Friday through Sunday

Royal Wedding (1951)

This film contains two of Fred Astaire's most famous numbers, his dance across the ceiling and his dance with a hat rack. The story of a brother and sister song and dance team is based loosely on Astaire's own life. Winston Churchill's daughter Sarah plays the second female lead.

With Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Sarah Churchill, Peter Lawford, Keenan Wynn.

Directed by Stanley Donen. Produced by Arthur Freed. Screenplay by Alan Jay Lerner. Music by Burton Lane. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Photographed by Robert Planck. MGM. 93 minutes.

Songs: "Ev'ry Night at Seven"; "Sunday Jumps"; "Open Your Eyes"; "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life"; "You're All the World to Me"; "I Left My Hat in Haiti"; "What a Lovely Day for a Wedding."

Plays Friday through Sunday (June 22-24) at 7:30, plus additional weekend matinee at 3:55.

Nancy Goes to Rio (1949)

In this remake of Deanna Durbin's It's a Date, Jane Powell plays Ann Sothern's daughter, and both are chasing the same man (without knowing it).

With Jane Powell, Ann Sothern, Carmen Miranda, Barry Sullivan, Louis Calhern, Fortunio Bonanova, Hans Conreid.

Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Produced by Joe Pasternak. Screenplay by Sidney Sheldon. Photographed by Ray June. MGM. 99 minutes.

Plays Friday through Sunday (June 22-24) at 5:40 and 9:15.