Thursday and Friday

Magnificent Obsession (1935)

A careless playboy is indirectly responsible for the death of a renowned surgeon. He falls in love with the widow, and when he causes her yet further injury, he develops an obsession to redeem himself.

Old Hollywood was magnificent at pushing sentimental stories like this one to their limit. The 1954 remake was also a big success.

With Irene Dunne, Robert Taylor, Charles Butterworth, Betty Furness, Sara Haden, Ralph Morgan, Henry Armetta, Gilbert Emery, Arthur Treacher, Beryl Mercer.

Directed by John M. Stahl. Produced by E.M. Asher. Screenplay by Sarah Y. Mason, Victor Heerman, George O’Neil, from the novel by Lloyd C. Douglas. Photographed by John J. Mescall. Music by Franz Waxman. Universal. 112 minutes.

Plays Thursday and Friday (October 17-18) at 7:30.

The Kiss Before the Mirror (1933)

When a lawyer defends his friend who is on trial for murdering his unfaithful wife, he discovers his own wife has a lover. Perhaps his friend’s actions were justifiable...

With Nancy Carroll, Frank Morgan, Paul Lukas, Gloria Stuart, Jean Dixon, Donald Cook, Charles Grapewin, Walter Pidgeon, Wallis Clark.

Directed by James Whale. Produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr. Screenplay by William Anthony McGuire, from the play Der Kuss Vor Dem Spiegel by Ladislaus Fodor. Photographed by Karl Freund. Music by W. Franke Harling. Universal. 67 minutes.

Plays Thursday and Friday (October 17-18) at 6:10 and 9:35.


Saturday and Sunday

Waterloo Bridge (1931)

Not to be confused with the more famous 1940 film starring Vivien Leigh, this precode film is darker and grittier, but with a fine performance by Mae Clarke as Myra, the showgirl reduced to prostitution, who falls in love with a soldier. Some critics prefer this excellent version.

Bette David has a minor role as the soldier's younger sister.

With Mae Clarke, Kent Douglass, Doris Lloyd, Frederick Kerr, Enid Bennett, Bette Davis, Ethel Griffes, Rita Carlisle, Ruth Handforth.

Directed by James Whale. Produced by Carl Laemmle. Written by Tom Reed, based on the play by Robert E. Sherwood. Photographed by Arthur Edeson. Universal. 81 minutes.

Plays Saturday and Sunday (October 19-20) at 4:20 and 7:30.

Counsellor at Law (1933)

John Barrymore gives what may be his finest performance in this pre-code gem about a successful Jewish lawyer whose society wife is embarrassed by his impoverished beginnings and the sensational cases he takes on. Fortunately, his loyal secretary is there to help him out when things get tough.

“A monument to acting and direction at peak form.” Baseline Movie Guide.

With John Barrymore, Bebe Daniels, Melvyn Douglas, Doris Kenyon, Onslow Stevens, Isabel Jewell, !elma Todd, Mayo Methot.

Directed by William Wyler. Produced by Henry Henigson. Screenplay by Elmer Rice, from his play. Photographed by Norbert Brodine. Universal. 82 minutes.

Plays Saturday and Sunday (October 19-20) at 5:55 and 9:05.