January 1-2, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Red Hot Tires (Patsy Ruth Miller, Monte Blue)
Maid in Morocco (Lupino Lane short)
January 3, 1926 (Sunday)
Sporting Life (Bert Lytell, Marian Nixon)
January 4-6, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Vanishing American (Richard Dix, Lois Wilson)
Have Mercy (comedy short)
Pictoral Proverb (short)
January 7, 1926 (Thursday)
A Broadway Lady (Evelyn Brent)
Echoes of Scotland - The Original Lads and Lassies from the Highlands with Kepple, the First and Champion Bass Drummer
Joe St. Onge Trio in a "Novelty Surprise"
Tudor Cameren and Charlie Dunbar in "The Apostles of Humor"
Pete George in a "Kitchen Musicale"
Fargo and White in a "Bit of Africanology"
January 8-9, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Where Was I? (Reginald Denny)
January 10-13, 1926 (Sunday–Wednesday)
Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney)
Slippery Feet (Bobby Vernon short)
Felix the Cat on the Job (cartoon)
January 14, 1926 (Thursday)
Fighting Demon (Richard Talmadge)
Hong Kong Troupe of Chinese Wonder Workers
Leo Kendall and Co. in "At the Studio"
Anthony—Whistler and Accordionist
Bingham and Myers in "Right off the Reel"
Dancing Kennedys in their own dance creations
January 15-16, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
King on Main Street (Adolphe Menjou, Bessie Love)
January 17, 1926 (Sunday)
A Woman of the World (Pola Negri)
Yukon Jake (Ben Turpin comedy short)
Our 6-Legged Friends (short)
Pathé News
January 18-20, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
A Kiss for Cinderella (Betty Bronson, Tom Moore)
Special Stage Presentation Portia Mansfield Dancers (Smith College graduates with a company of 12 solo and ensemble dancers)
January 21, 1926 (Thursday)
When Husbands Flirt (Dorothy Revier) "Everyone who saw this in San Jose says it's great!"
Art and Leone Revue with Louis Palazi in a medly of song and dance
Mantill and Flynn emulating "Sense and Nonsense"
Yamamoto Duo—That versatile Japanese pair
Two Daveys—Novelty Comedy Jugglers
Creighton and Byron in "Ain't She Dumb" by Will M. Cressy
January 22-23, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Woman Handled (Richard Dix)
Oh Teacher (comedy short)
Pathé news
January 24-25, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
The Enchanted Hill (Jack Holt, Florence Vidor)
January 26-27, 1926 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The American Venus (Esther Ralston, Ford Sterling)
Off His Beat (Walter Heirs comedy)
Felix the Cat cartoon
Elbert La Chelle at the console (live)
January 28, 1926 (Thursday)
Empty Hearts (John Bowers, Clara Bow)
The Act that Made Harry Langdon a Big Hit "Johnny's New Car"
Merris and Coughlin "Graduates of Harmony"
Emily Darrell in "Late for Rehearsal"
La Tour Trio in "Comic Bits and Novelty Hits"
Gordon and Day in "Mirthful Nonsense"
Price Adults .50¢, Children .25¢, Loges .75¢
January 29-31, 1926 (Friday–Sunday)
Classified (Corinne Griffith, Jack Mulhall)
Gee Whiz (Kennedy comedy)
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
February 1, 1926 (Monday)
Live Show Henry Duffy in George M. Cohan's latest comedy "The Song and Dance Man"
A Real Show, not a moving picture! Phone 40 for reservations. .50¢, $1.00, $1.50, tax 10% (except on .50¢ seats)
February 2-3, 1926 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Black Bird (Lon Chaney, Renee Adoree)
The Big Game Hunter (comedy short)
La Chelle at the Console (live)
February 4, 1926 (Thursday)
Headlines (Alice Joyce)
Lowell B. Drew (late of Geo. White's Scandals)
Mitzi Wyman in "At the Drug Store"
Four Merkle Sisters, Queens of Contortion
Flaherty and Stoning in "Vaudeville Tid Bits"
Thatcher, Devereaux and Adams in "Stepping Out"
Kennedy and Davies present "Fun in One"
February 5-6, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
What Happened to Jones (Reginald Denny)
February 7-8, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
Clothes Make the Pirate (Leon Errol, Dorothy Gish)
February 9-10, 1926 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Mannequin (Alice Joyce, Warner Baxter)
February 11, 1926 (Thursday)
Manhattan Madness (Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dempsey)
Vaudeville You will enjoy this show  Don't miss it!
Jim Fulton and Co., the Superior Character Comedian in "The Mayor and the Manicure", A Knockout Comedy by noted author Geo. Ade
The Great Emerson and Co "The Master Mystic" Phenomenal feats that will baffle and amaze you
Chas. Riley, America's greatest one hand balancer
Kelly and Browne, A classy singing and dancing offering
Two Rozellas in "Music with a Smile" Laughs! Music! Laughs! A big time novelty
February 12-13, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Behind the Front (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
La Chelle at the console (live)
February 14-17, 1926 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin)
February 18, 1926 (Thursday)
Under the Rouge (Tom Moore, Eileen Percy)
"Bits of This and That" A miniature revue
Vernon, the man who put "trill" in ventriloquest
Pat and Julia Levolo "Just Different"
Frank Sidney and Company "A morning in a Sportsman's Garden"
Walter Weems and Company with "Gick"
Adults .50¢, Children .25¢, Two shows 7 and 9
February 19-20, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Seven Sinners (Marie Prevost, Clive Brook)
February 21, 1926 (Sunday)
Under Western Skies (Norman Kerry, Ann Cornwall)
February 22-24, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Wanderer (Ernest Torrence, William Collier, Jr.)
La Chelle at the organ (live)
February 25, 1926 (Thursday)
Under the Rouge (Tom Moore, Eileen Percy)
Joe Bennett and Co. in "The Telephone Tangle"
Lamont and Jemery in "Dance Study and Songs"
Nora Kelly, Ireland's Comedienne, with Nat Goldstein at the piano
Ruth Howell Duo, America's Premier Aerialists featuring the only woman in America dowing a "Toe to Toe" Catch
Reed and Ray in "The Bull Fighter"
February 26-27, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Bluebeard's Wives (Blanche Sweet, Lois Wilson)
Framed (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
Elbert La Chelle singing "Don't Wake Me Up" (live)
February 28, 1926 (Sunday)
The Splendid Road (Anna Q. Nilsson, Lionel Barrymore)
Live Cowards (comedy short)
Pathé News
March 1-3, 1926 (Monday–Wednesdayday)
The Grand Duchess and the Waiter (Adolphe Menjou, Florence Vidor)
E. Max Bradfield and His Versatile Band of Syncopators (live) "One of the World's Best Radio Bands"
March 4, 1926 (Thursday)
The Pinch Hitters (Glenn Hunter)
Association Vaudeville Road Show
Headed by the famous Birds of Paradise with Chalfonte Sisters gorgeous settings for Deluxe Melody and Rhyme
Stuart Barnes, favorite singing comedian
Brady, Riddel and Murray in "Bits of Harmony"
Cody and Day in "Wednesday Night" by Paul Gerard Smith
Wilson Aubrey Trio, comedy gymnasts
March 5-6, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
The Eagle (Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Banky)
March 7-8, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
The Auction Block (Charles Roy, Eleanor Boardman)
March 9-10, 1926 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Masked Bride (Mae Murray)
The Amundsen Polar Flight (authentic motion picture log of the Amundsen-Ellsworth expedition)
Also—Roos Bros. Style Show with 10 Living Models and a Jazz Band
March 11, 1926 (Thursday)
The Lady from Hell (Blanche Sweet, Roy Stewart)
Associated Vaudeville Road Show tonight at 7:00 and 9:00
The Sensation of the Season "Cheating the Grave" The Mysterious Raffles and Company in his Death-Defying Illusion
Ed. E. Ford, the President of the Face Trust
Edmunds and La Velle "Two Shades in One"
Sylvester and Wirth, College Athletes
Harvey, Tillie and Fahy, Syncopated Steps and Melodies
March 12-13, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Cohens and the Kellys (George Sidney, Charles Murray)
Oh Buster (Buster Brown comedy short)
Pathé News
Elbert La Chelle at the console (live)
March 14, 1926 (Sunday)
The Girl from Montmarte (Barbara LaMarr, Lewis Stone)
Yes, Yes Babette (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
Pathé News
March 15-17, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Irene (Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes)
March 18, 1926  (Thursday)
The Million Dollar Handicap (Vera Reynolds, Edward Burns)
Special Vaudeville Six Act Show
Lapan and Bastedo in "Laughs of the Day"
Mimi and Pomme Co., with Midge Morrison and Garvin Twins "A Novelty Revue"
Bicknell, Modern Baker
Alex Melford Trio, Comedy Gymnasts
Hallen and Day "Oh! Jack"
With all acts participating in a great Comedy Afterpiece
March 19-20, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Song and Dance Man (Tom Moore, Bessie Love)
Fair but Foolish (comedy short)
Helen Wills vs. Lenglen Tennis Match - Pathé Views
Elbert La Chelle sings "I Never Knew" (live)
March 21-22, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
Dancing Mothers (Alice Joyce, Clara Bow)
Elbert La Chelle at the big organ during all performances
March 23-24, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Oh! What a Nurse (Syd Chaplin)
March 25, 1926 (Thursday)
The Wedding Song (Leatrice Joy)
Vaudeville for choice seats attend the matinee 2:30 pm, Children .10¢, Adults .50¢
Kiku and Yoshi, Japanese Equilibrists
Snell and Vernon "Artistic Diversions"
Tom Mahoney "He's vs. She's"
Currier and McWilliams "Jest Different"
Variety Bits - A Big Revue with Peggy McIntosh, Helene Rotova, Dwight Robbins, Wayne Bradford and Lou Sher at the piano
Elbert La Chelle at the Organ (live)
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
March 26-27, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The New Klondike (Thomas Meighan, Lila Lee)
Baby Blues (comedy short)
March 28, 1926 (Sunday)
The Goose Woman (Jack Pickford, Constance Bennett)
March 29-31, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Sea Beast (John Barrymore, Dolores Costello)
April 1, 1926  (Thursday)
The Danger Girl (Priscilla Dean)
5 Big Time Vaudeville Acts the best variety show of the year attend the matinee
Eddie Davis and His Girls "A Song and Dance Revue"
Jerome and Newell in "A Chink Episode"
Clark and Donnelly in a new comedy "All in Fun"
Stacy and Faye in their laugh skit "Just Nonsense"
Ledegar, Comedian in "Cleaning Up"
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
La Chelle at the Big Organ (live)
April 2-3, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Miss Brewster's Millions (Bebe Daniels, Warner Baxter)
Lickety Split (comedy short)
The Singing Cop (live) Mr. George Eldredge of Palo Alto will appear in person—your own officer from the local Police Dept. joins the Bay City Opera Co., Direction of Paul Steindorff, Sunday April 4, and this is your last opportunity to hear him!
April 4, 1926 (Sunday
Tumbleweeds (William S. Hart)
April 5-7, 1926  (Monday–Wednesday)
Lady Windemere's Fan (May McAvoy, Ronald Colman)
My Stars (comedy short)
Stanford/USC track meet pictures
April 8, 1926  (Thursday)
All Around Frying Pan (Fred Thomson and Silver King)
Vaudeville Variety Show
Daniels and Walters in "This and That"
Marie with her Four Ponies, Dogs and Monkeys "Entertaining Animal Act for the Whole Family"
Moore and Shy "Study in Contrasts"
Gene and Mary Enos "Strength and Beauty"
Eugene Emmett and Co. Offering "A Big Revue"
La Chelle at the organ (live)
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
April 9-10, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Let's Get Married (Richard Dix, Lois Wilson)
The Silvery Art (short)
Bachelor Daddies (comedy short)
April 11, 1926  (Sunday)
The Road to Yesterday (Joseph Schildkraut, Jetta Goudal)
April 12-14, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Beverly of Glaustark (Marion Davies, Antonio Moreno)
Remember When (Harry Langdon short)
April 15, 1926  (Thursday)
The Shadow of the Law (Clara Bow, Ralph Lewis)
Ginger Rogers, the Texas Charleston Champion with Earl Leach, Joe Butler in "The Houston Redheads"
Gold and Sunshine "An Oriental Rhapsody"
Grey and Byron in their comedy skit "The Weight of the Flapper"
Rogers and Gamble "Laugher and Learning"
Petet-LeAnna and Co. "A Silent Revue"
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
La Chelle at the big organ
April 16-17, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
That's My Baby (Douglas MacLean)
Flirting with Death (short, sequel to "The Silvery Art")
Elbert La Chelle sings "Remember" (live)
April 18-19, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
Desert Gold (Neil Hamilton, Shirley Mason)
April 20-21, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Just Suppose (Richard Barthelmess)
Treasures of the Vatican (short)
April 22, 1926  (Thursday)
The Great Love (Viola Dana, Chester Conklin)
George Wilson and Addie "As You Like It"
Eddy Martin "Dancing Entertainer"
Harmony Three, popular and plantation songs
Knorr-Rella and Co. in their original comedy playlet "The Battle Cry of Freedom"
Hubert Dyer and Co. "The Brainless Wonders"
April 23-24, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Untamed Lady (Gloria Swanson)
Dancing Daddies (Christy comedy short)
April 25, 1926 (Sunday)
The Yankee Señor (Tom Mix)
April 26-28, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Skinner's Dress Suit (Reginald Denny, Laura LaPlante)
April 29, 1926  (Thursday)
White Mice (Jacqueline Logan)
The Original Indian Jazz Review with Chief Howling Wolf and Princess Lillian "The Indian Syncopators"
World's Greatest Rifle Shot Capt. H.C. McIntyre with Rose McIntyre "The Human Target"
Willie Dunlay and Bessie Merrill, musical comedy stars in "So Long, Broadway"
Gracie May "Chinese Songbird"
Maxon and Morris "A Mirthful Oddity"
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
La Chelle at the Organ
A big special show at sensible prices, children .10¢, adults .50¢
April 30-May 1, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
A Social Celebrity (Adolphe Menjou, Louise Brooks)
Light Housekeeping (Mermaid comedy)
May 2, 1926 (Sunday)
Braveheart (Rod La Rocque, Lillian Rich)
May 3-5, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Kiki (Norma Talmadge, Ronald Colman)
May 6, 1926  (Thursday)
The Tough Guy (Fred Thomson)
Dan Tranger and Bon John's Girls, 8 people in 20 minute sketch "A Rainbow of Youth and Melody"
Tilyou and Rogers in "Show Me"
Jim and Flo Bogard "All in Fun"
Tranger and Georgette "Good Humor"
The LeRays, Famous Aerial Novelty "At the Golf Club"
La Chelle at the Big Organ (live)
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
May 7-8, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Watch Your Wife (Virginia Valli, Pat O'Malley)
Careful Please (Lloyd Hamilton short)
Paly High vs. San Jose Track Meet (short)
Elbert La Chelle sings "After I Say I'm Sorry" (live)
May 9, 1926  (Sunday)
Three Weeks in Paris (Matt Moore, Dorothy DeVore)
May 10-12, 1926  (Monday–Wednesday)
Mike (Sally O'Neil, William Haines)
Lucky Stars (Harry Langdon short)
May 13, 1926  (Thursday)
The Nutcracker (Edward Everett Horton, Mae Busch)
Lester the Great, Orpheum star and World's Foremost Ventriloquist
Four Dion Sisters "Texas Blue Girls"
Frank Evers and Co.
Yoki Japs "Cherry Blossoms from Japan"
Ray and Edna Tracy "Piano Eccentricities"
La Chelle at the Organ (live)
New Stanford Orchestra (live)
May 14-15, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Rainmaker (Ernest Torrence, William Collier, Jr.)
For Sadie's Sake (Jimmy Adams short)
May 16, 1926  (Sunday)
The Runaway (Clara Bow, Warner Baxter)
May 17-19, 1926  (Monday–Wednesday)
Sea Horses (Jack Holt, Florence Vidor)
May 20, 1926  (Thursday)
Ship of Souls (Lillian Rich, Bert Lytell)
Porter J. White and Co. in "The Visitor"
Walmsley and Keating in "Comicalities of Life"
Jim Willis "Musical Chatterbox"
Irma Balmus and Milo "Study in Art"
Hill and Quinell "Fun in a Park"
May 21-22, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Monte Carlo (Lew Cody, Gertrude Olmsted)
Home Cures (comedy)
May 23, 1926  (Sunday)
The Barrier (Norman Kerry, Lionel Barrymore)
May 24-26, 1926  (Monday–Wednesday)
It's the Old Army Game (W.C. Fields, Louise Brooks)
Making Movies on the Stage (live) - Berkova Productions of Hollywood - Laughter and enjoyment for all!
Cast to be selected from the audience! See yourself in motion pictures! Scenes taken of entire audience!
A 30-minute act, full of surprises. See how pictures are made. Watch pictures taken on street, next week Mon-Tue-Wed pictures will be shown here!
May 27, 1926  (Thursday)
The Unfair Sex (Hope Hampton, Nita Naldi)
Axel Christensen, the Orpheum star in "Sympo-Syncopation"
W.D. Pollard, Nut Comedian
Maytime—Youthful follies with Wheaton and Brown
Miller and Capman
Margot Francois—Novelty surprise
May 28-29, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Wet Paint (Raymond Griffith)
Nobody's Business (comedy short)
La Chelle sings "Here Comes Emaline" (live)
May 30, 1926  (Sunday)
The Palm Beach Girl (Bebe Daniels)
May 31-June 2, 1926  (Monday–Wednesday)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Harry Langdon)
Moving Pictures taken on our stage last Mon-Tues-Weds.
See "The Home Breaker"
June 3, 1926  (Thursday)
Broadway Boob (Glenn Hunter, Mildred Ryan)
Alfred Latell "World's Greatest Animal Actor"
Gordon Eldrid and Co. "Tit for Tat"
Mac and Daley "Skate Frolics"
Mabel Harper and Co.
Aeroplane Girls
June 4-5, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Brown of Harvard (William Haines, Mary Brian)
June 6, 1926  (Sunday)
His Jazz Bride (Marie Prevost, Matt Moore)
June 7-9, 1926  (Monday–Wednesday)
The Volga Boatman (William Boyd, Elinor Fair)
Elbert La Chelle sings "Song of the Volga Boatman" (live)
June 10, 1926  (Thursday)
Money Talks (Claire Windsor, Owen Moore)
Catherine Redfield and Co. of Six "Scenes Beautiful"
Mann Bros. "Two Jolly Sailors"
Drapier and Hendrie "Alabama Ham Drama"
Charles E. Semon "The Narrow Feller"
Blanche and Elliott "Speedy Steppers"
June 11-12, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Prince of Pilsen (Anita Stewart, George Sidney)
June 13-14, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
Born to the West (Jack Holt)
June 15-16, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Mademoiselle Modiste (Corinne Griffith, Norman Kerry)
Broke in China (Bobby Vernon comedy short)
Aesop's Fable (cartoon)
June 17, 1926  (Thursday)
Secret Orders (Evelyn Brent)
The Six Lelands (Broadway favorites in their suprise act)
Billy Miller and Co. of Four in "The Sign Post"
Lang and Volek in "Who is He?"
Edward Mulcahy "Songs and Stories"
Murphy and Bradley
June 18-19, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Say It Again (Richard Dix)
Sky Bound (comedy short)
June 20-21, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
Steel Preferred (Vera Reynolds, William Boyd)
June 22-23, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Ransom's Folly (Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill)
June 24, 1926  (Thursday)
The Dice Woman (Priscilla Dean, John Bowers)
5 Acts Direct from Chicago
"Music Land Revue" with the French Sisters and Their Orchestra
Smith and Dutton "Curves and Humor"
Follies Girls - Hazel and Vivian - "We Moderns"
Melody Twins
Harry Von Fossen "He put 'U' in fun, and will put fun in you."
June 25-26, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The First Year (Matt Moore)
June 27-28, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
Old Loves and New (Lewis Stone, Tully Marshall)
June 29-30, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Rolling Home (Reginald Denny)
July 1-2, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Lovey Mary (Bessie Love, William Haines)
Mister Cinderella (comedy short)
Aesop's Fable (cartoon)
July 3, 1926 (Saturday)
Siberia (Alma Rubens, Edmund Lowe)
July 4-5, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
High Steppers (Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes)
July 6-7, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Blind Goddess (Jack Holt, Esther Ralston)
Elbert La Chelle sings "Sandman Lullaby" (live)
July 8-9, 1926  (Thursday–Friday)
Padlocked (Lois Moran, Noah Beery)
The Tin Ghost (comedy short)
Aesop's Fable (cartoon)
July 10, 1926 (Saturday)
A Connecticut Yankee
July 11-12, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
Ella Cinders (Colleen Moore)
July 13-14, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Road to Mandalay (Lon Chaney)
Elbert La Chelle sings "On the Road to Mandalay" (live)
July 15-16, 1926  (Thursday–Friday)
Madame Behave (Julian Eltinge, Ann Pennington)
July 17, 1926 (Saturday)
Volcano! (Bebe Daniels, Wallace Beery)
July 18-19, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
The Brown Derby (Johnny Hines)
July 20-21, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Aloma of the South Seas (Gilda Gray, Percy Marmont)
Live act - Vivian Amet Johnson's Baby Ballerinas, Four baby stars in a dance revue featuring Nana Ruth Gollner "the Powder Puff Pavlova"
July 22-23, 1926  (Thursday–Friday)
Sweet Daddies (George Sidney)
July 24, 1926 (Saturday)
The Johnstown Flood (George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor)
July 25-26, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
Mantrap (Clara Bow)
July 27-29, 1926  (Tuesday–Thursday)
La Boheme (Lillian Gish, John Gilbert)
July 30-31, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
Wilderness Woman (Aileen Pringle, Lowell Sherman)
Here Comes Charlie (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
August 1-2, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
The Wise Guy (Mary Astor, James Kirkwood)
August 3-4, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Variety (Emil Jannings, Lya De Putti)
August 5-6, 1926  (Thursday–Friday)
Miss Nobody (Anna Q. Nilsson, Walter Pidgeon)
August 7, 1926 (Saturday)
Good and Naughty (Pola Negri)
Fresh Faces (Walter Hiers comedy short)
August 8-9, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
A Hero of the Big Shows (Rin Tin Tin)
August 10-12, 1926  (Tuesday–Thursday)
Mare Nostrum (Alice Terry, Antonio Moreno)
August 13-14, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Show Off (Ford Sterling, Lois Wilson)
August 15-16, 1926  (Sunday–Monday)
The Cat's Pajamas (Theodore Roberts, Betty Bronson)
Solid Gold (comedy short)
August 17-18, 1926  (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Fine Manners (Gloria Swanson, Eugene O'Brien)
Move Along (Lloyd Hamilton comedy short)
August 19-20, 1926  (Thursday–Friday)
Poker Faces (Edward Everett Horton, Laura LaPlante)
August 21-22, 1926 (Saturday–Sunday)
You Never Know Women (Florence Vidor, Lowell Sherman)
August 23-26, 1926  (Monday–Thursday)
Up in Mabel's Room (Marie Prevost)
August 27-28, 1926  (Friday–Saturday)
The Old Soak (Jean Hersholt)
August 29-30, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
Pals First (Lloyd Hughes, Dolores Del Rio)
August 31-September 2, 1926 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Battling Butler (Buster Keaton)
September 3-4, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Footloose Widows (Louise Fazenda, Jacqueline Logan)
Hitching Up (Walter Heirs comedy short)
September 5-6, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
Forlorn River (Jack Holt)
September 7-9, 1926 (Tuesday–Thursday)
It Must Be Love (Colleen Moore, Jean Hersholt)
September 10-11, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
Hold That Lion (Douglas MacLean)
Sea Scamps (Juvenile comedy short)
Aesop's Fables (cartoon)
September 12-13, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
Into Her Kingdom (Corinne Griffith)
September 14-16, 1926 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Tin Gods (Thomas Meighan, Renee Adoree)
Matrimonial Blues (comedy short)
Sportlight (Grantland Rice)
Elbert La Chelle sings "I'll Never Miss You Again" (live)
September 17-18, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
The Savage (Ben Lyon, May McAvoy)
September 19-20, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
Outside the Law (Lon Chaney)
Eight Cylinder Love (comedy short)
September 21-23, 1926 (Tuesday–Thursday)
The Waning Sex (Norma Shearer, Conrad Nagel)
September 24-25, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
The Whole Town's Talking (Edward Everett Horton, Dolores Del Rio)
September 26-27, 1926 (Sunday–Monday)
The Marriage Clause (Billie Dove, Francis X. Bushman)
September 28-30, 1926 (Tuesday–Thursday)
The Lone Wolf Returns (Billie Dove, Bert Lytell)
October 1-2, 1926 (Friday–Saturday)
You'd Be Surprised (Raymond Griffith)
Baby Clothes (Our Gang comedy short)
Aesop's Fable (cartoon)
October 3, 1926 (Sunday)
The Amateur Gentleman (Richard Barthelmess)
October 4-6, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
One Minute to Play (Red Grange)
"Ably assisted by Milt Franklyn's Stanford Band" (live)
October 7-8, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Her Big Night (Laura LaPlante)
Held Over - Milt Franklyn and his New Stanford Band (Palo Alto demands him!) (live)
October 9-10, 1926 (Saturday–Sunday)
Her Man o' War (Jetta Goudal, William Boyd)
When a Man's a Prince (Ben Turpin)
October 11-13, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Strong Man (Harry Langdon)
The Cuckoo Lover (Glenn Tryon comedy short)
October 14-15, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
The Ace of Cads (Adolph Menjou, Alice Joyce)
October 16, 1926 (Saturday)
Laddie (John Bowers, Bess Flowers)
October 17, 1926 (Sunday)
The Belle of Broadway (Betty Compson)
Andy Gump comedy short
October 18-20, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Campus Flirt (Bebe Daniels, James Hall)
Milt Franklyn and His New Stanford Band offering "A Musician's Idea of Uncle Tom's Cabin" (live)
October 21-22, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
The Duchess of Buffalo (Constance Talmadge)
October 23, 1926 (Saturday)
The Family Upstairs (Virginia Valli)
Alice Be Good (Pathé comedy short)
Wild America (scenic short)
Felix Misses His Swiss (cartoon)
October 24, 1926 (Sunday)
The Runaway Express (Jack Daugherty, Blanche Mehaffey)
Should Husbands Pay? (Hal Roach comedy)
October 25-27, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Take It from Me (Reginald Denny)
Milt Franklyn and His Band "Fifteen Minutes at the Orpheum" (live)
October 28-29, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Kid Boots (Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow)
October 30, 1926 (Saturday)
Bigger than Barnum's (Ralph Lewis, Viola Dana)
October 31, 1926 (Sunday)
The Great Deception (Aileen Pringle, Ben Lyon)
November 1-3, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Eagle of the Sea (Florence Vidor, Ricardo Cortez)
Milt Franklyn in a new and bigger stage act with his New Stanford Band (live)
November 4-5, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
So's Your Old Man (W.C. Fields, Alice Joyce)
November 6, 1926 (Saturday)
So This is Paris (Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller)
November 7, 1926 (Sunday)
Puppets (Milton Sills)
November 8-10, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry)
Milt Franklyn's Band "A Jazz Wedding" (live)
November 11-12, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Upstage (Norma Shearer)
The Polar Baron (Sunshine comedy short)
Pathé Review
November 13, 1926 (Saturday)
Kosher Kitty Kelly (Viola Dana)
Long Fliv the King (Charley Chase comedy short)
November 14, 1926 (Sunday)
The Magician (Alice Terry)
November 15-17, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Quarterback (Richard Dix)
Milt Franklyn and His Band offering "Nights in Hawaii" (live)
November 18-19, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Subway Sadie (Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall)
November 20, 1926 (Saturday)
The Clinging Vine (Leatrice Joy)
November 21-24, 1926 (Sunday–Wednesday)
We're in the Navy Now (Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton)
Milt Franklyn's Band "Join the Navy" (live)
November 25-26, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Taxi! Taxi! (Edward Everett Horton, Marian Nixon)
Uncle Tom's Uncle (Our Gang comedy short)
Elbert La Chelle singing "At Peace with the World" (live)
Also showing Pictures of the Palo Alto Big Tree Ceremonies
November 27, 1926 (Saturday)
Forever After (Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes)
November 28, 1926 (Sunday)
Broken Hearts of Hollywood (Patsy Ruth Miller, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.)
November 29-December 1, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Bardelys the Magnificent (John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman)
Milt Franklyn with His Band "Music and Fun" (live)
December 2-3, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
The Freshman (Harold Lloyd)
December 4, 1926 (Saturday)
Almost a Lady (Marie Prevost)
Smith Family comedy short
December 5, 1926 (Sunday)
Gigolo (Rod La Rocque)
December 6-8, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
Tin Hats (Conrad Nagel, Corinne Griffith)
Milt Franklyn and His Band "More Fun in Vaudeville"
December 9-10, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Everybody's Acting (Betty Bronson, Ford Sterling)
Dog Shy (Charley Chase comedy short)
December 11, 1926 (Saturday)
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (Shirley Mason)
December 12, 1926 (Sunday)
Valencia (Mae Murray)
December 13-15, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Canadian (Thomas Meighan)
December 16-17, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Stranded in Paris (Bebe Daniels)
December 18-19, 1926 (Saturday–Sunday)
For Wives Only (Marie Prevost)
December 20-22, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Flaming Forest (Renee Adoree)
Madame Mystery (comedy short starring Theda Bara)
December 23-24, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
Syncopating Sue (Corinne Griffith)
On stage - Diehl's Kiddies in a revue with Milt Franklyn and His Band - Special Christmas Show! (live)
December 25, 1926 (Saturday)
There You Are (Conrad Nagle)
The Fourth Alarm (Our Gang comedy short)
Pathé News
Mutt and Jeff cartoon
December 26, 1926 (Sunday)
The Cruise of the Jasber B (Rod La Rocque, Lillian Rich)
December 27-29, 1926 (Monday–Wednesday)
The White Black Sheep (Richard Barthelmess, Patsy Ruth Miller)
December 30-31, 1926 (Thursday–Friday)
The Popular Sin (Florence Vidor)
Milt Franklyn, His Band and Harmony Sisters in "Happy New Year" (live)