June 9, 1925 (Tuesday)

Grand Opening Dedication Speech by Mayor Cottrell (live)

I'll Show You the Town (Reginald Denny)
Scenic Pathé review
News of the World
Reginald Denny, in person! (Opening night only)
Allen White's Collegians (live act)
Elmer Vincent, organist
June 10-11, 1925 (Wednesday–Thursday)
I'll Show You the Town (Reginald Denny)
Scenic Pathé review
News of the World
Allen White's Collegians (live act)
Elmer Vincent, organist
June 12-13, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Shock Punch (Richard Dix)
Shootin' Injuns (Our Gang short)
Allen White's Collegians (live act)
June 14-15, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Zander the Great (Marion Davies)
Plain Clothes (Harry Langdon short)
Walter D. Beaton "The Eminent Scottish Baritone" (live act)
Elmer Vincent at the Baby Grand (live act)
June 16-17, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Eve's Secret (Betty Compson, Jack Holt)
June 18-19, 1925 (Thursday–Friday)
Soul Fire (Richard Barthelmess)
June 20, 1925 (Saturday)
Oh, You Tony (Tom Mix)
Hold My Baby (comedy short)
Walter D. Beaton, Baritone (live act)
June 21-22, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Any Woman (Alice Terry)
Mexican Melody (Pathe)
Going Great (Educational comedy short)
June 23-24, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
His Supreme Moment (Blanche Sweet, Ronald Colman)
Art Landry and his Victor Recording Band (live act)
June 25-26, 1925 (Thursday–Friday)
Introduce Me (Douglas MacLean)
Art Landry and his Victor Recording Band (live act)
June 27-29, 1925 (Saturday–Monday)
I Want My Man (Doris Kenyon, Milton Sills)
What Price Goofy (Charley Chase short)
June 30-July 2, 1925 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Are Parents People (Adolphe Menjou, Betty Bronson)
Sure Mike (comedy short)
The Kirksmith Girls - 5 Famous Sisters from America's most representative musical family (live act)
July 3-4, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Friendly Enemies (Joe Weber, Lew Fields)
Circus Fever (Our Gang short)
Five Kirksmith Sisters (live act)
July 5-6, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Dixie Handicap (Claire Windsor, Lloyd Hughes)
July 7-9, 1925 (Tuesday–Thursday)
The Ten Commandments (Richard Dix, Leatrice Joy)
Call Palo Alto 40 for Loge Reservations
Matinees .50, Loges .75, Evenings .65, Kids .25, Loges .90
July 10-11, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Desert Flower (Colleen Moore)
July 12-13, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Tracked in the Snow Country (Rin Tin Tin)
The White Wing's Bride (Harry Langdon short)
James Isherwood sings 'The Holy City' and 'In the Garden' (live)
July 14-16, 1925 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Old Home Week (Thomas Meighan, Lila Lee)
Old Time Views of Palo Alto (short)
Below Zero (Mermaid comedy)
Old Time Songs by Isherwood (live)
July 17-18, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Marry Me (Florence Vidor, Edward Everett Horton)
Isherwood "Old Black Joe" in character (live)
July 19-20, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Light of the Western Stars (Jack Holt, Billie Dove)
July 21-22, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Kiss Me Again (Marie Prevost, Monte Blue)
July 23, 1925 (Thursday)
Smooth as Satin (Evelyn Brent)
Leslova & Darasoff "Chic Unique"—novelty musical and dancing specialty
Gordon & Delmar—Songs as you like them
Corelli & Burley—Comedy patter and eccentric dances
Ralph Seabury—The Illustrating Monologuist
Walter Fishter & Co. in "Go into the Kitchen", a rip-roaring comedy sketch
July 24-25, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Paths to Paradise (Raymond Griffith, Betty Compson)
Super-Hooper-Dyne-Lizzies (Mack Sennett comedy)
July 26-27, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Night Life of New York (Rod La Rocque, Dorothy Gish)
July 28-29, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Her Sister's Secret (Larry Semon)
July 30, 1925 (Thursday)
Ridin' Pretty (William Desmond)
Farnell & Florence in "Symptoms of ??"
Lottie Rule—A Musical Treat on Accordian and Saxophone
Sang & Chung—China's Exponents of Harmony and Fun
Peters & LeBuff—Bumps, Bounces, Thrills and Falls
Billy Gross and Co. in "Oh, You Flirt"
July 31-August 1, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Making of O'Malley (Milton Sills)
August 2-3, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Lost–A Wife (Adolphe Menjou)
August 4-5, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Playing with Souls (Jacqueline Logan, Buster Collier)
Horace Greeley, Jr. (Harry Langdon comedy short)
August 6, 1925 (Thursday)
Tearing Through (Richard Talmadge)
Four Vanity Dolls
Scream Welch & Sig Mealy
Carmen & Rose—Mirth, Melody and Steps
Bergen & Co.—The Voice Illusionist in "The Operation"
August 7-8, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Lucky Devil (Richard Dix)
Hot and Heavy (Mermaid comedy short)
Pathé News
August 9-10, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Rugged Water (Lois Wilson, Wallace Beery)
August 11-12, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
In the Name of Love (Ricardo Cortez, Greta Nissen)
The Bonehead (comedy short)
Happy Years (sportlight)
Kinograms newsreel
August 13, 1925 (Thursday)
Alias Mary Flynn (Evelyn Brent)
Gladys Delmar & Boys—Syncopated Sextette
Billy Knight's Roosters in "Fowl Play"
George A. Mack—Somewhat Different
Ray–Valey–Esther—"The Act Beautiful," an artistic divertisement of music, song and dance
Mamie Ling & Tommy Long—A Unusual Comedy Offering
August 14-15, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
How Baxter Butted In (Dorothy Devore, Matt Moore)
August 16-17, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Deadwood Coach (Tom Mix)
Blows and Dynamite (comedy short)
August 18-19, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Chickie (Dorothy Mackaill, Hobart Bosworth)
August 20, 1925 (Thursday)
The Burning Trail (William Desmond)
Mlle. Nina, Frank Bacon and Sophie Fontaine—"Artistic Revelations"
Joe Cody and Brother—Comedy Mad Hatters
Maybelle Phillips—The Sunshine Girl
Pierce and Roslyn—A Whirl of Melody
Barton and Young—It's All in Fun
August 21-22, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Beggar on Horseback (Edward Everett Horton, Esther Ralston)
August 23-24, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Street of Forgotten Men (Percy Marmont, Mary Brian)
August 25-27, 1925 (Tuesday–Thursday)
Eve's Lover (Irene Rich, Clara Bow)
Good Morning Nurse (comedy short)
August 28, 1925 (Friday)
(film not named)
Jack Bigelow and His 8 Musical Misses
Harry Brown, the Singing Juggler
Ray Conlin, the Sub-Vocal Comedian
Howe and Fey—Sense and Nonsense
Three Marion Sisters—Petite Dance Review
August 29, 1925 (Saturday)
The Trouble with Wives (Florence Vidor, Tom Moore)
California Sunshine Kiddies—8 clever youngsters in a song and dance revue in conjunction with the comedy feature
August 30-31, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Wild Horse Mesa (Jack Holt, Billie Dove)
September 1-2, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Not So Long Ago (Betty Bronson, Ricardo Cortez)
Black Hand Blues (comedy short)
September 3, 1925 (Thursday)
Raffles (House Peters)
The Knox Comedy Four in "Out of Turn", vaudeville's knockout male quartet
Mantell's Manikins in "Le Petit Cabaret", a Manikin musical comedy with 50 miniature actors
O'Brien Sisters and Mack—Musical comedy favorites
W.C. Dornfield—late of Elsie Janis and Her Gang
Sinde Dale and Dixie Delene—in a classic song and dance
September 4-5, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Raffles (House Peters)
September 6-7, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
A Son of His Father (Bessie Love, Warner Baxter)
September 8-9, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Man Who Found Himself (Thomas Meighan, Virginia Valli)
September 10, 1925 (Thursday)
Lady Robinhood (Evelyn Brent)
Gypsy Life "Sensational European Dance Revue"
Al Leonard—The Fashion Plate Comic
Metz Duo—A most unusual comedy novelty
Musical Lavonnas—Spanish instrumental novelty
Earl Mossman and Alice Turner in Broadway Tidbits
September 11, 1925 (Friday)
Live play: Lightnin' (Mrs. Frank Bacon, Thomas Jefferson, Bessie Bacon)
Curtain at 8:30. Lower floor $1.65, Balcony loge $1.65, First 6 rows of balcony $1.10, balcony balance .50¢
Note: These popular prices have been made possible only through our large seating capacity.
September 12, 1925 (Saturday)
Teeth (Tom Mix)
September 13-14, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
New Toys (Richard Barthelmess, Mary Hay)
Call a Cop (comedy short)
Pathé News
September 15-16, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Coast of Folly (Gloria Swanson)
September 17, 1925 (Thursday)
The Scarlet Honeymoon (Shirley Mason)
Ginger Jazz Revue—5 talented artists in a peppy, singing, dancing and musical offering—acrobatic dancing that will amaze you
Mills and Duncan—A couple of wisecrackers from Hickville
Bush and Joy—Novelty instrumentalists
Austin and Arnold—Songs, impersonations
Fox and Zarno—Hand to hand balancers
September 18-19, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Fine Clothes (Lewis Stone, Alma Rubens, Raymond Griffith)
September 20-21, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Talker (Anna Q. Nilsson, Lewis Stone)
September 22-23, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Marriage Whirl (Corinne Griffith)
September 24, 1925 (Thursday)
(Film noted as "Feature Picture Presentation")
Bernice Brin and Company "The Peter Pan Revue" Talent—Beautiful Girls—Novelty—Everything that goes to make an offering of this kind entertaining
Charley Calvert—Jazzologist, Late Featured Dancer of Winter Garden Revue and Staff Artist of WQJ, Chicago
Bell and Darling in "League of Nonsense"
Lyle and Irma Conner "On the Wire"
Hart, Roberts and O'Neil—Royal Entertainers "European Eccentric Oddities"
Two Shows at 7:00 and 9:00. Admission .50¢, Children .25¢, Loges .75¢
September 25-26, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Her Sister from Paris (Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman)
September 27-28, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The White Desert (Clair Windsor, Pat O'Malley)
Royal Four Flush (Pathé comedy)
September 29-30, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Unholy Three (Lon Chaney)
Pleasure Bound (Educational comedy)
October 1, 1925 (Thursday)
Golden Gate Revue—6 clever girls and boys who are past masters in their line. You'll like this act!
Kingston and Ebner in "This and That"
Casson Bros and Marie—Dance a la Graphonola
Winifred and Lucille—Xylophonists
Leland and St. Clair—Comedians
Dekoe Trio and Bobby, the Wonder Dog—Jugglers supreme
October 2-3, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
California Straight Ahead (Reginald Denny)
Cupid's Boots (Sennett comedy)
October 4-5, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Teaser (Laura LaPlante, Pat O'Malley)
October 6-7, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Slave of Fashion (Norma Shearer, Lew Cody)
Waiting (comedy short)
October 8, 1925 (Thursday)
Private Affairs (Gladys Hulette, Robert Agnew)
Joe Jenny and His Famous Empire Comedy Four—America's funniest quartette in their original comedy creation
Elizabeth Friedman's Elida Ballet, with Adele Jeanne, Premier Danseuse
Trout and Heff—Two Black Spasms
Stuart Darrow—Smoke Pictures and Shadows
From the English Music Halls—Arnold and Florence, High Geared for Laughs
October 9-10, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Shore Leave (Richard Barthelmess)
Extra added attraction: "Talking Motion Pictures" perfected by Orlando E. Kellum. Entertaining! Educational!
October 11-14, 1925 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Pony Express (Betty Compson, Ricardo Cortez, Wallace Beery)
October 15, 1925 (Thursday)
Three Wise Crooks (Evelyn Brent)
Fashion Follies—From old fashioned to jazz styles, songs and steps
Two Circus Novelties—Lind Trio "A Day in the Orchard", Montambo and Nat "Acrobatic Funsters"
Ray and Eldert in "A Rural Oddity"
Rhinehart and Duff in Songs You Like
Rice and Cady in "Am I Right?"
October 16-17, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Man Who Found Himself (Thomas Meighan)
Fair Warning (comedy short)
News of the World
Topics of the Day
October 18, 1925 (Sunday)
Sun Up (Pauline Starke, Conrad Nagle)
Betty Brown at the organ (live)
October 19, 1925 (Monday–Wednesday)
Don Q, Son of Zorro (Douglas Fairbanks)
Colorful Prologue to Film—Santiago and Angelina, two Spanish dancers from the studios
Also, motion pictures of the Stanford and USC football game
October 22, 1925 (Thursday)
High and Handsome (Maurice "Lefty" Flynn)
Fehnova Dancers, A Whirl of Dance featuring L. Orient Evelyn, Lea Theodore, Rena Roe, Gypsie Leonora and Ivan Fehnova
Wanda Ludlow and Co—in a farcical comedy "Room 515"
The Nifty Twirlers—Gallick and Claritt—Roller Skaters Supreme
Harry Cody and Jack Twigg—"Two Special Delivery Males"—They play a wicked uke!
Tony and George—On the Boulevard
October 23-24, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
He's a Prince (Raymond Griffith "The Silk Hat Sensation", Mary Brian)
October 25-26, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Black Cyclone (Rex the Wonder Horse)
October 27-28, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Fool (Edmond Lowe)
Bob Allen and His Synco-Synphomic Band—First appearance on the Coast, they were booked solid in Los Angeles and San Francisco at the biggest Houses
October 29, 1925 (Thursday)
Adventurous Sex (Clara Bow)
The Great L.A. Temple and Co. presents "The Enchanted Palace of Mystery"
Holly ? (The Golden Voice)
Dave Fox and Jane Allyn in "To Let"
Jess and Dell—The human puppets
Metropolitan Five—An unusual offering of operatic and popular melodies
October 30-31, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Midshipman (Ramon Navarro)
November 1, 1925 (Sunday)
Riders of the Purple Sage (Tom Mix)
November 2, 1925 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Freshman (Harold Lloyd)
November 5, 1925 (Thursday)
The Sky Raider (Captain Charles Nungesser, Jacqueline Logan)
J. Burke Morgan and Co—Skit "Oh My Goodness"
Lucy Bruch—Gypsy violinist
Marigold Trio—Song Singing Sun-uver-Guns
Clayton and Clayton—Songs, comedy and pictures
Esther Four—European Novelty Aero Dancers
November 6-7, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Lightnin' (Jay Hunt, Madge Bellamy)
November 8, 1925 (Sunday)
Flower of the Night (Pola Negri)
November 9-11, 1925 (Monday–Wednesday)
Winds of Chance (Anna Q. Nillson, Ben Lyon)
Live act:
Burt Earle and His 10 Musical Maids, featuring Hazel Dunlap, winner of the National Charleston Contest held at Graumann's Egyptian Theatre recently
Tues night: Charleston Contest at conclusion of first show—Open to all! Cash Prizes!
November 12, 1925 (Thursday)
The Fighting Heart (George O'Brien)
Olliene Terry and Coin "Le Petit Ballet"—Jazz, toe, charleston and pony dancing
Allen Norman
Flying McReas in "Up He Goes"
Al Grady—Pianologue Songfoolery
Frankie Hall and Billy O'Brien in "Skylarking"
November 13-14, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Best People (Warner Baxter, Esther Ralston)
November 15, 1925 (Sunday)
Kentucky Pride (J. Farrell MacDonald, Gertrude Astor)
November 16-18, 1925 (Monday–Wednesday)
The Man on the Box (Syd Chaplin)
Laying of asphalt on University Avenue (November 17 news in PA Times)
November 19, 1925 (Thursday)
The Circle (Eleanor Boardman, Malcolm McGregor)
Henry Catalano and Co. in "A Timely Revue" with the Three Sturm Sisters
Maud Ellet Co. presents "Girls with Attitude"
Clarence Downey and Co.—Black Art Novelty
John Geiger and His Talking Violin
Telaak and Dean—Laughsmiths
November 20-21, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Go West (Buster Keaton)
November 22-23, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Limited Mail (Monte Blue, Vera Reynolds)
November 24-25, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
The Dark Angel (Ronald Colman, Vilma Banky)
The Big Game (short—Stanford / Cal)
A Goofy Gob (Bill Dooley comedy)
The Story Teller (comedy hodge podge)
November 26, 1925 (Thursday)
The Sky Raider (Jacqueline Logan, Capt. Nungesser, the most decorated man in the Great War)
J. Joseph Clifford, America's foremost psychologist. Note: J. Joseph Clifford has proved to be a sensation throughout the entire country; he will mystify and amuse you.
Zola Bennett and Co. in "Sportology"
Clyde and Marion Nelson in an artistic novelty
Homer Coghill, "The Versatile Boy"
Burkhart and Rich in "Have a Sample"
November 27-28, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Seven Keys to Baldpate (Douglas MacLean)
The Tourist (comedy short)
November 29-30, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
The Beautiful City (Richard Barthelmess)
Business Engagements (comedy short)
Miss Faber at the organ (live)
December 1-2, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Stage Struck (Gloria Swanson)
December 3, 1925 (Thursday)
Lillies of the Streets (Johnnie Walker, Virginia Lee Corbin)
Verna Haworth and Fred Martin in "That's All There Is"
Donahue and LaSalle in a unique novelty
George La Tour—"Manipulating Raconteur"
Four of Us—Quartette of Distinction
Eddie and Ramsden "Something and Nothing"
December 4-5, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Seven Days (Lillian Rich)
December 6-9, 1925 (Sunday–Wednesday)
The Merry Widow (John Gilbert, Mae Murray)
December 10, 1925 (Thursday)
The Wall Street Whiz (Richard Talmadge)
"The Enchanted Forest" Wonderful spectacular novelty
Plus 4 Other Big Acts
December 11-12, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
Irish Luck (Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson)
Also Sat December 12: 10 PM show for children—Capt F.E. Kleinschmidt presents Santa Claus, a fantasy actually filmed in North Alaska
December 13, 1925 (Sunday)
The Ancient Highway (Jack Holt, Billie Dove)
December 14, 1925 (Monday)
Graustark (Norma Talmadge, Eugene O'Brien)
Watch Out (Bobby Vernon comedy)
Bubbles (Aesop's Fables)
December 17, 1925 (Thursday)
The Storm Breaker (House Peters)
Along Broadway with Harry Keesler
Morgan and Lake—Personification of nonsense
Darkleys in "Moving Silhouettes"
Delbridge and Crammer in "A Trip to Dixie"
Murray Bros. in The Bounding Bouncers
December 18-19, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
The Splendid Crime (Bebe Daniels)
December 20-21, 1925 (Sunday–Monday)
Bobbed Hair (Marie Prevost, Kenneth Harlan)
December 22-23, 1925 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
Lights of Old Broadway (Marion Davies)
December 24, 1925 (Thursday)
The Little Giant (Glenn Hunter)
Frisco Harmonists
White, Black and Useless in "Mary's Groom"—Vaudeville's funniest mule act
Sweeney and Stewart—"Two Minds with a Single Thought"
Winston Holland "The Cowboy Whistler"
Stanton and Dolores in "Just Two Girls Trying to Get Along"
December 25-26, 1925 (Friday–Saturday)
His Secretary (Norma Shearer, Lew Cody)
Boys Will be Joys (comedy short)
December 27, 1925 (Sunday)
The Lucky Horseshoe (Tom Mix)
December 28-30, 1925 (Monday–Wednesday)
Little Annie Rooney (Mary Pickford)
December 31, 1925 (Thursday)
Peacock Feathers (Jacqueline Logan, Cullen Landis)
Original Four Philips—World's Greatest Forehead Balancers
Cronin and Hart in "All in Fun"
Selbini and Grovini in "Follies of Vaudeville"
Wood and White—The Two Dumbells
Russo, Teis and Russo—The Sheik and the Two Slaves
New Year's Eve Midnight Show at 11:15
Lotza fun—Amateurs Charleston contest, Boys' Pie Eating Contest, Ladies' Wood Sawing Contest
Cash prizes—$100
Open to all comers—You be the judge
Burt Earle and His 10 Banjo Girls with Carmen Stanley "the miniature Prima Donna"
Hazel Dunlap "the Champ of all Lady Charleston Dancers"
"Artists in a Cabaret"—presented by all the acts of the vaudeville road show—it will be a scream!
All seats reserved—.50¢, .75¢, $1.00