January 1, 1927 (Saturday)
Man of the Forest (Jack Holt, Georgia Hale)
January 2, 1927 (Sunday)
Across the Pacific (Monte Blue, Myrna Loy)
January 3-5, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Three Bad Men (George O'Brien, Olive Borden)
The Blonde's Revenge (Ben Turpin comedy short)
January 6-7, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Love 'em and Leave 'em (Evelyn Brent, Louise Brooks)
Live—Maurice Gunsky, Victor & KPO Artist in "In Radioland"
January 8, 1927 (Saturday)
Stepping Along (Johnny Hines)
Thundering Fleas (Our Gang comedy short)
January 9, 1927 (Sunday)
The Gay Deceiver (Lew Cody, Marceline Day)
January 10-12, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Private Izzy Murphy (George Jessel)
Stanford–Alabama Game Pictures (newsreel)
January 13-14, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Just Another Blonde (Dorothy Mackaill, Louise Brooks)
Get 'em Young (Our Gang comedy short)
January 15, 1927 (Saturday)
The Devil Horse (Rex the Wonder Horse)
January 16, 1927 (Sunday)
The Silent Lover (Milton Sills, Natalie Kingston)
January 17-19, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Twinkletoes (Colleen Moore)
Flirty Fourflushers (Mack Sennett comedy)
January 20-21, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Blonde or Brunette (Adolphe Menjou, Greta Nissen)
Unit Four (Smith Family comedy short)
On stage—"Jazzmania" with Harding and Harding "Two Dark Spots of Joy", famous entertainers presenting "The Black Bottom" (that Broadway craze)
Milt Franklyn and His Band of Soloists
January 22, 1927 (Saturday)
A Little Journey (Claire Windsor, William Haines)
Say It with Babies (Glenn Tryon comedy short)
January 23, 1927 (Sunday)
God Gave Me Twenty Cents (Lois Moran, Lya de Putti)
January 24-26, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Hotel Imperial (Pola Negri)
Mum's the Word (Charley Chase comedy short)
January 27-28, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Faust (Emil Jannings)
"Entertainment for Particular People" Metropolitan Opera Co. star Enrico Jean Balleau offering "Gems from Great Opera" with Milt Franklyn's Orchestra
January 29, 1927 (Saturday)
The Blonde Saint (Lewis Stone, Doris Kenyon)
The Window Dummy (Ralph Graves comedy short)
January 30, 1927 (Sunday)
Butterflies in the Rain (Laura LaPlante, James Kirkwood)
January 31-February 2, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Cheerful Fraud (Reginald Denny)
Anything Once (Mabel Normand comedy short)
Felix the Cat cartoon
Elbert La Chelle sings "It Made You Happy" (live)
February 3-4, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Paradise for Two (Richard Dix, Betty Bronson)
Uve Hartmann, the Boy from Stanford "Duke of the Uke" with Franklyn's Band of Soloists
February 5, 1927 (Saturday)
Fig Leaves (George O'Brien, Olive Borden)
Wandering Papas (Andy Clyde comedy short)
February 6, 1927 (Sunday)
Midnight Lovers (Lewis Stone, Anna Q. Nilsson)
February 7-9, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Kid Brother (Harold Lloyd)
February 10-11, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Potters (W.C. Fields)
Live—May Garcia and Her Girls with Milt Franklyn and His Boys offer Novelty Act "In Dutch"
February 12, 1927 (Saturday)
Finger Prints (Louise Fazenda)
One Sunday Morning (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
Pathé News
February 13, 1927 (Sunday)
Love's Greatest Mistake (Evelyn Brent, William Powell)
February 14-16, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
It (Clara Bow)
Movie Land (Lupino Lane comedy short)
February 17-18, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Lunatic at Large (Leon Errol, Dorothy Mackaill)
On stage—Jaunito and Rocelia with Milt Franklyn and His Band
February 19, 1927 (Saturday)
The Perfect Sap (Ben Lyon)
February 20, 1927 (Sunday)
Nobody's Widow (Leatrice Joy)
February 21-23, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Red Mill (Marion Davies)
Be Your Age (Charley Chase comedy short)
February 24-25, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Nervous Wreck (Harrison Ford, Phyllis Haver)
The Nickle Hopper (Mable Normand comedy short)
On stage—Milt Franklyn's Band with "Those Three Entertainers"
February 26, 1927 (Saturday)
New York (Ricardo Cortez, Lois Wilson, William Powell)
February 27, 1927 (Sunday)
The Lady in Ermine (Corinne Griffith)
February 28-March 2, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Michael Strogoff (Ivan Moskine) "Europe's Screen Idol"
March 3-4, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Music Master (Alex B. Francis, Lois Moran)
Live—Milt Franklyn's Band with Alika and Frederika in a new act "Venetian Nights"
March 5, 1927 (Saturday)
The Wrong Mr. Wright (Jean Hersholt, Enid Bennett)
Buster Brown comedy short
March 6, 1927 (Sunday)
The Show (John Gilbert, Renee Adoree)
March 7-9, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Let It Rain (Douglas MacLean, Shirley Mason)
45 Minutes from Hollywood (Hal Roach comedy short)
Aesop's Fable (cartoon)
Elbert La Chelle sings "Song of the Wanderer" (live)
March 10-11, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Demi-Bride (Norma Shearer, Lew Cody)
Should Sleepwalkers Marry? (Mack Sennett comedy short)
On stage "Minstrel Show Days" with Franklyn's Band and Three Black Aces
March 12, 1927 (Saturday)
The Auctioneer (George Sidney)
March 13, 1927 (Sunday)
Mysterious Rider (Jack Holt)
March 14-16, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Scarlet Letter (Lillian Gish)
March 17-18, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
A Kiss in a Taxi (Bebe Daniels)
Live—Milt Franklyn's Band with 5 entertainers in "Ireland"
March 19-20, 1927 (Saturday–Sunday)
Easy Pickings (Anna Q. Nilsson)
March 21, 1927 (Monday)
Rubber Tires (Harrison Ford, Bessie Love)
Live—Monday only—University of Utah Glee Club, 36 people in vocal and instrumental numbers!
"The best evening's entertainment ever offered on the Peninsula."
March 22-23, 1927 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Return of Peter Grimm (Alec B. Francis, Janet Gaynor)
Live—Girls! Gowns! Music! Roose Bros. Spring Fashion Show
March 24, 1927(Thursday–Friday)
Blind Alleys (Thomas Meighan)
Should Men Walk Home? (Mabel Normand comedy short)
Live—Milt Franklyn and His Band and Associate Artists in "A Follies Idea"
March 26, 1927 (Saturday)
A Wolf's Clothing (Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller)
March 27, 1927 (Sunday)
The Sea Tiger (Milton Sills, Mary Astor)
March 28-30, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Casey at the Bat (Wallace Beery)
March 31-April 1, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Evening Clothes (Adolphe Menjou, Louise Brooks)
Tell 'em Nothing (Charley Chase comedy short)
On stage—Kane's Hawaiians, celebrated entertainers and KPO radio artists
with Milt Franklyn's Band of Soloists
April 2, 1927 (Saturday)
The Third Degree (Dolores Costello)
Teacher, Teacher (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
April 3, 1927 (Sunday)
Man Bait (Marie Prevost, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.)
April 4-6, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday
The Fire Brigade (May McAvoy, Charles Ray)
April 7-8, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Getting Gertie's Garter (Marie Prevost)
On stage—Nina Hinds and Pearl Leonard with Milt Franklyn's Band in "Half a Ton of Melody and Fun"
April 9, 1927 (Saturday)
The Love Thrill (Laura LaPlante)
The Plumber's Day (Mack Sennett comedy short)
La Chelle at the organ
April 10, 1927 (Sunday)
Summer Bachelors (Madge Bellamy, Allan Forrest)
April 11-12, 1927 (Monday–Tuesday)
Orchids and Ermine (Colleen Moore)
Howdy Do (Lupino Lane comedy short)
April 13, 1927 (Wednesday)
Live show—"Castles in the Air" A company of 80, orchestra of 15, the musical comedy triumph of many seasons, with Eva Olivotti
April 14-15, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Special Delivery (Eddie Cantor, William Powell)
Live—Milt Franklyn's Band "Twenty minutes of music and fun"
April 16, 1927 (Saturday)
Afraid to Love (Florence Vidor, Clive Brook)
April 17, 1927 (Sunday)
Fashions for Women (Esther Ralston)
April 18-20, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday
Tell It to the Marines (Lon Chaney, Eleanor Boardman)
April 21-22, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Understanding Heart (Joan Crawford, Rockliffe Fellowes)
On stage—The Kirksmith Sisters with Milt Franklyn and His Band of Soloists
April 23, 1927 (Saturday)
Ritzy (Betty Bronson, James Hall)
April 24, 1927 (Sunday)
Cabaret (Gilda Gray)
April 25-26, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
McFadden's Flats (Charles Murray, Chester Conklin)
April 28-29, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
An Affair of the Follies (Billie Dove, Lewis Stone)
Milt Franklyn in a Big Stage Act
April 30, 1927 (Saturday)
The Taxi Dancer (Joan Crawford, Owen Moore)
Have Courage (Sailor Billy Dooley comedy short)
May 1, 1927 (Sunday)
Alters of Desire (Mae Murray, Conway Tearle)
May 2-4, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Mr. Wu (Lon Chaney, Renee Adoree)
May 5-6, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Telephone Girl (Madge Bellamy, Warner Baxter)
Live—Milt Franklyn and His Versatile Band
May 7, 1927 (Saturday)
Johnnie Get Your Hair Cut (Jackie Coogan)
May 8, 1927 (Sunday)
Three Hours (Corinne Griffith)
May 9-11, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Children of Divorce (Clara Bow, Esther Ralston)
Are Brunettes Safe? (Charley Chase comedy short)
Aesop's Fable (cartoon)
May 12-13, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Knockout Reilly (Richard Dix, Mary Brian)
On stage—Franklyn's Band with Mildred and Lewis, Apache Dancers
May 14, 1927 (Saturday)
Tip Toes (Dorothy Gish, Will Rogers)
May 15, 1927 (Sunday)
The Brute (Monte Blue, Leila Hyams)
May 16-18, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Don Juan (John Barrymore, Mary Astor)
Jolly Jilter (Ben Turpin comedy short)
May 19-20, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Venus of Venice (Constance Talmadge, Antonio Moreno)
On stage—Henry Warner "The Newsboy Tenor" direct from his triumphant engagement at the Granada Theatre, San Francisco
Live—Milt Franklyn's Band of Soloists
May 21-22, 1927 (Saturday–Sunday)
The Night Bride (Marie Prevost)
May 23-25, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Long Pants (Harry Langdon
Live—Elbert La Chelle on the organ
On stage—"Charles Zimmy, legless swimming wonder who conquered the Golden Gate, now training for the Wrigley $50,000 marathon swim at Lake George, Canada, appearing each evening in a special tank!"
May 26-27, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Senorita (Bebe Daniels, James Hall)
The Honorable Mr. Bug (Hal Roach comedy short with Anna Mae Wong)
On stage—Eddie Love with the Stanford Band in a massive stage act "And How!" with George Williams, popular singer over radio KFWI
May 28, 1927 (Saturday)
Lovers (Ramon Navarro, Alice Terry)
May 29, 1927 (Sunday)
The Climbers (Irene Rich, Clyde Cook)
Sailors Beware (Billy Dooley comedy short)
May 30-June 1, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Yankee Clipper (Elinor Fair, William Boyd)
One Mamma Man (Charley Chase comedy short)
June 2-3, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Wedding Bills (Raymond Griffith)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Stanford Band in "Lanterns" with the Five Stanford Dancing Girls
Live—Elbert La Chelle at the big organ
Stanford's Ten Handsomest Males—students who won honors at the recent screentest conducted on campus by First National Pictures—Ten future movie heroes including Bill Hoffman and Ted Shipkey appear on the screen.
June 4, 1927 (Saturday)
The World at Her Feet (Florence Vidor)
June 5, 1927 (Sunday)
Frisco Sally Levy (Sally O'Neil)
June 6-8, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Rough House Rosie (Clara Bow)
Lindbergh Flight pictures "The Race to Paris" (newsreel)
June 9-10, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Ankles Preferred (Madge Bellamy, Lawrence Gray)
On stage—Milt Franklyn with His Syncopated Stanford Band in a big stage hit featuring Herb Polk, Palo Alto's operatic baritone
June 11, 1927 (Saturday)
White Gold (Jetta Goudal)
June 12, 1927 (Sunday)
Drums of the Desert (Warner Baxter)
June 13-15, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Captain Salvation (Lars Hanson, Ernest Torrence)
June 16-17, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Fast and Furious (Reginald Denny)
Crazy to Act (Sennett comedy short)
On stage -Farewell to Milt Franklyn, he makes his final appearance with the Stanford band in a stage act featuring those famous comics The Guthertz Brothers in a setting designed and executed by Ray Hardy
June 18, 1927 (Saturday)
See You in Jail (Jack Mulhall, Alice Day)
On stage—Palo Alto's Public School Band, 55 pieces, under the direction of C.A. Davidson
June 19, 1927 (Sunday)
Fighting Love (Jetta Goudal)
June 20-22, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Rookies (Karl Dane, George K. Arthur)
Forgotten Sweetie (Charley Chase comedy short)
Hy Meyer cartoon
La Chelle at the organ (live)
June 23-24, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Tillie the Toiler (Marion Davies)
On stage—Eddie Love with the Stanford Band and Harry Warner, Newsboy Tenor from KFI
June 25, 1927 (Saturday)
Rubber Heels (Chester Conklin)
June 26, 1927 (Sunday)
The Sunset Derby (William Collier, Jr., Mary Astor)
June 27-29, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Love of Sunya (Gloria Swanson, John Boles)
June 30-July 1, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
What Price Glory (Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe) "The Cinema Treat of the Season"
On the Stage, nights only—An Atmospheric prologue conceived by Ray Hardy "A Night at at French Tavern" with Ethelyn Davis and the Golden Gate Trio
Musical setting for "What Price Glory" synchronized by Schwartz and the augmented Stanford symphony orchestra
July 2, 1927 (Saturday)
A Million Bid (Dolores Costello)
Ten Years Old (Our Gang comedy short)
July 3, 1927 (Sunday)
The Black Diamond Express (Monte Blue)
July 4-6, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Lost at the Front (George Sidney, Charles Murray)
Jail Birdies (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
July 7-8, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Time to Love! (Raymond Griffith)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Stanford Band in "A Rose Idea" with Princess Kuma Kailani, Hawaiian dance, in her interpretation of the Hula and the Black Bottom and Caroline Wells, Palo Alto soprano
July 9, 1927 (Saturday)
The Magic Garden (Margaret Morris, Raymond Keane)
July 10, 1927 (Sunday)
Rolled Stockings (Louise Brooks)
Desert Fancies (Buck Jones)
(First of a series of Summer double bills)
July 11-13, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday
The Better 'Ole (Syd Chaplin)
Bigger and Better Blondes (Charley Chase comedy short)
July 14-15, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Slide, Kelly, Slide (William Haines, Sally O'Neil)
On stage—"Wooden Soldiers" with the Stanford Girls, eight of them, and of course Eddie Love and the band
July 16, 1927 (Saturday)
No Control (Harrison Ford, Phyllis Haver)
A Love Sundae (Alice Day)
July 17, 1927 (Sunday)
Slaves of Beauty (Olive Tell, Sue Carol)
The Last Outlaw (Gary Cooper)
July 18-20, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Unknown (Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford)
Monty of the Mounted (Lupino Lane comedy short)
Novelty scenic
Grantland Rice sportlight
Elbert La Chelle's organ music (live)
July 21-22, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Man Power (Richard Dix, Mary Brian)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Band in "Ship Ahoy"
July 23, 1927 (Saturday)
Framed (Milton Sills)
Sennett comedy short
July 24, 1927 (Sunday)
On Ze Boulevard (Lew Cody, Renee Adoree)
The Prairie King (Hoot Gibson)
July 25-26, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Rough Riders (Noah Beery, Charles Farrell)
"with a stirring musical score played by Elbert La Chelle at the Organ"
July 28-29, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Naughty But Nice (Colleen Moore)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Band in "Delighted"
July 30, 1927 (Saturday)
White Pants Willie (Johnny Hines)
July 31, 1927 (Sunday)
Lonesome Ladies (Lewis Stone, Anna Q. Nilsson)
August 1-3, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Barbed Wire (Pola Negri)
August 4-5, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Running Wild (W.C. Fields)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Stanford Band in the pretentious stage hit "Shadows"
August 6, 1927 (Saturday)
Beware of Widows (Laura La Plante)
August 7, 1927 (Sunday)
Dearie (Irene Rich)
The Land Beyond the Law (Ken Maynard)
August 8-10, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
August 11, 1927 (Thursday)
Sensation Seekers (Billie Dove, Huntley Gordon)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Band in "Ten O'Clock Rehearsal"
August 12, 1927 (Friday)
Live show "The Angel in the House" with Gordon Davis—In merrie England they guffawed! Polite London said "...fresh, vivid, exquisite... the funniest comedy seen in an English theatre in years"
Eddie Love conducting the Stanford Theatre orchestra in concert before the performance and in entre act.
August 13-14, 1927 (Saturday–Sunday)
His Dog (Joseph Schildkraut, Julia Faye)
First Night (Mack Sennett comedy short)
Pathé review
August 15, 1927 (Monday)
Broadway Nights (Lois Wilson)
Good as Gold (Buck Jones)
August 16-17, 1927 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Way of All Flesh (Emil Jannings)
August 18-19, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Callahans and the Murphys (Marie Dressler, Polly Moran)
On stage—Eddie Love and the Stanford band in "Monkey Business"
August 20, 1927 (Saturday)
The Notorious Lady (Lewis Stone, Anna Q. Nilsson)
August 21, 1927 (Sunday)
Simple Sis (Louise Fazenda)
Traveling West (Tom Mix)
August 22-24, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
An Appreciation by J. Edward Lowery, Managing Director, New Stanford Theatre "Metropolis is a tribute to German artistry. No cinema offering has equaled its marvelous photography, surpassing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. It is quite the best Impressionistic motion picture ever produced and during its three-day run should make many new patrons of the movies."
Elbert La Chelle at the Organ (live)
August 25-26, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Service for Ladies (Adolphe Menjou)
On stage—Farewell appearance—Eddie Love and the Band
Elmer Vincent at the organ (live)
August 27, 1927 (Saturday)
The Monkey Talks (Olive Borden)
August 28, 1927 (Sunday)
Marriage (Virginia Valli)
The Devil's Score (Ken Maynard)
Musical scores by one of America's greatest concert organists, Elmer Vincent, and always impeccable service by our house staff
August 29-31, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Mockery (Lon Chaney)
Saturday Afternoon (Harry Langdon comedy short)
September 1-2, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Poor Nut (Jack Mulhall)
September 3, 1927 (Saturday)
Hard Boiled Haggerty (Milton Sills)
September 4, 1927 (Sunday)
Nevada (Gary Cooper, Thelma Todd)
What Happened to Father? (Warner Oland)
September 5-7, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Beau Geste (Ronald Colman)
Elmer Vincent at the Stanford organ, playing a special musical score
September 8-9, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Hula (Clara Bow)
Elmer Vincent at the Organ
September 10-11, 1927 (Saturday)
Ten Modern Commandments (Esther Ralston)
Love My Dog (Our Gang comedy short)
Pathé Review
Elmer Vincent at the Organ
September 12-14, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Fireman Save My Child (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
What Women Did for Me (Charley Chase comedy short)
September 15-16, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Twelve Miles Out (John Gilbert, Joan Crawford)
Bumping Into Broadway (Harold Lloyd comedy short)
September 17, 1927 (Saturday)
For the Love of Mike (Ben Lyon, Claudette Colbert)
On stage—Eddie Harkness and His Victor Recording Orchestra and KFRC Entertainers, direct from the Hotel Mark Hopkins in a musical revue
September 18, 1927 (Sunday)
Horseshoes (Monty Banks)
No Man's Law (Rex the Wonder Horse)
September 19-21, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Topsy and Eva (the Duncan Sisters)
Tie That Bull (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
Felix the Cat cartoon
September 22-23, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
After Midnight (Norma Shearer, Lawrence Gray)
Smith's Fishing Trip (Pathé comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Elmer Vincent at the console (live)
September 24, 1927 (Saturday)
Is Zat So? (George O'Brien, Edmund Lowe)
His Better Half (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
September 25, 1927 (Sunday)
The Studio Secret (Olive Borden)
A Hero on Horseback (Hoot Gibson)
September 26-28, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Country Doctor (Rudolph Schildkraut)
Why Girls Love Sailors (Hal Roach comedy short)
Horses, Horses (Sportlight)
September 29-30, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Cheating Cheaters (Kenneth Harlan, Betty Compson)
The College Kids (Sennett comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Elmer Vincent at the organ (live)
October 1, 1927 (Saturday)
The Rejunivation of Aunt Mary (Mae Robson, Harrison Ford)
Tired Businessmen (Our Gang comedy short)
October 2, 1927 (Sunday)
Smile, Brother, Smile (Jack Mulhall, Dorothy Mackaill)
October 3-5, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
College (Buster Keaton)
With Love and Kisses (Hal Roach comedy short)
Felix the Cat cartoon
Elmer Vincent at the organ (live)
October 6-7, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Life of Riley (George Sidney, Charles Murray)
October 8, 1927 (Saturday)
We're All Gamblers (Thomas Meighan)
On stage—Davidson and His Palo Alto Junior Band combined with Palo Alto Police Band
October 9, 1927 (Sunday)
Babe Comes Home (Babe Ruth)
October 10-12, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Out All Night (Reginald Denny)
The Lighter that Failed (Charley Chase)
On stage—Guido Deiro, internationally known as the World's Greatest Accordianist, direct from the Orpheum Circuit (Exclusive Columbia Record Artist)
October 13-14, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
Swim Girl Swim (Bebe Daniels, Gertrude Ederle)
On stage—Direct from the Orpheum! Long Tack Sam and Company, the greatest mystifiers of them all—China's prettiest girls, the Misses Mi-Na and Nee-Sa Long. Gorgeous brocaded scenery, a fortune in Chinese robes—Thrilling Mystifying Laughable Spectacular—Not another act like it in the world! Don't miss it!
October 15-16, 1927 (Saturday)
A Gentleman of Paris (Adolph Menjou)
Stanford/USC football pictures
October 17-19, 1927 (Monday–Wednesday)
Shanghai Bound (Richard Dix)
Should a Mason Tell? (Pathé comedy short)
Songs of Scotland
Elbert La Chelle on the Organ (live)
October 20-21, 1927 (Thursday–Friday)
The Dropkick (Richard Barthelmess)
Oh Mummy (Paramount comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Sailor Beware (Roach comedy short)
October 22, 1927 (Saturday)
The Prince of Headwaiters (Lewis Stone)
Ray Salzer and His Band with Marjorie Lebonveau "Hits and Bits of Music"
Loretta Ellery and Betty Cooper, Novelty Staircase Dancers
Harry LaVail and Sister, direct from the Orpheum
Davis and Sanford in "A Bit of Dixieland", delightful songs and Dixie humor
October 23-25, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Cat and the Canary (Laura LaPlante)
October 26-28, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Fair Co-Ed (Marion Davies)
Oh Mummy (Paramount comedy short)
La Chelle on the Organ (live)
October 29, 1927 (Saturday)
Colleen (Madge Bellamy)
Holloway and Deloring, dancers
Willie Santrey and Brother, Sensational Gymnasts
Quinn and Meeker, Comedy wow in "Lemon City"
International Four, comedy, harmony, musical moments
October 30-November 1, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The Fighting Eagle (Rod La Rocque, Phyllis Haver)
November 2-4, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
Spring Fever (William Haines, Joan Crawford)
The Glorious Fourth (Our Gang comedy short)
November 5, 1927 (Saturday)
Back to God's Country (Renee Adoree)
Valencia, Wizard of the Air, European Wonder
Mildred and Meta, Two Melody Girls
California Four, 4 Harmony Hounds
Loretta's Novelties, Thrilling-Startling-Amazing, Comedy Galore-It's a wow!
November 6-8, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Monte Cristo (John Gilbert)
November 9-11, 1927 (Wednesday$ndash;Friday)
Tell It to Sweeney (Chester Conklin, George Bancroft)
Wedding Wows (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the organ (live)
November 12-14, 1927 (Saturday)
One Woman to Another (Florence Vidor)
Alarcon Varieties, Spanish Troubadors
Piggly Wiggly Trio, Radio Stars
Dick Hunter, Caruso of the Ferries
Hazel Stallings, America's Premier Whistler
November 13-15, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
American Beauty (Billie Dove)
The Way of All Pants (Charley Chase)
November 16-18, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
Becky (Sally O'Neil, Owen Moore)
Find the King (Edward Everett Horton comedy short)
November 19, 1927 (Saturday)
The College Widow (Dolores Costello)
Nora Kelly, Ireland's own comedienne, with Nat Goldstein at the piano
Terrell and Hanley in "Burlesque Moments" a big time bit of real comedy
The Six Rose Buds, clever and beautiful girls in a snappy revue of song and dance
Pierce and Porter, Funologists
November 20-22, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
The City Gone Wild (Thomas Meighan)
Twenty Legs Under the Sea (comedy short)
La Chelle at the organ (live)
November 23-25, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
She's a Sheik (Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen)
A Fool and His Money (comedy short)
Elbert La Chelle at the organ (live)
November 26, 1927 (Saturday)
Publicity Madness (Lois Moran, Edmund Lowe)
Dukeart, Moments of Mirth in Mud
Trio Supreme, 3 Girls and 3 harps
Evans and Weaver, Two fast Dixie steppers
Francis St. George from KMTR Hollywood "The Jazzmania Girl"
November 27-29, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Jesse James (Fred Thomson)
November 30-December 2, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
Dress Parade (William Boyd, Bessie Love)
Should Husbands Come First? (Hal Roach comedy short)
Red Hot Sands (Aesop's Fable cartoon)
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
December 3, 1927 (Saturday)
Live show—The Great Necker "A Naughty Play for Nice People" starring Taylor Holmes former star of "No, No, Nanette",
original company and production direct from five months at Belasco Theatre, Los Angeles
Don't stand in line for seats. Box office open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
December 4-6, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Now We're in the Air (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
December 7-9, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
Get Your Man (Clara Bow)
Short Socks (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
December 10, 1927 (Saturday)
Madame Pompadour (Dorothy Gish)
Harry Waiman and His Debutantes
Phil La Tosca, the Jesting Juggler
Gerald and Hoag
Dizzy Hank, the World's most human horse "It's a horse on you!"
December 11-13, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Man, Woman and Sin (John Gilbert, Jeanne Eagles)
December 14-16, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
The Gay Defender (Richard Dix, Thelma Todd)
Dad's Choice (Edward Everett Horton)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
December 17, 1927 (Saturday)
A Harp in Hock (Rudolph Schildkraut)
Clinton Sisters, direct from the Orpheum
A Night in Hawaii, 8 people, special scenery
Bob White "The Whistling Doughboy"
Musical Walsh, the musical Andy Gump
December 18-20, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Body and Soul (Aileen Pringle, Norman Kerry)
Red Hot Bullets (comedy short)
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
December 21-23, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
Figures Don't Lie (Esther Ralston)
Live News (Johnny Arthur comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
Topics of the Day
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
December 24, 1927 (Saturday)
The Heart Thief (Joseph Schildkraut, Lya de Putti)
Big Holiday Program—Sonny Clay and His Brunswick Recording Orchestra, a Big All Colored Review
Featuring Norma Richards...sparkling sauberette, H.W. Prince...songs and funny stories, Stewart and Johnson...a little bit of everything
December 25-27, 1927 (Sunday–Tuesday)
Stark Love (Helen Munday)
Splash Yourself (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
December 28-30, 1927 (Wednesday–Friday)
Man Crazy (Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall)
December 31, 1927 (Saturday)
The Last Waltz (Liane Haid)
The Juvenile Follies, Fifteen clever kiddies in a song and dance review
Tex Martin "Talkin' and Ropin'"
Buell and De Maris "America's Ingenuous Acrobats"
Allan and Nichols "Eccentric Dance Wonders"