January 1-3, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
London After Midnight (Lon Chaney)
Never the Twain Shall Meet (Charley Chase comedy short)
January 4-6, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Quality Street (Marion Davies)
Harvard vs. Yale (Our Gang comedy short)
January 7, 1928 (Saturday)
Home Made (Johnny Hines)
The Masked Menace (Serial, matinee only)
Samaroff's Tip Top Revue—10 Capitivating Beauties, all pupils of St. Denis and Pavlowa, Whirlwind Dancers
Three Bad Boys—Harmony–Talking–Laughs Galore, A Comedy Riot
Snell and Vernon—An Artistic Diversion
Johnny Larkin—the Rajah of Mirth
January 8-10, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Forbidden Woman (Jetta Goudal)
Second Honeymoon (Pathé comedy short)
Northern Alaska Today (travelogue)
January 11-13, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Serenade (Adolphe Menjou)
For Sale, a Bungalow (Pathé comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Topics of the Day
La Chelle at the mighty Stanford organ
January 14, 1928 (Saturday)
Honeymoon Hate (Florence Vidor)
Slayman-Ali and his Seven Blue Devils—Whirlwind tumblers direct from the Orpheum! The most sensational troupe on the stage today
Eileen Flory—Singing Character Comedienne
La Ventura—The Act Exquisite
Cavanna Duos—Circus Day
January 15-18, 1928 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Her Wild Oat (Colleen Moore)
And How (Andy Gump comedy short)
Romantic Alabama (travelogue)
January 19-21, 1928 (Thursday–Friday)
On Your Toes (Reginald Denny)
Heebie Jeebies (Our Gang comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the organ
January 22, 1928 (Sunday)
The Main Event (Vera Reynolds)
Gates Midshipmen—a real hot novelty syncopated orchestra
Brown and Willa—Rag Picture Artists
La Metta Sisters—musical novelty
Johnson and McIntosh—colored troubadors
January 23-25, 1928 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Valley of the Giants (Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon)
All for Nothing (Charley Chase comedy short)
January 26-27, 1928 (Thursday–Friday)
Tea for Three (Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle)
The Battle of the Century (Laurel and Hardy comedy short)
January 28, 1928 (Saturday)
The Wizard (Edmund Lowe)
The Totten Revue—Nifty Steppers in Song and Dance
Kyrlton Sisters and Mack—Two Baby Grands and an Upright
Swor and Swor—"Way Down Yonder in Blackface"
Armand and Perez—daring unique acrobatics
January 29-31, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Baby Mine (Karl Dane, George K. Arthur)
Lupino Lane comedy short
February 1-3, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
West Point (William Haines, Joan Crawford)
Dog Heaven (Our Gang comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the organ
February 4, 1928 (Saturday)
The Angel of Broadway (Leatrice Joy)
Aleko and Company—Egyptian Illusionist and Telepathist, They See–They Know–They Tell! Baffling–Mystifying–Sensational!
Mordock Sisters—Aerial Thrills
The Gardens—Xylophone Novelty
Curry and Alexander—Dance Novelties
February 5-7, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Shepherd of the Hills (John Boles, Molly O'Day)
Kilties (Dorothy DeVore comedy short)
La Chelle on the Organ
February 8-10, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Wife Savers (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
The Bull Fighter (Sennett comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
February 11, 1928 (Saturday)
Pajamas (Olive Borden)
Hollywood Bathing Girl Beauties—Direct from the studios of the world's film capitol in a Colorful Revue
Keystone Duo—Harmony Boys and Instrumentalists
Bell Thaser Duo—a vision of Gladiatoral Beauty
The Del Sos—Australian Athletes supreme
February 12-14, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Beau Sabreur (Gary Cooper, Evelyn Brent)
Dumb Daddies (Max Davidson comedy short)
February 15-17, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Two Flaming Youths (W.C. Fields, Chester Conklin)
Smith's Cook (Smith family comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Buffalo Bill's Fight (short in color)
February 18, 1928 (Saturday)
The Wise Wife (Phyllis Haver)
Plantation Days—Darkie Pastimes, 10 colored artists
Richardson's Dogs—Posing performing canines
Flip and Flapper—Comedy, Songs, Dance
De La Plaza Co.—Dancers Deluxe
February 19-21, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Latest from Paris (Norma Shearer)
Fighting Fannie (Paramount comedy short)
February 22-24, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Rose Marie (Joan Crawford, James Murray), special musical score arranged by Elbert La Chelle
New Wrinkles (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
February 25, 1928 (Saturday)
My Friend from India (Franklin Pangborn, Elinor Fair)
The Doll Shop—A beautiful fanciful revue
Tolliver and Harris—Fun in a Chinese laundry
Violet Rowland and Girls—Novel songs and dances
Alek Perrell in "Shadowland"
February 26-29, 1928 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Missing Link (Syd Chaplin)
She's a Boy (with that funny Big Boy juvenile!)
La Chelle at the organ
March 1-3, 1928 (Thursday–Friday)
Wickedness Preferred (Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle)
Versatility in Sports (Biff Hoffman short)
Spook Spoofing (Our Gang comedy short)
March 4, 1928 (Sunday)
In Old Kentucky (James Murray, Helene Costello)
Maurice Gunsky—America's foremost radio star and Victor record artist
Young and Ernest—Somewhat Different Dancers
Ross and Perry—A Real Banjo Novelty
Brindamour and Co.—Famous Escape Artist—He gets out of everything!
March 5-6, 1928 (Monday–Tuesday)
Chicago (Phyllis Haver, Victor Varconi)
March 7-9, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
East Side, West Side (George O'Brien, Virginia Valli)
Dad's Choice (Edward Everett Horton comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the organ
March 10, 1928 (Saturday)
Stand and Deliver (Rod La Rocque)
George Lipschultz "The American Fritz Kreisler"—Famous radio star and Concert Master and Violin Virtuoso
Louis Frondi's "Gems from Spain"—A singing and dancing musical revue
Curt Galloway "The Last of the 400"
Gladys and Buddy "Comedy Moments"
March 11-13, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Sporting Goods (Richard Dix, Ford Sterling)
Nifty Nags (Christie comedy short)
Kat cartoon
March 14-16, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Smart Set (William Haines)
March 17, 1928 (Saturday)
The Girl in the Pullman (Marie Prevost)
Cherie and Her Living Models presenting the most beautiful, graceful and artistics numbers of world famed masterpieces
Joane and Jean—Two clever young artists—the wonder violinist and the baby nightingale
Hight and Daugherty—the U.S. steppers—Two boys with an eccentric dance of Ferina
Joe Wong and Co.—The Chinese Vitaphone Artists—A clever oriental singer of American popular songs
March 18-20, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Cohens and the Kellys in Paris (George Sidney)
March 21-23, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Ruth Taylor)
March 24, 1928 (Saturday)
The Lost World—special 9:30 AM screening, special music by Palo Alto Public School Band, direction of Mr. C.A. Davidson
Let 'Er Go, Gallegher! (Junior Coghlan)
Maroni and Warner—Gymnasts Supreme
Robin and Hood—European Ladder Novelty
Lawrence Sisters—A playday in Hollywood, 3 dainty misses
Sunbeam Revue—5 People in a tasty refined offering
March 25-27, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
That's My Daddy (Reginald Denny)
Should Men Marry? (Pathé comedy short)
March 28-30, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Red Hair (Clara Bow)
King Harold (Pathé comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle on the organ (live)
March 31, 1928 (Saturday)
Almost Human (Vera Reynolds)
Mantells Maninikens, World Famous Marionettes—Presenting a show all their own: a Russian ballet! Comical and well known movie characters! Negro song and dance artists! And their famous Spanish bullfight, employing seven characters!
Newton Twins—Harmony Personalities
Jean Barrios—Sensational double voiced vocalist
La Salle and Mack, Two Boys—Novelty Diversions, Comedy Athletes
April 1-3, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Bush Leaguer (Monte Blue)
Captain Kidd's Kittens (Fox comedy short)
Head Hunters of Ecuador (travelogue)
April 4-6, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Old San Francisco (Dolores Costello, Warner Oland)
Soup to Nuts (Laurel and Hardy comedy short)
April 7, 1928 (Saturday)
Turkish Delight (Rudolph Schildkraut)
Lamonts Birds—Lamont's Cockatoos in a clever demonstration of bird talking
Eclipse Four—A Comedy Quartette
Whiz Bang Revue—Snappy songs, an original comedy
Irving Rose—Eccentric dance comedian
April 8-10, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Showdown (George Bancroft)
Smith Family comedy short
April 11-13, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Patsy (Marion Davies)
Remember When (Harry Langdon comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
April 14, 1928 (Saturday)
The Thirteenth Juror (Anna Q. Nilsson, Francis X. Bushman)
Portnoff's Russians—Native songs, dances, music
Reeder and Saeger—Two Boys and Two Key Boards
Ted and Ethel—Nifty nonsense
Reynolds and Collette—Equilibrists
April 15-17, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Dove (Norma Talmadge)
April 18-20, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Circus Rookies (Karl Dane, George K. Arthur)
Love in a Police Station (Sennett comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the organ
April 21, 1928 (Saturday)
Sailors' Wives (Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes)
Richard Walley—Juggling novelty
West and Fields—Comedy moments
Dokes and Dokes—Sad singers of sad songs
Suzette and Jose—with the Rios, talented versatile vaudevillians
April 22-24, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Speedy (Harold Lloyd)
April 25-27, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Easy Come, Easy Go (Richard Dix)
Bumping into Hollywood (comedy short)
La Chelle on the organ
April 28, 1928 (Saturday)
The Secret Hour (Pola Negri)
Hugh Barrett Dobbs "Dobsie" and Wee Willie—Sunshine Boys from KPO
The Great Santell
Sadie Sherman
Betty and Berdine
April 29-May 1, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Divine Woman (Greta Garbo)
Aching Youth (Charley Chase comedy short)
May 2-4, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Partners in Crime (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
The Lady of Victory (short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle on the organ
May 5, 1928 (Saturday)
Singed (Blanche Sweet, Warner Baxter)
Chase and LaTour Co.
Jessie Millar
Early and Echo "Those Two Girls"
The Gabberts—Ingenious Athletes
May 6-8, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Across to Singapore (Ramon Navarro, Joan Crawford)
May 9-11, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Devil Dancer (Gilda Gray)
May 12, 1928 (Saturday)
Flying Romeos (Charles Murray, George Sidney)
Kjerulf Harpists
Perez-Koko Co.—European Novelty
Leo Flanders "The History of Jazz"
Al and Louise Walker
May 13-15, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Noose (Richard Barthelmess, Alice Joyce)
May 16-18, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Actress (Norma Shearer)
May 19, 1928 (Saturday)
Stop That Man (Barbara Kent)
Darewahl and Co.—A Riot of Fun
Al Kaplan
Four Phillips—World's greatest four hand balancing artists
Ashton—Novelty vocalist
May 20-22, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Circus (Charles Chaplin)
May 23-25, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Garden of Eden (Corinne Griffith)
Always a Gentleman (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
May 26, 1928 (Saturday)
The High School Hero (Charlie Paddock, Sally Phipps)
The Four Covans—Those nifty strutter in a splendid dance presentation
Takayama—Japanese juggler extraordinary
Frank Rogers—Ventriloquest
Hal Stephens and Co. in "So This is Hollywood"
May 27-29, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Dragnet (George Bancroft, Evelyn Brent)
May 30-June 1, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Big Killing (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
The Czarina's Secret (short in 2-strip Technicolor)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
June 2, 1928 (Saturday)
On to Reno (Marie Prevost, Cullen Landis)
Martinez Family—Musicians from sunny Spain with Blanca Flor
Mostly Girls—The sunshine revue with Bud Shafer and Larry O'Dowd
Eddie Mahoney—The nut at the piano
Illmo and Marguerite—Comedy variety artists
June 3-5, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hold 'Em Yale (Rod La Rocque)
Smith's Holiday (comedy short)
June 6-8, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Good Morning Judge (Reginald Denny)
The Beach Club (Sennett comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
June 9, 1928 (Saturday)
The Blue Danube (Leatrice Joy)
Miss Eva Clarke, direct from the Orpheum, with Dan Caslar and the Croonaders—Talented and classy singing musical offering
Lucille Selwyn—Singing comedienne
A. Aguilar—Famous Spanish Tenor
Hefferman and Morris—Bags of Nonsense
June 10-12, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hellship Bronson (Noah Beery, Mrs. Wallace Reid)
Us (Charley Chase comedy short)
June 13-15, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath (Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall)
The Virgin Queen (short in color)
Mother Bird (short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Topics of the Day
June 16, 1928 (Saturday)
Walking Back (Sue Carol)
Zizz Black's Band—A novel and versatile group of 9 serenaders
Marsden and White—The skating fiends
William French—Eccentric dancer
Leonard and Hines—Harmony sweethearts
June 17-19, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Harold Teen (Arthur Lake, Alice White)
June 20-22, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Big Noise (Chester Conklin)
June 23, 1928 (Saturday)
Very Confidential (Madge Bellamy)
Eva Novak and her Classmates—Five pretty girls in a snappy musicale
Morton and Vincent—KFRC favorites in a pleasing offering filled with chuckles and entertainment
Les Keliors in "A Day at the Circus"—laughs and clever tricks
McGreercy and Jeffries in the comedy skit "Now"
June 24-26, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Burning Daylight (Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon)
June 27-29, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Sharp Shooters (George O'Brien, Lois Moran)
A Gallant Gob (Bill Dooley short)
Trees—A Rarebit
June 30, 1928 (Saturday)
The Whip Woman (Estelle Taylor, Antonio Moreno)
Carol Weston and Co.
The Rolling Stones—Taps and speed
Ted and Art Miller—Whispering Harmonists
Marie Hughes and Brother—Grace and agility
July 1-3, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Fools for Luck (Chester Conklin, W.C. Fields)
The Goofy Gob (Bill Dooley short)
Paramount news
July 4-6, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
His Tiger Lady (Adolphe Menjou, Evelyn Brent)
Love's Young Scream (Christie comedy short)
July 7, 1928 (Saturday)
Madame Rose (Lya de Putti)
Billy Sherwood and His KYA Radio Entertainers—Merry Mary Dew, Don E. Mack, Dee Crawford, Rudy Sual, Robert Carlson, Georges Barsteen, Little Mary Elliott, Billy Leonard—An evening at the studio
Jack Hall presents "Bum" the Wonder Dog
Betty Lou Hart—Original Gingham girl
Corncob and Seymore in their "Musical Get Ups"
July 8-10, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Diamond Handcuffs (Eleanor Boardman, Conrad Nagel)
Love is Blonde (comedy short)
July 11-13, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Bringing Up Father (Marie Dressler)
Too Many Cookies (comedy short)
July 14, 1928 (Saturday)
The Heart of a Follies Girl (Billie Dove)
Arkansas Charlie—Radio and Victor recording star, direct from the Big Time
Calvin and Vesey in "A Breeze from Dixie" plenty of comedy
Lee Mason and Sunny "Follies of 1928"
Acrobatic Wonders "Six Hassens"—a peppy aggregation of sensational athletes
July 15-17, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Hot News (Bebe Daniels)
Oh, What a Man (Larry Semon comedy short)
Honeymoon Hints (short)
Paramount news
July 18-20, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Lady Be Good (Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall)
Say Uncle (Christie comedy short)
Paramount news
July 21, 1928 (Saturday)
Bare Knees (Virginal Lee Corbin, Johnnie Walker)
Elwyn Trio—Mirimbaphone experts
Beeman and Grace
The Wonder Girl—Athletic novelty
Carlisle and Lamal in "The Interview"
July 22-24, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Vanishing Pioneer (Jack Holt)
July 25-27, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Telling the World (William Haines, Anita Page)
July 28, 1928 (Saturday)
Ladies Must Dress (Virginia Valli, Lawrence Gray)
Haven MacQuarrie and Co.—Broadway's greatest laugh novelty in a laughology
La Vail and Sister and Dean
Billie Weir—The Vitaphone girl
Fitzsimmons and Edwards
July 29, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Hawk's Nest (Milton Sills)
August 1-3, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Skyscraper (William Boyd, Sue Carol)
Smith's Army Life (Smith Family comedy short)
Paramount news
La Chelle on the organ
August 4, 1928 (Saturday)
A Blonde for a Night (Marie Prevost)
Spanish Fantasy—Gems from sunny Spain
Tom Mahoney—King of the Crossing
Harding and Gates—Two Dancing Bellhops
Frank and Mae Collins—Versatile moments
August 5-7, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Honor Bound (George O'Brien)
Hoover's Homecoming (newsreel)
August 8-10, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Vamping Venus (Charlie Murray, Thelma Todd)
August 11, 1928 (Saturday)
The Chaser (Harry Langdon)
Redmond and Wells in "The Gyp"
De Bee and Hudson—A great pair of comedy instrumentalists
Brock and Thompson—Dancing fools
The Pina Family—Sensational acrobats
August 12-14, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
No Other Woman (Dolores Del Rio)
Elbert La Chelle, the singing organist (live)
August 15-17, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Hangman's House (Victor McLaglen)
August 18, 1928 (Saturday)
Square Crooks (Robert Armstrong, Johnny Mack Brown)
"Wolf" the War Dog—Famous World War dog doing stunts at the word of his master
Desley Sisters—Harmony singing and dancing
Chapelle and Rayner, Twins—London's favorites
Bernard and Mann in a comedy sketch "Give and Take"
August 19-21, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Half a Bride (Esther Ralston, Gary Cooper)
August 22-24, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Detectives (Karl Dane, George K. Arthur)
Cleopatra (short in color)
Paramount news
August 25, 1928 (Saturday)
The Playgirl (Madge Bellamy)
Greta and Lucette of Radio KYA in a cycle of new and loved melodies
Jack Roshier's Canine Twins—A clever canine novelty
Berg and English—The dark horses of the screen
The Neapolitan Four—Comedy harmonists from Italy, one of America's greatest comedy singing acts
August 26-28, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Skirts (Syd Chaplin)
Whozit (John Bowers short)
Bruce scenic
August 29-31, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Forbidden Hours (Ramon Novarro, Renee Adoree)
Halfback Hanna (Christie comedy short)
September 1, 1928 (Saturday)
Midnight Madness (Jacqueline Logan, Clive Brook)
The Harlequins—Art, grace and flexibility
King Sisters—Just two girls
Dan Downing—Novelty vocalist
Moran and Wiser Co.—Plenty of laughs and lots of thrills
September 2-4, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
A Hero for a Night (Glenn Tryon)
September 5-7, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
United States Smith (Eddie Gribbon, Lila Lee)
Fair and Muddy (Our Gang comedy short)
Star Builders (Sportlight)
September 8, 1928 (Saturday)
Mademoiselle from Armentieres (John Stuart)
Vallerie and Verdell—The Peppy Duo, Snappy songs and dances
Polito Four—Four pretty girls in song and dance hits
Billy Mack—That topical fellow
Music Art Revue
September 9-11, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
If I Were Single (May McAvoy, Conrad Nagel)
September 12-14, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Four Flusher (George Lewis, Marion Nixon)
His Favorite Wife (comedy short)
September 15, 1928 (Saturday)
Thief in the Dark (George Meeker, Doris Hill)
Bernard and Co. in "Who is She?" a modern satire
Doe Doakes—The talkative trickster
Michel—America's famous juvenile instrumentalist
Pipe Dreams—A big song and dance revue
September 16-18, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Oh, Kay! (Colleen Moore)
Blazing Away (comedy short)
September 19-21, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Forgotten Faces (Clive Brook, Mary Brian)
Francis X. Bushman in person—Thurs and Fri only—The mighty Messala of "Ben Hur" direct from his tour of the Orpheum Theatres, with His Company in a delightful comedy sketch—and tales of the studios—assisted by his marvelous Great Dane
September 22, 1928 (Saturday)
Soft Living (Madge Bellamy)
Vaudeville—including 2 big headliners direct from the Orpheum
Paul Yocan and company in "Artistic Moments", a full stage of special scenery
Hector and His Gang—Those lovable canines from Hollywood
Downing and Fletcher—Late features of the Hollywood Music Box Revue in "Burlesque up to date"
Muriel Dae—Musically different. A beautiful and accomplished girl in a pleasing musicale.
September 23-25, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Night Watch (Billie Dove)
Hold 'er Cowboy (comedy short)
Koko cartoon
September 26-28, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Mating Call (Thomas Meighan, Evelyn Brent)
Gloom Chaser (Big Boy comedy short)
September 29, 1928 (Saturday)
None But the Brave (Charles Morton)
Tarzan the Mighty (serial)
Walters and Vivian—A sensation
Clayton Drew Players—A screaming travesty on Shakespeare
Ellery and Cooper—Dainty clever misses
Lewis and Lavan in a rural classic
September 30-October 2, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Docks of New York (George Bancroft, Betty Compson)
October 3-5, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Cop (William Boyd)
Motor Boat Mamas (comedy short)
October 6, 1928 (Saturday)
Woman Wise (William Russell, June Collyer)
Special pictures of the Stanford "Frosh" "Soph" Rush!
Four Americans—An Indian novelty
Washington Jackson—The dancing presidents
The Lampinos—Comedy, mystery and thrills
Newhoff and Phelps in Tuneful Tales
October 7-9, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Foreign Legion (Lewis Stone)
October 10-12, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Tenth Avenue (Phyllis Haver, Victor Varconi)
October 13, 1928 (Saturday)
The Scarlet Lady (Lya de Putti)
Foursome Quartette—A quartette of comedy vocalists "Hear 'em!"
Duboce and Babette—A clever bicycle novelty
McNaughton and Nichols—Comedy talk—"She's not a phonograph!"
Capt. McIntyre and Co.—The world's greatest rifle shot
October 14-16, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Craig's Wife (Irene Rich, Warner Baxter)
October 17-19, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Michigan Kid (Renee Adoree, Conrad Nagel)
October 20, 1928 (Saturday)
Tillie's Punctured Romance (W.C. Fields, Louise Fazenda)
Vaudeville—"Our big jubilee vaudeville program—vaudeville is a year old this week at the new Stanford"
The Musical Gobs—A sextette of syncopated musical entertainers with a flock of hot numbers–and how!
Johnson and McIntosh in "A little bit of everything"—Two very clever boys
Ergotti in a European novelty "Footology"—Some very unique stunts in jugglery
The Kayton Sisters in "Dance Frivolities"—Three beautiful girls and they can dance, too
October 21-23, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Sunrise (Janet Gaynor, George O'Brien)
October 24-26, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Take Me Home (Bebe Daniels)
October 27, 1928 (Saturday)
The Escape (Virginia Valli, William Russell)
Kane's Serenaders—Radio and recording artists—Seven peppy South Sea Island entertainers
Shirley and Grant in "Tues and Taps"
Three Kays offering "Acrobatic Novelties"
La Boheme Trio—Character harmony funsters—Clever comedy numbers interspersed with plenty of laughs
October 28-30, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Four Sons (Margaret Mann, James Hall)
Elbert La Chelle sings "Little Mother" (live)
October 31-November 2, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Me, Gangster (June Collyer, Don Terry)
November 3, 1928 (Saturday)
Jazz Mad (Marian Nixon)
Flo Lewis—Big time musical comedy star
Burt Lamar—That flexible fellow
Fox and Ferris—Two American beauties
Dorothy's Circus—A miniature reminder of the Big Tops—Ponies, dogs, monkeys
November 4-6, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Out of the Ruins (Richard Barthelmess)
November 7-9, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The River Pirate (Victor McLaglen)
November 10, 1928 (Saturday)
Show Girl (Alice White)
Cameo Revue—Eight beautiful girls in "Youth-Pep-Personality"
Jack Harris—Novelty balancer
Nassau Trio—Marimbaphone experts
Melvin O'Brien and Co.—Bits of this and that
November 11-13, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Red Dance (Dolores Del Rio, Charles Farrell)
November 14-16, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Moran of the Marines (Richard Dix, Ruth Elder)
November 17, 1928 (Saturday)
Silks and Saddles (Marion Nixon)
Tarzan the Mighty (serial)
Mantell's Manikins—Orpheum headliners offering "Marionette WOnders"
Hayes Bros. in "Just two boys"
Three Dears—Acrobatic novelty
Grace Adelphi & Co., direct from Oakland Orpheum in "Songs and Dance"
November 18-20, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Mother Machree (Belle Bennett)
November 21-23, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Beggars of Life (Wallace Beery, Louise Brooks)
Stanford Band—Thursday only (live)
November 24, 1928 (Saturday)
Phyllis of the Follies (Alice Day)
Tarzan the Mighty in Jaws of Death (serial)
De La Plaza and Juanita, assisted by Senorita Beval and the Arabian Serenaders—8 People 8—offering "International Revue"
Duke Johnson "Watch the Quadrille"
Al and Eleta Cronin "Novelty Bits"
Gerald Griffin "Ireland's Sweetest Tenor"
November 25-27, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Air Circus (Sue Carol, Louise Dresser)
Pictures of the Stanford-Cal game
November 28-30, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Night Bird (Reginald Denny)
Scenes of Eruption of Mt. Etna
December 1, 1928 (Saturday)
The News Parade (Sally Phipps, Nick Stuart)
Tarzan the Mighty (serial)
LaRue and Taylor—Taps and Tunes
Chang and Law—Chinese musical novelty
Mack and Larue—Sensational skaters
Janis and Chaplow—It pays to advertise
December 2-4, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Woman Disputed (Norma Talmadge, Gilbert Roland)
December 5-7, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
His Private Life (Adolph Menjou, Kathryn Carver)
December 8, 1928 (Saturday)
The Glorious Trail (Ken Maynard)
The Wolgasts—Syncopated string symphonists
W. Dornfield—Tricks and chatter
Bushman and Henckle—Tap tactics
Ernesto Acquero and Co.—A Spanish Fantasy
December 9-11, 1928 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Outcast (Corinne Griffith)
December 12-14, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Steamboat Bill, Jr. (Buster Keaton)
December 15, 1928 (Saturday)
The Haunted House (Chester Conklin, Thelma Todd)
Tarzan the Mighty (serial)
George and Willie Hale in "Just Arguing"
The Barleys—Aerialists Supreme
Scotty Weston—Novelty dancer
Seven Rangers—the Record Stars
December 16-19, 1928 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Battle of the Sexes (Jean Hersholt, Phyllis Haver)
Padding Co-Eds (Collegians comedy short)
December 20-22, 1928 (Tuesday–Saturday)
Adoration (Billie Dove)
December 23, 1928 (Sunday)
Honeymoon Flats (George Lewis, Dorothy Gulliver)
Tarzan the Mighty, chapter 14 (serial)
Joe Rolley and Co. "On the Boardwalk"
Jean and Jeanette—Acrobatic dancing
Mahon and Wurtig—Two boys from Texas
Meladas the Great—Magician and illusionist
December 24-25, 1928 (Monday–Tuesday)
Manhattan Cocktail (Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen)
December 26-28, 1928 (Wednesday–Friday)
Submarine (Jack Holt)
December 29, 1928 (Saturday)
The Gate Crasher (Patsy Ruth Miller, Glenn Tryon)
Tarzan the Mighty, last chapter (serial)
Jim Fulton and Co. "A Comedy Sketch"
Brice and White—Two boys about town
Lucille Enderly—Novelty vocalist
Dance Tactics—A bigtime act
December 30-31, 1928 (Sunday–Monday)
A Lady of Chance (Norma Shearer)