January 1, 1929 (Tuesday)
A Lady of Chance (Norma Shearer)
January 2-4, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Show People (William Haines, Marion Davies)
January 5, 1929 (Saturday)
Love Over Night (Rod La Rocque)
Chapter 1—The Tiger's Shadow
Elbert LaChelle, organist
Barbarina with Moreno and Warner in "Circus Days"
Three Darlings "Youthful Steppers"
Lido Trio "Dance Musicale"
Mardo and Wynn—Bright Bits of Humor
January 6-8, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
While the City Sleeps (Lon Chaney)
The Booster (Charlie Chase)
Paramount news
January 9-11, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Three Week Ends (Clara Bow, Neil Hamilton)
School Begins (Our Gang)
Paramount news
January 12, 1929 (Saturday)
Give and Take (George Sidney, Jean Hersholt)
Chapter 2—The Tiger's Shadow
Elbert LaChelle, organist
Claude Decar and Co. "A Pantomimic Surprise"
Judnick and Love—Piano Accordian Blues
Mahon and Fitzsimmons "The Good Old Days"
MacFarlane Ballet—A big time offering
January 13-15, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Someone to Love (Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Mary Brian)
January 16-18, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Synthetic Sin (Colleen Moore, Antonio Moreno)
The Boy Friend (Hal Roach comedy)
Paramount news
January 19, 1929 (Saturday)
Heart Trouble (Harry Langden)
Elbert LaChelle, organist
Waltzer and Kuban in "Aw, Come on"
Hunt and Rogers—Juggling laughs
The Kelliors—Then and Now
Meryl Prince Girls offering "Harmonies"
January 20-22, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
West of Zanzibar (Lon Chaney)
Habeas Corpus (Laurel & Hardy)
Paramount news
January 23-25, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Scarlet Seas (Richard Barthelmess, Betty Compson)
Billy Bevan Comedy
Latest news Weekly
January 26, 1929 (Saturday)
The Ware Case "Greatest mystery in screen history!"
Another episode of The Tiger's Shadow, matinee only
Frankel and Dunleavy "Two Blackbirds"
Beeman and Grace "Vodvil's Novel Pair"
Reed and Rome "Novelty Steppers"
Three Singing Fools—Fun, fun and more fun
January 27-29, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
First "talkie" to be shown at the Stanford
Interference (Evelyn Brent, William Powell)
Vitaphone shorts:
Eddie Peabody
Conlin & Glass "Sharps and Flats"
Ruth Etting
January 30-February 1, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
A Woman of Affairs (John Gilbert, Greta Garbo)
Vitaphone shorts:
A Syncopated Symphony (Abe Lyman's Orchestra)
Don't Be Jealous (Joe E. Brown & Co.)
February 2, 1929 (Saturday)
Naughty Baby (Alice White, Jack Mulhall)
The Tiger's Shadow (serial)
Elbert LaChelle, organist
Ray Hughes and Pam—Broadway Stars "A comedy act that will make you roar"
Four Bronze Steppers "Whirlwind dance novelty"
Jean Middleton "The Personality Girl"
Ricardo and Ashforth "Thrills and frills"—A clever novelty act
February 3-5, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Melody of Love (Jane Winton, Mildred Harris, Walter Pidgeon)
Vitaphone shorts:
Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake (Val & Ernie Stanton)
The Famous Foy Family (Children of the late Eddie Foy)
Note: Due to numerous requests, we have changed our Sunday opening time. Doors open at 12:45 PM. Shows start at 1–3–5–7 and 9 PM.
February 6-8, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Last Warning (Laura La Plante)
Plus 2 Vitaphone shorts
February 9, 1929 (Saturday)
Shadows of the Night (Louise Lorraine)
The Tiger's Shadow (serial)
The Banjoliers—Musical Novelty
Ruby Rossiena—Little Miss Radio
J. Francis Haney—The Hero of '61
The Three Thrillers "A daring act that will make you hold onto your seat!"
February 10-12, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Shopworn Angel (Nancy Carroll, Gary Cooper)
2 Vitaphone shorts
February 13-15, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Abie's Irish Rose (Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Nancy Carroll)
2 Vitaphone shorts
February 16, 1929 (Saturday)
Show Folks (Lina Basquette, Eddie Quillan)
Aurora Troup—Cycling Equilibrists
Kingston and Ebner—This and That
The Norris Monkey Movie Stars—Cinema simians direct from Hollywood, a novelty!
Rookie Lewis—Just for Laughs
February 17-19, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Doctor's Secret (Ruth Chatterton, H. B. Warner)
Vitaphone shorts:
Jazz a la 1929 (Borrah Minevitch & his Musical Rascals)
Just One Word
February 20-23, 1929 (Wednesday–Saturday)
The Flying Fleet (Ramon Navarro, Anita Page)
Vitaphone shorts:
The Italian Humorist (Leo Carrillo)
All in Fun (Hyams & McIntyre)
February 24, 1929 (Sunday)
Prep and Pep (David Rollins, Nancy Drexel)
The KGO Boys
Clifford Vance in "Stuck"
The Variety Three—Animated musical comedy gems
Rich Trio—Novelty acrobats
February 25-26, 1929 (Monday–Tuesday)
The Canary Murder Case (William Powell, Louise Brooks)
Wrong Again (Laurel & Hardy)
February 27-March 1, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Red Hot Speed (Reginald Denny)
Vitaphone shorts:
Johnny Marvin (Musical comedy star)
Giving In (Harry Delf, Hedda Hopper)
March 2, 1929 (Saturday)
The Cavalier (Richard Talmadge, Barbara Bedford)
The Tiger's Shadow
Frimil's Campus Collegians—Youth and pep
Holland Duo—Music Supreme
Aussie and Czech—Whipcracking novelty
Ergoti and Herman—A little surprise
March 3-5, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Lucky Boy (George Jessel)
Vitaphone acts:
Humorous Topics (Senator Ford)
When the Wife's Away (William Demarest)
Paramount news
March 6-8, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Alias Jimmy Valentine (William Haines)
Vitaphone acts:
Miss Information (Lois Wilson, Edward Horton)
The Toyshop
March 9, 1929 (Saturday)
Seven Footprints to Satan (Creighton Hale, Thelma Todd)
Richard Kean—Distinguished Dramatic Actor "in characters from Shakespeare and Dickens"
Walter Nillson—World's Master Unicyclist
The Beautiful Haines Twins—California Mocking Birds
Britt and Sloan "Just Dumb"—A comedy team
March 10-12, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Home Towners (Richard Bennett, Doris Kenyon)
Vitaphone act:
Crystal Cave Revue
March 13-15, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Terror (May McAvoy, Louise Fazenda)
Vitaphone acts:
The General of Hilarity (Jimmy Lyons)
The Bad, Bad Woman (Dora Maughan's impressions)
March 16, 1929 (Saturday)
Ned McCobb's Daughter (Irene Rich, Theodore Roberts)
Dickerson and Tempest "Broadway's smart comedy couple"
George Austin Moore—Monologuist
Pantzer and Arden—Eccentric Comiques
Variety Four "The Gay Entertainers"
March 17-19, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Singing Fool (Al Jolson)
Vitaphone acts:
The Bookworm (Harry J. Conley)
Paramount news
March 20-22, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Greyhound Limited (Monte Blue)
Liberty (Laurel & Hardy)
Vitaphone acts:
Eddie Lambert
The Lavelles
March 23, 1929 (Saturday)
The Office Scandal (Phyllis Haver)
Chapter 2—The Fire Detective
Birdgrove Brothers—Thrills on the horizontal bar
Russo and Bradford—An artistic musical offering
Lawrence Johnson—Ventriloquist
Three Boswell Sisters—Harmony specialists, vocal and instrumental
March 24-26, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
On Trial (Pauline Frederick, Bert Lytell)
Off to Buffalo (Charlie Chase)
Vitaphone acts:
Born & Lawrence (comedy)
Paramount news
March 27-29, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Redskin (Richard Dix)
Vitaphone acts:
Saxophone Jazz Masters & Orchestra (The 6 Original Brown Bros.)
The Song a Minute Girl (Winnie Lightner)
March 30, 1929 (Saturday)
A Single Man (Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle) "He was a bachelor of forty, but he had young ideas."
Don Meany and his famous KFI KNX Radio Midnight Frolic, with the equally famous
Sunnyland Jazz Band—Dixie's hottest colored musicians, Music–Pep–Talent in a great revue
Lee Murphy—Songs as you like 'em
Jack Cavanaugh and Co.—A roping novelty
March 31-April 2, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Barker (Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill)
Vitaphone acts:
The Movie Man (Charles "Buddy" Rogers)
Mal Hallet's Band
Paramount news
April 3-5, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Why Be Good? (Colleen Moore)
2 Vitaphone acts
April 6, 1929 (Saturday)
The Lawless Legion (Ken Maynard)
Chapter 4—The Fire Detective
The Winslow Four—Big time skating act
Kjerluff's Harpists
Ted and Art Miller—Crooners
Yvonne LeRoy—Thrills and pulchritude
April 7-9, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
My Man (Fannie Brice)
Vitaphone acts:
Meet the Wife
Myers & Hanford, the Arkansas Travelers
April 10-12, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Redeeming Sin (Delores Costello, Conrad Nagel)
Vitaphone acts:
The Lion's Roar
Meet the Wife
April 13, 1929 (Saturday)
State Street Sadie (Conrad Nagel, Myrna Loy)
Huston Ray—The Miracle Man of the Piano, Special engagement—Record, radio and roll artist in a musical treat!
Glenwood Bucey and his High Hatter Band with the Three Darlings
Man and Strong—A comedy knockout team "Love in a Garage"
McMahon and Wheeler—Thrills on the tight wire
April 14-16, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Leatherneck (William Boyd)
Vitaphone acts:
The Side Show (Born & Lawrence)
In a Persian Market (Born & Lawrence)
April 17-19, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Conquest (Monte Blue, Lois Wilson)
Vitaphone acts:
Papa's Vacation (William Demarest)
Red Hot Harmony (The Serenaders)
April 20, 1929 (Saturday)
Noisy Neighbors (Eddie Quillan)
Forsythe and Kelly in "Getting a license"
Cully and Clare
Cavano Duo—A comic circus classic
The Five Brownies—Beautiful girls
April 21-23, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Wolf of Wall Street (George Bancroft, Olga Baclanova)
Big Business (Laurel & Hardy)
Vitaphone acts:
Fred Ardrath
Jack Goldie
Paramount news
April 24-26, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Weary River (Richard Barthelmess, Betty Compson)
Vitaphone acts:
Flo Lewis
Real Harmony (The Northern Patrol)
April 27, 1929 (Saturday)
Plastered in Paris (Sammy Cohen, Jack Penneck)
The Three White Kuhns—Musical comedy
Niobe "America's Aquatic Marvel"—The girl who lives underwater
Cora Walsh—Singing pianist and accordionist
Cycling Duffys
April 28-30, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Stark Mad (H. B. Warner, Louise Fazenda)
Vitaphone acts:
McKay and Ardine
Dave Bernie's Orchestra
May 1-3, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Wild Party (Clara Bow)
Vitaphone acts:
A Few Absurd Moments (Stanley & Ginger)
World's Master Accordianist (Dierko)
May 4, 1929 (Saturday)
Square Shoulders (Junior Coughlin)
LaFrance and Garnet
Carol Weston and Co.
Two Sweethearts
Juane–Cortez–Patrice—Dance revue unique
May 5-7, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Dummy (Ruth Chatterton)
Two Tars (Laurel & Hardy)
Vitaphone acts:
Phil Baker
Here Comes the Bridesmaid (Janet Adair)
May 8-10, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Letter (Jeannie Eagles)
Light of India (a fantasy in color)
2 Vitaphone acts
Paramount news
May 11, 1929 (Saturday)
Fugitives (Madge Bellamy)
Lamont's Cockatoos—A feathered circus
Bobby and Nita—Musical comedy favorites
Leo and Gladys—A cycle of mirth
Alene and Evans—"All in the Bends"
May 12-14, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Chinatown Nights (Wallace Beery, Florence Vidor)
The Old Gray Mare (Our Gang)
Vitaphone act:
Brown & Whitaker
May 15-17, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Close Harmony (Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Nancy Carroll)
Vitaphone act:
Salomon's Children (Hugh Herbert)
Paramount news
May 18, 1929 (Saturday)
Caught in the Fog (May McAvoy, Conrad Nagel)
The Happy Chappies—Radio stars of KFWI
Gordon's Big Time Canine Circus—What an act!
Arthur Turelly—Direct from the Big Time "Only a hohner"
Verna–Manuel–Rita in "Danceology"
May 19-21, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Bellamy Trial (Leatrice Joy, Betty Bronson)
Vitaphone act:
Daphne Pollard and Green's Faydettes
May 22-24, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Desert Song (John Boles, Carlotta King)
Vitaphone act:
Timblin & Raymond
May 25, 1929 (Saturday)
Cheyenne (Ken Maynard)
Glick and Gordon—Brunswick recording artists
Allen and Aubrey—Bride and gloom
Turner Brothers—Comedy dancers
The Gabberts—America's ingenious athletes upside-down
May 26-28, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Lily Damita, Ernest Torrence)
Vitaphone acts:
Whirls and Girls (Eddie Gribbon)
Sinclair & LaMarr
May 29-31, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Queen of the Nightclubs (Texas Guinan)
Vitaphone acts:
The Right Bed (Edward Everett Horton)
June 1, 1929 (Saturday)
The Younger Generation (Jean Hersholt, Lina Basquette)
Gilbert Brothers—Sensational aerialists
York and Lewis—Comedy moments
Raffles and Co.—Master cracksman
Moore and Evans—Crooning and ballooning
June 2-4, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Voice of the City (Willard Mack)
Mack Sennet talking comedy
June 5-7, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Innocents of Paris (Maurice Chevalier)
2 Vitaphone acts
June 8, 1929 (Saturday)
The Wolf Song (Gary Cooper, Lupe Velez)
The Mason Dixon Dancers—Bigtime staircase dancers
Fred and Daisy Rial—Musical comedy
Parker and Mack
Duncan and Held
June 9-11, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Nothing But the Truth (Richard Dix)
His Big Minute (Lloyd Hamilton)
June 12-14, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Glad Rag Doll (Dolores Costello)
The Lemon (Hugh Herbert)
June 15, 1929 (Saturday)
The Donovan Affair (Jack Holt, William Collier, Jr.)
Jack Norton and Lucille Haley—Those big time laughgetters
The Four Jolly Pirates—Golden treasure of singing and dancing
Frederick and Mason—The Strumming Crooners
Moret and Frita—Song and dance favorites
June 16-18, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Gentlemen of the Press (W. Huston)
Unaccustomed As We Are l(Laurel & Hardy)
June 19-21, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Rainbow Man (Eddie Dowling)
The Wise Cracking Fool (Geo. Broadhurst & Co.)
Irene Franklin "America's Favorite Comedienne"
June 22, 1929 (Saturday)
One Stolen Night (Betty Bronson, Wm. Collier Jr.)
Eddie Borden—the top notch comedian of vodvil and screen, offering his comedy riot "The Explainer", with Dot Brown and Art Kaye presenting "Embellishments Musical"
Paige and Jewett "Comedy Unicyclists"
Saunders and Brandon "Whirlwind Dancers"—Can they step? And how!
Dick Hunter "Caruso of the Ferries"—Singing all popular song hits
June 23-25, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Trial of Mary Dugan (Norma Shearer, H. B. Warner)
Vitaphone Act:
Phil Baker in Spain
June 26, 1929 (Wednesday)
The Desert Song (John Boles, Carlotta King)
June 27-29, 1929 (Thursday–Saturday)
Kid Gloves (Conrad Nagel, Lois Wilson)
Vitaphone Act:
Jack White & His Gang—Broadway's premier clown
Typical Types (Bobby Folson)
June 30, 1929 (Sunday)
It Can Be Done (Glenn Tryon, Sue Carol)
Evans and Mayer—The famous Brunswick Artists offering "The Cowboy and the Girl"
The Six Sub Debs—Six beautiful talented girls singing and dancing their way into your heart
Duel and Bloom "Comedy Funsters"—You'll roar
Juggling Davies—Talented juggling and how!!
July 1-2, 1929 (Monday–Tuesday)
A Dangerous Woman (Baclanova, Clive Brook, Neil Hamilton)
2 Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
July 3-5, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Time, the Place and the Girl (Betty Compson, Grant Withers, James Kirkwood)
Small Talk (Our Gang)—all talking!
Playmates (Art & Mort Havel)
July 6, 1929 (Saturday)
No Defense (May McAvoy, Monte Blue)
The Aurora Troupe—Back from a triumphant tour of the Antipodes—Cyclists supreme
Montrose and Reynolds—Comedy funsters
LeBeau—Roping monologuist
Jessie Millar—Moments musical
July 7-9, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Studio Murder Mystery (Warner Oland, Florence Eldredge, Darla Hill)
2 Vitaphone Acts:
Eddie Peobody
Brendel & Bert
Mickey Mouse cartoon
Paramount news
July 10-12, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
His Captive Woman (Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill)
Roy Sedley & His Night Club Revue
Pathe review
Paramount news
July 13, 1929 (Saturday)
The Charleton (Holmes Herbert, Margaret Livingston)
Variety Revue
Johnson Duo—Comedy magicians
Van Valley and Scott—Two girls and a piano
Linberg and Co.—Potpourri of entertainment
July 14-16, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Careers (Billie Dove)
Vitaphone Acts:
Daphne Pollard
Jimmie Lyons
July 17-19, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Noah's Ark (Dolores Costello, George O'Brien)
July 20, 1929 (Saturday)
The Girl in the Glass Cage (Loretta Young, Carroll Nye)
Walter Weems—Author, playwright, jokester
Three Stepsisters—All in harmony
Duke Art—A few moments of mirth and mud
The Versatile Trio
July 21-23, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Divine Lady (Corinne Griffith)
Vitaphone Acts:
Fred Ardath (Vitaphone's favorite commedian)
Duffy & Gleason (fresh from Hollywood)
Paramount news
July 24-26, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Broadway Melody (Charles King, Anita Page, Bessie Love)
Vitaphone Acts:
He's a Devil (Ray & Dot Dean)
July 27, 1929 (Saturday)
Molly & Me (Joe E. Brown, Belle Bennett)
John Orren and Company—International entertainers
Story and Lee—Big time artists in "Kiss Me Again"
The Parker Sisters—Nifty novelties in song and dance
July 28-30, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Coquette (Mary Pickford)
2 Vitaphone Acts
The Gallopin' Gaucho (Mickey Mouse)
July 31-August 2, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Gamblers (Lois Wilson, H. B. Warner, Jason Robards)
The Big Squawk (Charlie Chase)
Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
August 3, 1929 (Saturday)
From Headquarters (Monte Blue, Henry B. Walthall)
The Orchestrollians—Five Melody Maids
Bob Carlson—Radio storyteller and singer
Nearing Sisters—Petite songsters
Marie Racko and Co.—Amazing physical exploits
August 4-5, 1929 (Sunday–Monday)
On With The Show
August 6-9, 1929 (Tuesday–Friday)
Dangerous Curves (Clara Bow, Richard Arlen)
Vitaphone Acts:
The All-Girl Revue
Ben Bard "Champion Golfer"
Opry House (Mickey Mouse sound cartoon)
August 10, 1929 (Saturday)
Hard Boiled Rose (William Collier Jr., Myrna Loy)
Marr and Evans—A couple of blackbirds
Doris Whitmore—America's youngest prima donna
Carol's Revue
Girls, Girls, Girls
August 11-13, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Iron Mask (Douglas Fairbanks)
2 Vitaphone Acts
Dooley & Sales (NY Winter Garden Stars)
Marionettes—A Sound Cartoon
August 14-16, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Thunderbolt (George Bancroft, Fay Wray)
2 Vitaphone Acts
August 17, 1929 (Saturday)
The Man I Love (Mary Brian, Richard Arlen)
Francis St. George—Radio's favorite blues singer
Brown and Berlin—Singing comedians
McDonald Trio—On wheels
Gardner and Dunham—Horizontal bar experts
August 18-20, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Alibi (Roland West)
Vitaphone Acts
August 21-23, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Black Watch (Victor McLaglen, Myrna Loy)
Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
August 24, 1929 (Saturday)
Sonny Boy (Davey Lee)
Billy Black and Fanchon—Nifty nonsense
Cook, Norton and Harvey—International Cyclists "A Ball Game in the Dark"
The Novelty Clintons—Something new under the sun
Jack Lee—The old boy himself
Shows at 3:30, 7:00 and 9:00
August 25-27, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Fox Follies of 1929 (Sue Carol, David Rollins, Lola Lane, Sharon Lynn, etc.)
August 28-30, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Behind that Curtain (Warner Baxter, Lois Moran)
2 Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
August 31, 1929 (Saturday)
Stolen Kisses (May McAvoy)
Bill Thazer Four—A Vision of Gladiatorial Beauty
Steve Juhasz "Bunkology"
Leonard and Hines—The Jazz Girls
Terry and Meritte—Novelty Dancers
September 1-3, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Idle Rich (Conrad Nagel, Bessie Love)
Barnyard Dance (Mickey Mouse)
Vitaphone Acts:
Harry Tate
September 4-6, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Drag (Richard Barthelmess, Alice Day)
Rail Roadin' (Our Gang)
September 7, 1929 (Saturday)
The Little Wildcat (Audrey Ferris, James Hall)
Oliver and Hayden Trio—Hokum Personified
Happy Johnson—The Unbleached American
Putnam and McGuire—Personality, pulchritude, pep!
Miss Robbie Gordone—Character studies and poses from the Masters
September 8-10, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Fashions In Love (Adolphe Menjou, Fay Compton)
Sympathy (a talking comedy featurette)
Jack White's entertainers all on the living screen
September 11-13, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (Norma Shearer, Basil Rathbone)
Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
September 14, 1929 (Saturday)
Light Fingers (Dorothy Revier, Ian Keith)
Golden State Four—Harmony quartette
Petrie and Budd—Blackface comedians
King and Falk—Comedy songs and dances
Billie Weir—A petite Miss blending a musical offering with dancing
September 15, 1929 (Sunday–Monday)
This Is Heaven (Vilma Banky, James Hall)
Berth Marks (Laurel & Hardy)
September 17-20, 1929 (Tuesday–Friday)
River of Romance (Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Mary Brian)
Vitaphone Acts:
Fred Ardath
Harmony Kings (Thomas Quintette)
September 21, 1929 (Saturday)
Frozen River (Rin-Tin-Tin, Davey Lee)
Manning and Class—Sensational slack wire artists dancing on the wire
Fox and Ferris—Two American beauties
Cameo Revue—Seven talented beautiful girls
Jerry Ryan—That singer of songs
September 22-24, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Words and Music (Lois Moran)
Hurdy Gurdy (a Hal Roach comedy)
Miller & Lyles "those colored laugh provokers"
September 25-27, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Man and the Moment (Billie Dove, Rod LaRocque)
Vitaphone Acts
The Interview (Miller & Lyles) "a comedy newspaper sketch"
September 28, 1929 (Saturday)
The Fall of Eve (Patsy Ruth Miller, Ford Sterling)
Elinor LaMarr
The Danska Duo—Acrobatic tap dancers
Mack and Stanton—A knockabout comedy team "Home Sweet Home"
International Four—A Modern Revue
September 29-30, 1929 (Sunday–Monday)
Innocents of Paris (Chevalier)
Men o' War (Laurel & Hardy)
October 1-2, 1929 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Madonna of Avenue A (Dolores Costello, Grant Withers)
Vitaphone Acts:
Edison & Gregory, the two college nuts in a riotous musical offering
James A. Corbett "Gentleman Jim" in a great comedy talking act
A Mickey Mouse Cartoon
October 3-4, 1929 (Thursday–Friday)
Big news (Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard)
Waltzing Around (Clark & McCullough)
Madame Q (Hal Roach All talking comedy)
October 5, 1929 (Saturday)
The Hole in the Wall
Five Freshmen—Collegiate Harmony Singers, and how!
Billy Gilbert with Jack Leonard and Billy Benz—A real big time comedy act
Clinton and McNamarra in a comedy skit "What duty"
Dexter, Webb and Diaz—The three collegians, a variety of talent
Shows at 2:30, 7:00 and 9:00
October 6-8, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Smiling Irish Eyes (Colleen Moore, James Hall)
At the Ball Game (Joe Cook)
Thanksgiving Day (w/ cast of Broadway Stars)
October 9-11, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Her Private Life (Billie Dove, Thelma Todd, Walter Pidgeon)
Pigskin Troubles (Born & Lawrence)
Winnie Lightner (comedienne, songstress)
Paramount news
October 12, 1929 (Saturday)
Father and Son (Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier)
William Bence and Co.—Chinese musical travesty
Johnson and Baker in "The Hat Salesman"
Nimz and Kabin—A vaudeville oddity
Curry and Alexander—Comedy dancers
October 13-15, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Charming Sinners (Ruth Chatterton, Clive Brook, William Powell)
Leaping Love (C. Chase)
2 Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
October 16-18, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Broadway Babies (Alice White)
The Treasurer's Report (Robert Benchley)
2 Vitaphone Acts:
At the Bar (Hurst & Voght)
Somewhere in Jersey (Halligan & Mulher)
October 19, 1929 (Saturday)
Prisoners (Corinne Griffith)
Lester Leigh and La Grace in "The Sailor's Dream"
Bernice and Floyd Foley—2 juveniles in "Up to the Moment"
Alene and Evans in "All in the Bends"
Able and Newhoff in "Doubling in Spades"
October 20-22, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Cocoanuts (Marx Brothers)
October 23-25, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Fast Company (Evelyn Brent, Jack Oakie)
Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
October 26, 1929 (Saturday)
Hurricane (Hobart Bosworth, Johnny Mack Brown, Leila Hyams)
Frazer and Hammond in "Midnight"
Betty Gordon Trio
Arthur Ward—Juggler
Rhoda and Rose—Dainty Misses in song and dance
October 27-29, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Four Feathers (William Powell, Clive Brook, Noah Beery, Richard Arlen, Fay Wray)
Snappy Sneezers (Charlie Chase)
October 30-November 1, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Why Bring That Up? (Moran & Mack)
Dad's Day (Our Gang)
Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
November 2, 1929 (Saturday)
Dark Streets (Jack Mulhall, Lila Lee)
Diehl Sisters Trio in "Leave It or Take It"
The Three Lordens—One of the world's best aerial casting acts
The Three Jacks—A collegiate acrobatic novelty
Sam and Goldie Harris in "Sarcasm"
November 3-4, 1929 (Sunday–Monday)
Our Modern Maidens (Joan Crawford)
A Perfect Day (Laurel & Hardy)
Vitaphone Acts
Paramount news
November 5-6, 1929 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Unholy Night (Ernest Torrence, Dorothy Sebastian)
Mickey Mouse's Choo Choo (Mickey Mouse)
Vitaphone Acts
November 7-8, 1929 (Thursday–Friday)
Speedway (Wm. Haines, Anita Page)
Boxing Gloves (Our Gang)
The Wild Westerner (Val Harris & Ann How)
November 9, 1929 (Saturday)
The Hungarian Rhapsody
The Original Sailors' Quartet from "The Cockeyed World", the new sensation of talking pictures (coming to the Stanford Theatre soon). Hear them in person!
Bud Snyder and Co.—Big time comedy cyclists, a riot
Cardoni Sextette—Another big time musical act
The Hase Twins—Feminine pulchritude and talent
November 10-12, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Saturday Night Kid (Clara Bow)
Hotter Than Hot (Harry Langdon)
November 13-14, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Madame X (Ruth Chatterton, Lewis Stone)
Those Hot Tamales (Billie & Elsa Newell)
Fox sound news
November 16, 1929 (Saturday)
The Long Long Trail (Hoot Gibson)
Roland's Fashion Fantasy—Eight beautiful girls in a colorful and peppy revue
Evans and Hoey—The Night Watchmen
Penman and Page—A juggling novelty
Aquilar—Songs you like to hear
November 17-19, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
They Had to See Paris (Will Rogers, Irene Rich)
November 20-22, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Dynamite (Conrad Nagel, Kay Johnson)
Fox Movietone news
November 23, 1929 (Saturday)
College Love (George Lewis)
Bud Snyder and Co.—Big time's funniest pantomimist
Lee Mason and "Sunny"—A vaudeville surprise which will keep you guessing
The Two Dancing Hairpins—The limber boys with the rubber legs
And a novelty surprise act
November 24-26, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Great Gabbo ( Erich Von Stroheim, Betty Compson)
Big Game pictures
Fox Movietone news
November 27-29, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Four Devils ( Janet Gaynor, Mary Duncan)
Vitaphone Acts
November 30, 1929 (Saturday–Saturday)
Big Time (Lee Tracy)
Also 4 Vaudeville acts (no listings)
December 1-3, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Virginian (Gary Cooper, Richard Arlen, Mary Brian)
Vitaphone Acts:
Horace Heidt's Californians
Fox news
December 4-6, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Rio Rita (Bebe Daniels, John Boles)
December 7, 1929 (Saturday)
The Drake Case (Gladys Brockwell, Forest Stanley)
Chapter 11—Pirate of Panama
Chapter 2—King of the Kongo
Corn Cob and Seymour—Two musical cutups
Aerial Bartletts
Wilson and Chase
Cotta and Miralda
December 8-10, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Cockeyed World (Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Lily Damita)
Fox Movietone news
December 11-13, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Married in Hollywood (J. Harold Murray, Norma Terris)
Fox news
December 14, 1929 (Saturday)
The Delightful Rogue (Rod LaRocque)
Ates and Darling—Big time artists
Hazel Stallings—America's premier whistler
Jose and Brocic—Clever steppers
The Chesterfields
December 15-17, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
His Glorious Night (John Gilbert, Catherine Dale Owen)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
December 18-20, 1929 (Wednesday–Friday)
Welcome Danger (Harold Lloyd)
Vitaphone Acts:
Fred Allen (in a comedy skit)
Fox news
December 21, 1929 (Saturday)
Half Marriage (Olive Borden, Ken Murray)
Serial: King of the Kongo
Schmidt Trio in "Muscular Co-ordinations"
Duke Kamakua and Company in "Echoes of Hawaii"
Leland St. Clair in "That's That"
The Rainbow Trio featuring "Bits of Everything"
December 22-24, 1929 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Eternal Love (John Barrymore, Camilla Horn)
Vitaphone Acts
Fox news
December 25-26, 1929 (Wednesday–Thursday)
So This is College (Elliott Nugent, Robert Montgomery)
(story by Delmer Daves, Stanford 1926, all about Stanford and USC—actual pictures of last year's Stanford/USC game!)
December 27, 1929 (Friday)
Rio Rita (Bebe Daniels)
December 28, 1929 (Saturday)
Side Street O (Tom, Matt & Owen Moore)
Drew and Gale in "At the Drug Store
Tillyou and Rogers in "The Younger Generation"
Royal Gasconi and Co., with the famous dog Teddy
Fourth act not listed
December 29, 1929 (Sunday–)
Young Nowheres (R. Barthelmess)
Vitaphone Acts:
Horace Heidt & his Californians Dance Band
Miller & Lyles comedy skit
Fox news