Tuesday and Wednesday

Night of June 13 (1932)

Four intertwined stories come together after a man is arrested for the “murder” of his wife. Compared to Grand Hotel; it takes place in a common suburban neighborhood rather than a grand European setting, but the characters and their problems are just as compelling.

With Clive Brook, Frances Dee, Charlie Ruggles, Gene Raymond, Lila Lee, Mary Boland, Adrianne Allen, Charles Grapewin, Helen Jerome Eddy.

Directed by Stephen Roberts. Screenplay by Agnes Brand Leahy, Brian Marlow, William Slavens McNutt, from original story by Vera Caspary. Photographed by Harry Fischbeck. Paramount. 74 min.

First played at the Stanford Theatre on October 22, 1932 (with vaudeville program).

Plays Tuesday and Wednesday (February 20-21) at 7:30.

Honor Among Lovers (1931)

A secretary tries to avoid her boss’s advances and marries a cad. She is promptly fired, and her problems are only beginning. Ginger Rogers has a small part as the comic relief.

With Claudette Colbert, Fredric March, Monroe Owsley, Charlie Ruggles, Ginger Rogers, Avonne Taylor, Pat (J.) O’Brien.

Directed by Dorothy Arzner. Scenario by Austin Parker, Gertrude Purcell. Photographed by George Folsey. Paramount. 75 minutes. First played at the Stanford Theatre on April 12-14, 1931.

Plays Tuesday and Wednesday (February 20-21) at 6:05 and 8:55.