Leila Hyams)
Jungle Rhythm (Mickey Mouse)
Vitaphone Acts:
Bobby Arnst & Peggy Ellis (2 of Ziegfield's cleverest songsters)
Who's Who? (Lang & Healy)
January 18, 1930 (Saturday)
Night Parade (Hugh Trevor, Dorothy Gulliver)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
Chapter 7 King of the Kongo
January 19, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Their Own Desire (Norma Shearer, Belle Bennett, Lewis Stone)
Fox news
Vitaphone Act:
Ruth Etting
January 22, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Navy Blues (William Haines, Anita Page)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
January 25, 1930 (Saturday)
Tanned Legs (Ann Pennington, Arthur Lake)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
January 26, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Behind the Make-up (William Powell, Fay Wray)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
January 29, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Flight (Jack Holt, Lila Lee)
February 1, 1930 (Saturday)
Acquitted (Lloyd Hughes, Margaret Livingston)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
February 2, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Kibitzer (Harry Green, Mary Brian)
February 5, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Sunny Side Up (Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell)
(The Stanford's first anniversary of talking pictures!)
February 8, 1930 (Saturday)
Wise Girls (Elliot Nugent, J. C. Nugent, Norma Lee)
Varieties of 1930 (on the stage in vaudeville acts—including the 3 Moran Sisters)
February 9, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Not So Dumb (Marian Davies, Elliott Nugent)
Vitaphone Acts:
Reginald Werrenrath
Barry & Whitlege
Fox news
February 12, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Broadway (Glenn Tryon, Evelyn Brent)
Fox news
February 15, 1930 (Saturday)
Dance Hall (Olive Bordon; Arthur Lake)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
February 16, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Burning Up (Richard Arlen, Mary Brian)
Vitaphone Acts
Mickey's Mixup (Mickey Mouse)
Moving Day (Frank Hunter)
Fox news
February 19, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Song of Love (Belle Baker, Ralph Graves)
Vitaphone Acts:
Billy and Elsa Newall
Valencia to Grenada (a great traveltalk)
Fox news
February 22, 1930 (Saturday)
Red Hot Rhythm (Alan Hale)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
February 23, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hot for Paris (Victor McLaglen, Fifi Dorsay)
Vitaphone Acts:
The Shooting Gallery (The Hoot Gibson Trio)
Fox news
February 26, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Sky Hawk (Helen Chandler, John Garrick)
Vitaphone Acts:
Two of a Kind (Billy Lytell & Tom Mant)
Oh Sarah (Jack McLallen & Sarah)
Fox news
March 1, 1930 (Saturday)
The Night Ride (Joseph Schildkraut, Edward G. Robinson)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
Chapter 3 Tarzan the Tiger
March 2, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Devil May Care (Ramon Novarro, Marion Harris)
Vitaphone Acts:
Stop and Go (Eddie Nelson)
Fox news
March 5, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Lone Star Ranger (George O'Brien, Sue Carol)
They Go Boom (Laurel & Hardy)
Fox news
March 8, 1930 (Saturday)
Wall Street (Ralph Ince, Aileen Pringle)
Fox news
March 9, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Anna Christie (Greta Garbo)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
March 12, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Seven Keys to Baldpate (Richard Dix, Miriam Seegar)
Vitaphone Acts:
Giovanni Martinelli (Metropolitan Opera Star)
Fox news
March 15, 1930 (Saturday)
The Melody Man (William Collier Jr., Alice Day)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
March 16, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Dangerous Paradise (Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen)
Great Gobs (Charlie Chase)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
March 19, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Chasing Rainbows (Charles King, Bessie Love)
Fox news
March 22, 1930 (Saturday)
City Girl (Mary Duncan, Charles Farrell)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts—Prof. Herman Schnitzel "Radio's Favorite comedian" in person!
March 23, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Girl Said No (William Haines, Leila Hyams)
Fox news
March 26, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Such Men Are Dangerous (Warner Baxter, Catherine Dale Owen)
Vitaphone Acts:
Naughty but Nice (Georges Carpentier)
Lou Holtz
Fox news
March 29, 1930 (Saturday)
Nix On Dames (Mae Clarke, Robert Ames)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
March 30, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Shannons of Broadway (The Gleasons)
Up the Congo
Fox news
April 2, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Honey (Nancy Carroll, Stanley Smith)
The Family Next Door (Charles Ruggles)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news.
April 5, 1930 (Saturday)
Second Wife (Conrad Nagel, Lila Lee)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
April 6, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Montana Moon (Joan Crawford, John Mack Brown)
Surprise (Rudy Vallee)
April 9, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
High Society Blues (Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell)
The Master Sweeper (Chester Conklin)
Fox news
April 12, 1930 (Saturday)
The Racketeer (Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
April 13, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Happy Days (100 Fox stars - Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell,
Warner Baxter, Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Will Rogers, El Brendel)
Part 2 of Up the Congo
April 16, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Light of Western Stars (Richard Arlen, Mary Brian)
2 Talking Comedies
Let's Elope
What a Life
April 19, 1930 (Saturday)
Framed (Evelyn Brent, Regis Toomey)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
April 20, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Ladies of Leisure (Barbara Stanwyck, Lowell Sherman)
Fox news
April 23, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Young Eagles (Charles "Buddy Rogers", Jean Arthur)
Keeping Company (Eddie Buzzel)
Fox news
April 26, 1930 (Saturday)
Murder on the Roof (Dorothy Revier, Raymond Hatton)
April 27, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Ladies Love Brutes (George Bancroft, Mary Astor, Fredric March)
Find the Woman (Hugh O-Connell, "The Inebriated Reporter")
Jim Jams (Lou Mauer)
Fox news
April 30, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Mysterious Island (Lionel Barrymore, Lloyd Hughes, Jane Daly)
Sex Life of a Polyp (Robert Sherwood)
Find the Woman (Hugh O'Connell)
Fox news
May 3, 1930 (Saturday)
Personality (Sally Starr, Johnny Arthur)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
May 4, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Benson Murder Case (William Powell, Natalie Moorhead)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
May 7, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Vagabond King (Dennis King, Jeanette MacDonald)
May 10, 1930 (Saturday)
Guilty? (Virgina Valli, John Holland)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
May 11, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Divorcee (Norma Shearer, Chester Morris)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
May 14, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Children of Pleasure (Lawrence Gray, Helen Johnson)
Brats (Laurel & Hardy)
Fox news
May 17, 1930 (Saturday)
The Woman Racket (Tom Moore, Blanche Sweet)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
May 18, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Texan (Gary Cooper, Fay Wray)
Match Play (Walter Hagen & Leo Deigel, golf pros)
Fox news
May 21, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Rogue Song (Lawrence Tibbett, Catherine Dale Owen, Laurel & Hardy)
For Love or Money (Paramount-Christie comedy)
Fox news
May 24, 1930 (Saturday)
Mexicali Rose (Barbara Stanwyck, Sam Hardy)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts, featuring the Stanford Glee
May 25, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (Warner Oland, Jean Arthur)
The Red Headed Hussy (Paramount-Christie comedy)
Fox news
May 28, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Paramount on Parade (Richard Arlen, Clara Bow, Gary Cooper,
Helen Kane, Buddy Rogers, Nancy Carroll, Chevalier, Dennis King, Jack Oakie, William Powell, etc.)
May 31, 1930 (Saturday–Saturday)
The Ship from Shanghai (Conrad Nagle, Louis Wolheim, Kay Johnson)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
June 1, 1930 (Sunday–Monday)
Born Reckless (Edmund Lowe, Catherine Dale Owen)
His Honor the Mayer (Paramount-Christie comedy)
Fox news
June 3, 1930 (Tuesday–Friday)
Young Man of Manhattan (Claudette Colbert, Charles Ruggles, Ginger Rogers)
Lazy Days (Our Gang)
Fox news
June 7, 1930 (Saturday)
She Steps Out (William Collier Sr., Marguerite Churchill)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
June 8, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
True to the Navy (Clara Bow, Fredric March)
Below Zero (Laurel & Hardy)
Fox news
June 11, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Cuckoos (Wheeler & Woolsey)
Don't Believe It (A Christie Comedy)
June 14, 1930 (Saturday)
Temple Tower (Kenneth MacKenna, Marceline Day)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
June 15, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Safety in Numbers (Charles "Buddy" Rogers)
Weak but Willing (Will King)
Fox news
June 18, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Golden Calf (Sue Carol, Jack Mulhall)
Knights Out (Clark & McCullough)
June 21, 1930 (Saturday)
Christina (Janet Gaynor)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
June 22, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Shadow of the Law (William Powell, Natalie Moorhead)
50 Million Husbands (Charlie Chase)
Hells Bells (Disney Silly Symphony)
Fox news
June 25, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
All Quiet on the Western Front (Lew Ayres)
June 28, 1930 (Saturday)
He Knew Women (Lowell Sherman, Alice Joyce)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
June 29, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
On the Level (Victor McLaglen, Fifi Dorsay)
Haywire (Laurel & Hardy)
July 2, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Social Lion (Jack Oakie, Mary Brian)
Manhattan Serenade (MGM technicolor revue)
Desperate Sam (Bert Green)
Fox news
July 5, 1930 (Saturday)
Around the Corner (George Sidney, Charlie Murray)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
July 6, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Men Without Women (Kenneth MacKenna)
Skirt Shy (Harry Langdon)
Fox news
July 9, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
King of Jazz (Paul Whiteman Orchestra, John Boles, Laura LaPlante, Universal stars)
George Bernard Shaw talks on the Movietone
Fox news
July 12, 1930 (Saturday)
Runaway Bride (Lloyd Hughes, Mary Astor)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
July 13, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Richest Man in the World (Louis Mann, Robert Montgomery, Leila Hyams)
Fiddling Around (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
Monday July 14th - in person - Leo the famous MGM lion.
Leo will do all his tricks and be fed in front of the theatre!
July 16, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Unholy Three (Lon Chaney, Lila Lee)
Mickey's Master Mind (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
July 19, 1930 (Saturday)
Call of the West (Dorothy Revier, Matt Moore)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
July 20, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Svensen's Wild Party (El Brendel, Marjorie White)
Fast Work (Charlie Chase)
Fox news
July 23, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Let Us Be Gay (Norma Shearer, Marie Dressler, Rod LaRocque)
Radio Riot (Paramount comedy)
Fox news
July 26, 1930 (Saturday)
The Fall Guy (Jack Mulhall, Ned Sparks)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
July 27, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
With Byrd at the South Pole (Documentary with talking sound effects)
The Plasterers (Paramount comedy)
Fox news
July 30, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Love Among the Millionaires (Clara Bow, Stanley Smith)
The Big Kick (Harry Langdon)
Traveling Alone (Paramount talking act)
Fox news
August 2, 1930 (Saturday)
This Mad World (Kay Johnson, Basil Rathbone)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
August 3, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hell's Island (Jack Holt, Ralph Graves, Dorothy Sebastion)
Glacier's Secret (Tom Terris, the Vagabond Director)
Fire Fighters (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
August 6, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Big House (Chester Morris, Wallace Beery, Robert Montgomery)
Shivering Shakespeare (Our Gang)
Fox news
August 9, 1930 (Saturday)
Inside the Lines (Betty Compson, Ralph Forbes)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
August 10, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Good Intentions (Edmund Lowe, Marguerite Churchill)
Street of Mystery (Vagabond Director)
Fox news
August 13, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Romance (Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone)
Pirates (Technicolor Revue w/ Benny Rubin)
Barnyard Concert (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
August 16, 1930 (Saturday)
Rich People (Constance Bennett)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
August 17, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Sap from Syracuse (Jack Oakie, Ginger Rogers)
The Lair of Chang-Ow (Vagabond Director)
Fox news
August 20, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Way Out West (William Haines, Polly Moran)
General Ginsberg (Nat Carr)
Fox news
August 23, 1930 (Saturday)
So This Is London (Will Rogers)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
August 24, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Our Blushing Brides (Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery)
Fiddlin' Around (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
Special Tues. night election returns
August 27, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Common Clay (Constance Bennett)
August 30, 1930 (Saturday)
Caught Short (Marie Dressler & Polly Moran)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts
August 31, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Czar of Broadway (John Wray, Betty Compson)
Drums of Fear (Vagabond Director)
A Chinese Fantasy
Fox news
September 3, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Wild Company (Frank Albertson, H. B. Warner)
The Bosses Orders
Fox news
September 6, 1930 (Saturday)
With Byrd at the South Pole
Vacation Love (Andy Clyde, Betty Boyd)
Fox news
September 7, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Call of the Flesh (Ramon Novarro, Nance O'Neill)
Temples of Silence (Vagabond Director)
Fox news
September 10, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Man Trouble (Dorothy Mackaill, Milton Sills)
Hot Dog (Dogville Comedy)
Fox news
September 13, 1930 (Saturday)
The Squealer (Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier)
The Kiddies' Revue (MGM novelty)
I'll Take that One
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
September 14, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Grumpy (Mr. Cyril Maude)
Sacred Fires (Vagabond Director)
Deep Sea Melodies
Fox news
September 17, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Anybody's War (Moran & Mack)
Marriage Wows
Voices of Lonely Men
Fox news
September 20, 1930 (Saturday)
Rough Romance (George O'Brien, Helen Chandler)
Somewhere Out There
Fox news
September 21, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Sea God (Richard Arlen, Fay Wray)
I'm a Wild Woman (Paul Ash and His Band)
Accidents Will Happen (Smith & Dale)
Fox news
September 24, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Animal Crackers (Marx Brothers)
On the Stanford stage—Palo Alto's Fall Fashion revue
September 27, 1930 (Saturday)
The Last of the Lone Wolf (Bert Lytell, Patsy Ruth Miller)
Resolutions (Bill House)
The Baby Follies (a technical revue from MGM)
Dizzy Dishes (cartoon);
September 28, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Sea Wolf (Milton Sills)
The Chain Gang (Mickey Mouse)
Venetian Nights (Vagabond Director)
Fox news
October 1, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Dough Boys (Buster Keaton, Cliff Edwards)
The Clock Shop (all color MGM revue)
Dude Ranching (Grantland Rice sportlight)
October 4, 1930 (Saturday)
Conspiracy (Bessie Love, Hugh Trevor)
The Flower Garden (revue)
Two Plus Fours (Natt Carr)
October 5, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Monte Carlo (Jeanette MacDonald, Jack Buchanan)
Love that Kills (Vagabond Director)
Fox news
October 8, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Love in the Rough (Robert Montgomery, Dorothy Jordan)
Meet Mr. Meek (Jimmy Barry)
Self Defense (sportlight)
Fox news
October 11, 1930 (Saturday)
Holiday (Ann Harding)
October 12, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Those Three French Girls (Fifi Dorsay)
The Hot Air Merchant (Charles Ruggles)
Pathe audio review
Jazz Preferred (Paramount novelty)
Fox news
October 15, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Follow Thru (Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Nancy Carroll)
Satan's Fury (Vagabond Director)
Fox news
October 18, 1930 (Saturday)
The Big House (Wallace Reed)
You're in the Army Now
Gliding (sportlight)
October 19, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Santa Fe Trail (Richard Arlen, Mitzi Green, Rosita Moreno)
Cannibal Capers (Mickey Mouse)
Fit to be Tied
One Nutty Night
Fox news
October 22, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Madame Satan (Kay Johnson, Reginald Denny)
October 25, 1930 (Saturday)
The Awful Truth (Ina Claire, Henry Daniel)
Cleaning Up (Chester Conklin, Mack Swain)
October 26, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Liliom (Charles Farrell, Rose Hobart)
Her Future (Paramount comedy)
Fox news
October 29, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Her Wedding Night (Clara Bow, Charles Ruggles)
The Hidden Goal (Knute Rockne)
Who Killed Rover?
Fox news
November 1, 1930 (Saturday)
Hot Curves (Benny Rubin, Alice Day)
Fairway Favorites
Artist's Reverie
November 2, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Her Man (Helen Twelvetrees, Ricardo Cortez)
La Schnapps Incorporated
November 5, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Playboy of Paris (Maurice Chevalier)
November 8, 1930 (Saturday)
Soup to Nuts (Ted Healy, Stanley Smith)
At the Bottom of the World
Frolicking Fish (Silly Symphony)
November 9, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Laughter (Nancy Carroll, Fredric March)
Ripley's "Believe It or Not"
Mickey Mouse cartoon
Fox news
November 12, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Moby Dick (John Barrymore, Joan Bennett)
November 15, 1930 (Saturday)
Three Faces East (Constance Bennett, Eric Von Stroheim)
The Jungle Terror (Vagabond Director)
Kid, the Kidder
November 16, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Big Trail (John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill)
November 19, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Top Speed (Joe E. Brown)
Pups is Pups (Our Gang)
Fox news
November 22, 1930 (Saturday)
The Doorway to Hell (Lewis Ayers, Dorothy Mathews)
The Beauties
Fit to be Tied (Burns and Allen)
Fox news
November 23, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Renegades (Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy)
Rockne's Football
November 26, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Way for a Sailor (Wallace Beery, John Gilbert)
Looser Than Loose (Charlie Chase)
Rambling Round the Hoover Home
Fox news
November 29, 1930 (Saturday)
Bright Lights (Dorothy Mackaill, Frank Fay)
Breakfast in Bed (Daphne Pollard)
Ripley's Believe It or Not
November 30, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Office Wife (Lewis Stone, Dorothy Mackaill)
Skyscrapers (Chester Conklin)
Monkey Melodies (Silly Symphony)
Fox news
December 3, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Feet First (Harold Lloyd, Barbara Kent)
Sing You Dancers
Fox news
December 6, 1930 (Saturday)
Numbered Men (Conrad Nagel, Raymond Hackett)
Ladies Last
Helping Hand
December 7, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Just Imagine (El Brendel, Maureen O'Sullivan)
December 10, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Remote Control (William Haines)
Oh Teddy (Billy House)
Fox news
December 13, 1930 (Saturday)
College Lovers (Marian Nixon, Jack Whiting)
Red-Green-Yellow (Lulu McConnell)
Yangtze Gorges
December 14, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Sunny (Marilyn Miller)
The Fatal Card (Willie & Eugene Howard)
December 17, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Min and Bill (Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery)
Fox news
December 20, 1930 (Saturday)
A Devil With Women (Victor McLaglen)
Live and Learn
Many Happy Returns
December 21, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
War Nurse (Robert Montgomery, June Walker)
Office Blues (Ginger Rogers)
The Picnic (Mickey Mouse)
Fox news
December 24, 1930 (Wednesday–Friday)
Follow The Leader (Ed Wynn, Ginger Rogers)
The Big Splash
Fox news
December 27, 1930 (Saturday)
Sinners' Holiday (Grant Withers, Evalyn Knapp)
Big Hearted
Modern Madrid
Vitaphone Acts
December 28, 1930 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Going Wild (Joe E. Brown)
The Blimp Mystery
Fox news
December 31, 1930 (Wednesday–Thursday)
Passion Flower (Kay Francis, Charles Bickford)
The Pioneers (Mickey Mouse)
Love in the Suburbs